New York Lawmakers Approve Bill to Allow Farmers to Sell Cannabis to Tribes

June 14, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

New York lawmakers have approved a bill to allow licensed cannabis farmers to sell their products to tribal nations that have launched their own cannabis markets, WRGB reports. The approval comes amidst the state’s slow retail rollout, while dispensaries have opened on tribal land throughout the state. 

New York has licensed about 300 growers and 40 processors but there are just 12 licensed dispensaries statewide.   

Jason Ambrosino, the owner of Veterans Hemp Market and Veterans Holdings, told WRGB that his company is sitting on “closer to $325,000 worth of product” because of the lack of retailers. 

The Shinnecock Nation and Seneca Nation both expressed support for the bill.  

Tela Troge, Esq. vice-chairperson for the Shinnecock Nation Cannabis Regulatory Division, said the bill is “beneficial for consumers who will enjoy increased access to safe and tested recreational product.” 

In a letter to the bill’s sponsors, the Seneca Nation said it believes the measure “reflects the type of commonsense partnership between sovereigns by allowing Native Nation-regulated retailers to purchase cannabis and cannabis products that otherwise may be wasted.” 

The measure still requires the governor’s signature before becoming law. (Full Story)


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