Cannabinoid-based medicine Epidiolex approved for sale in Canada

November 30, 2023 · mj-biz-daily

Canada’s federal health regulator has approved Jazz Pharmaceuticals Canada’s cannabinoid-based medicine Epidiolex as a supplementary therapy for certain rare and severe forms of epilepsy, allowing the company to bring to market a clinically tested drug with global sales that dwarf those of the nation’s entire medical cannabis industry. Epidiolex is the top-selling clinically proven cannabinoid-based medicine in the world, with global sales through the first nine months of Jazz’s fiscal year totaling approximately $604.8 million (823 million Canadian dollars). By comparison, in… Read more.

Eureka, CA Decriminalizes Psychedelic Plant Medicines

October 25, 2023 · High Times

Eureka, CA, has passed a resolution decriminalizing entheogens and psychedelic plant medicines, making it the sixth California city to do so and the second such city in Humboldt County. The Eureka City Council unanimously approved an initiative last week to decriminalize plant medicines such as psilocybin mushrooms within city limits. The announcement came less than two weeks after CA Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed an initiative which would have decriminalized psychedelics statewide. The City of Arcata, just a few miles to the north,… Read more.

South Dakota Considers Increasing Medical Cannabis THC Caps

October 3, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

South Dakota officials are considering allowing 10% more THC in medical cannabis products and larger-sized containers as part of proposed changes to the state’s medical cannabis program, KELO reports. The changes also include rules prohibiting medical cannabis products from being manufactured with unadulterated cannabis and requiring rolling papers used for prerolls to be tested by state-approved laboratories. During a hearing by the Legislature’s Rules Review Committee, Jeremiah Murphy, representing the Cannabis Industry Association of South Dakota, said that while he agreed that some additives are… Read more.

Do Cannabis Creams and Rubs Work for Alopecia Patients?

August 10, 2023 ·

Topical Cannabis Found To Be Beneficial For Alopecia Patients Alopecia is an autoimmune disease of the skin that affects around 2% of the global population. The main symptom of alopecia is hair loss; though there are different kinds of alopecia areata, they are all characterized by hair loss of some kind. That said, hair loss will present itself differently to people with this condition. It commonly involves losing hair in the scalp and face. Alopecia areata can also be characterized by hair regrowth and loss… Read more.

Top Wisconsin GOP Lawmaker Plans To File Medical Marijuana Bill ‘This Fall’ As State Becomes Island Of Prohibition

August 8, 2023 ·

A top Wisconsin Republican lawmaker says his party is aiming to file a long-discussed, but as yet unseen, medical marijuana bill this fall. The comment comes as Democrats draw attention to the fact that the state is now an island of prohibition in the region, with one legislator visiting a dispensary and buying cannabis in nearby Michigan over the weekend. As Minnesota’s marijuana legalization law went into effect last week, Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R) said that his caucus “is crafting… Read more.

Bipartisan Lawmakers Celebrate House Passage Of Veterans Medical Marijuana Access And Psychedelics Research Provisions

July 29, 2023 ·

Bipartisan congressional lawmakers are cheering the passage of marijuana and psychedelics amendments that were included in a spending bill that was approved by the House of Representatives on Thursday. While not every drug policy reform amendment that lawmakers proposed made it in the final legislation covering Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies (MilCon/VA), two key measures did advance. One would allow U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) doctors to issue medical cannabis recommendations to veterans, and the other would encourage research… Read more.

House And Senate Both Move To Keep Blocking D.C. Marijuana Sales But Protecting State Medical Cannabis Laws

July 15, 2023 ·

House and Senate appropriators have approved large-scale annual spending bills that once again include language to protect state medical cannabis programs, as well as a controversial rider to block Washington, D.C. from implementing a system of regulated marijuana sales. The Senate and House Appropriations Committee both held markups of Fiscal Year 2024 spending legislation for Financial Services and General Government (FSGG) on Thursday. And the Senate panel, as well as a House subcommittee, have also advanced their appropriations measures for… Read more.

The smart money in medicine: cannabis and psychedelics come of age

June 13, 2023 ·

Cannabis and its psychedelic comrades MDMA and psilocybin have come a long way from the street to the clinic in the last decade or so, before which they were regarded as well outside the bounds of mainstream western medicine, to put it mildly. Up until the 1980s, these substances were associated with hippies and the counterculture of the 1960s – turning on, tuning in and dropping out – and advocacy for their benefits was in the hands of eccentric cultural… Read more.

Georgia Issues First Five Medical Cannabis Dispensary Licenses

April 29, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

The Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission (GMCC) on Wednesday issued the state’s first five licenses to dispense low-THC medical cannabis in the state. The commission awarded the licenses to Botanical Sciences LLC and Trulieve GA Inc for dispensaries in Bibb, Chatham, and Cobb counties.  Under the state’s medical cannabis law, products sold through dispensaries can contain up to 5% THC. Both Trulieve and Botanical hold Class 1 production licenses in the state.    In a statement, Andrew Turnage, executive director of… Read more.

‘They’re not fairy tale magic shaman potions.’ Meet the wounded warriors who want red state Republicans to let psilocybin mushrooms turn the tide on veteran suicides

March 6, 2023 · DailyMail

Military veterans trying to overcome the horrors of war are increasingly finding themselves in an unlikely position — persuading Republican politicians to legalize the healing power of ancient psychedelic plants. spoke with former Marines, Navy Seals and others left traumatized by America's brutal campaigns overseas who have turned to psilocybin mushrooms and other natural drugs to help fight their inner demons. Left-leaning Oregon and Colorado have started to let psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in 'magic' mushrooms, be used in supervised drug journeys to counter depression and… Read more.

Ayahuasca, ‘source of knowledge’ in the heart of the Amazon

February 24, 2023 · yahoo!news

In the heart of the Ecuadoran Amazon live the Cofan Avie, masters of ayahuasca -- the powerful hallucinogenic concoction said to open the door to the "spirit" world. Here, they call it "yage" and consume it for health and wisdom. "God once lived here on this planet", recounts Isidro Lucitante, the patriarch and shaman of nine Indigenous Cofan Avie families spread over 55,000 hectares of river and jungle along the border with Colombia. This god "pulled out one of his hairs… Read more.

UK Pharma Co. Becomes First Ever Permitted By Gov To Produce High-THC Medicinal Cannabis

January 17, 2023 · Markets Insider

UK-based Celadon Pharmaceuticals PLC received the green light to produce high-THC medicinal cannabis in its Midlands facility, reported London South East. What Happened: This is the first company in the United Kingdom to be granted a Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP registration by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency to produce medical marijuana on UK soil. The move follows seven harvests and extractions in 2022 and the facility's inspection by MHRA in the fourth quarter. Why It Matters Founded in 2018, the same year the UK legalized medical marijuana, Celadon… Read more.