NCAA Committee Recommends Removing Cannabis from Banned Substances List

September 26, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

The NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports (CMAS) last week recommended removal of cannabis from its list of banned substances for all three divisions, calling instead for a “robust educational strategy.” The organization first announced in June they were considering the reforms.  The committee concluded that removing cannabis from its testing protocols acknowledges the ineffectiveness of existing policy, which includes banning, testing, and penalizing; affirms the role of the NCAA drug-testing program to address only performance-enhancing substances; and… Read more.

NCAA Panel Formally Recommends Removing Marijuana From Banned Substances List For College Athletes

September 24, 2023 ·

A National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) committee is formally recommending that its divisional governing bodies remove marijuana from the list of banned substances list for college athletes. The NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports said on Friday that members met this week and decided to advise all three of the association’s governing bodies to introduce and enact legislation to stop testing and punishing players for cannabinoids. This comes three months after the committee first signaled its interest… Read more.

Rushing Back to College for a Degree in…Weed? – Surge in Applicants for Cannabis Education Courses Catches Ohio By Storm

September 15, 2023 ·

After years of preparation, marijuana use for recreational purposes may soon be legalized in Ohio. Since its clearance on August 16th, the proposal has undergone significant evolution and faced various challenges. These challenges include resistance from lawmakers who declined to deliberate on it and the necessity to gather additional valid signatures to meet the ballot qualification criteria. If passed, the proposal would grant individuals aged 21 and above the right to buy, possess, and cultivate up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis… Read more.

St. Cloud University Partners with Green Flower on Cannabis Education Program

August 26, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

Minnesota’s St. Cloud State University (SCSU) is the latest college to partner with cannabis education company Green Flower to offer a certificate-based cannabis education program, KNSI reports. The university is the first in the state to offer a cannabis curriculum. Minnesota’s legislature-approved adult-use cannabis program took effect August 1. In a statement, SCSU President Robbyn Wacker said the endeavor is designed to “meet workforce demand to provide educated professionals in this quickly evolving industry.” The courses take about six months to complete and include: Cannabis Agriculture… Read more.

New Mexico Rolls Out ‘Yes & Know’ Cannabis Public Education Campaign

June 10, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

New Mexico is rolling out its first media campaign to educate the public about responsible cannabis use, the Associated Press reports. The “Yes & Know” campaign is centered around the phrase “Yes – cannabis is legal. Know – the rules,” and will be featured on billboards, TV, radio, print, and digital advertisements throughout this month. The ad buy is worth $400,000.  Linda Trujillo, who heads the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department, which oversees the cannabis division, told the AP that state officials “recognize… Read more.

SUNY Cobleskill’s minor in cannabis is preparing students for jobs in the industry

April 11, 2023 ·

SUNY Cobleskill is a college geared toward agriculture, farming and sustainability. Students study the ins and outs of agriculture, from animal science to landscape management. The school also has major programs in graphic design technology and the culinary arts. Starting last fall, students from these courses of study have consulted with Lesley Judd to join SUNY-Cobleskill’s newest minor: Cannabis Studies. “Almost every freshman we get here comes to talk to me about interest in doing the minor,” Judd said. “They see… Read more.

SUNY Orange cannabis class stirs the ‘pot’

March 16, 2023 ·

In assistant professor Monty Vacura’s course, students grow, harvest, dry, cure and even sell cannabis plants. This may sound like textbook drug dealing, but it’s actually a three-credit course in SUNY Orange’s biology department. “The class is a balance between workforce development and then the academic education side,” Vacura said. “I mean, basically, it feels like I’ve built a business.” SUNY Orange, in Middletown, launched the Horticultural Cannabis class last year. Students must take general horticulture as a prerequisite, but the… Read more.

Why earn a degree in cannabis?

March 9, 2023 · Bangor Daily

These days, you can’t dismiss someone seeking a career in cannabis as merely an aspiring hippie looking to drift in and out of euphoric, philosophical thoughts fueled by THC. Human use of the cannabis plant dates back thousands of years. Over the millennia, cannabis experienced major changes in popularity and social perception. With recent advancements in research, legislation and public demand, cannabis now plays a significant role in both the economy and society. NORML reported in 2022 that over 428,000 people… Read more.

Yale digs into the science of cannabis

February 23, 2023 · Yale News

As many U.S. states adopt policies that legalize the commercialization of cannabis, Yale School of Medicine recently announced the creation of the new Yale Center for the Science of Cannabis and Cannabinoids, which will investigate the acute and chronic effects of cannabis and cannabinoids on neurodevelopment and mental health. Its inaugural director will be Deepak Cyril D’Souza, the Albert E. Kent Professor of Psychiatry and an expert in the pharmacology of cannabinoids. The new center comes just as retail cannabis sales begins in… Read more.

Oaksterdam: Canna Education at its Finest

January 30, 2023 · Cannabis Now

It’s been a quarter-century since California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana. Since then, cannabis has evolved significantly. The last decade in particular has seen a dramatic shift with regards to reform; most states have legalized the plant for either medicinal and/or adult use. In fact, the legal cannabis industry is now responsible for more than 300,000 full-time jobs in the U.S.   As the landscape changes and the stigma surrounding cannabis wanes, one thing remains clear: Access… Read more.

Illinois Community College Launches State’s First Cannabis Associate Degree Program

October 13, 2022 · Ganjapreneur

Olive-Harvey College in Pullman, Illinois will offer a first-of-its-kind Associate Degree in Applied Cannabis Studies including courses in hemp horticulture, cannabis and the law, and basic chemistry. Pullman, Illinois’ Olive-Harvey College is now offering an associate degree in Applied Cannabis Studies next year, which will make it the first community college in the state to offer a cannabis-focused degree program, WGN9 reports. Courses will include cannabis and the law, hemp horticulture, basic chemistry, and general botany.  Dr. Kimberly Hollingsworth, Olive-Harvey College president, said… Read more.