Donald the Delusional and His Views on Genetically Engineered Cannabis Causing Violence in America

April 22, 2023 ·

Donald the Delusional and his views on Genetically Engineered Cannabis

Donald Trump, aka “The Donald,” is the epitome of bizarreness in American politics. He’s the guy who singlehandedly flipped the switch on the level of crazy, forever unveiling the absurdity of the system.

He’s activated some sort of a “backdoor program” in the minds of millions, convincing them that he’s some sort of hero or savior against an evil government. Don’t get me wrong, the government is fucking evil, but Trump is not the guy to do anything about it. He’s a rogue agent, yes, but still a part of the system and gaming it like all the rest of them.

Now, let’s talk about the latest absurdity that is Donald Trump and his claims that genetically modified cannabis is responsible for the mass murders in the United States.

Yes, you read that right. Trump seems to think that weed, which has been used by humans for thousands of years, is suddenly the culprit behind the rise in violence. It’s as if he’s living in some sort of alternate universe where facts don’t matter, and his own personal beliefs reign supreme.

To support this claim, Trump pointed to a news article that reported on a man who allegedly smoked a joint laced with “super-strong stuff” before killing his family.

But here’s the thing: there’s no evidence to suggest that the weed he smoked was genetically modified or in any way different from what’s been available on the black market for decades.

In fact, most scientists agree that genetic engineering of cannabis is still in its infancy and there’s no evidence to suggest that it has any impact on human behavior.

Trump’s claims are not only unfounded, but also dangerous. It echoes a claim that was done by early prohibitionists such as Anslinger, DuPont and Heart. They wrote about sensationalist stories of people killing their families with an axe for smoking some doobies. Except, the person who actually killed their family with an axe was a psychotic mentally unstable person with delusional paranoia – similar to “The Donald”.

By spreading lies about the effects of marijuana, he’s fueling the stigma against it and contributing to the ongoing war on drugs. It’s time for our “leaders” , a term I use loosely –  to start basing their claims on facts and evidence, instead of fear-mongering and personal beliefs.

What did Delusional Don actually say?

In a speech at a National Rifle Association (NRA) leadership forum on Friday, former President Donald Trump made several controversial and unproven claims. He suggested that psychiatric drugs, transgender hormone treatments and ideology, genetically engineered cannabis, and other narcotics may be causing mass shootings in the country by leading to psychotic breaks that result in gun violence.

Now don’t get me wrong, I too have theories about the effects of Psychiatric Medication on the formation of young and developing brains. As this is a claim often used to deter people from using cannabis or other drugs – yet when it comes to Ritalin, Clonapil, or these other psychiatric drugs – we don’t hear a peep.

Whether there’s a connection between transgender hormone treatments or other narcotics – I don’t think this is accurate.

While it’s true that psychotic breaks definitely plays a role in mass shootings, since no sane person will commit mass murder in such a blatantly insane manner. But these are not “causes”.

Trump stated that he would direct the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to investigate these factors as possible causes of mass shootings. He also mentioned that he would have the FDA convene an independent outside panel to investigate his theory. And that’s what it is, “his theory”.

Trump dismissed the idea that mass shootings are a gun problem and instead called it a mental health, social, cultural, and spiritual problem.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s a gun problem either. I do agree that it’s about mental health, social and cultural and even spiritual issues. Mass shootings is a symptom of a system that crushes the individual’s soul.

Back in the day, we used to call it “Going Postal” – because postal workers were having psychotic breaks as a result of the relentless grind of the system. These days, kids are being introduced to streams of infinite bullshit telling them that everyone else is better and happier than they are.

Mass Shootings is the “Going Postal of our times”.

While Trump did not pursue a full-scale crackdown of state-legal cannabis programs as president, he did make several hostile anti-marijuana actions. These included rescinding Obama-era guidance on cannabis prosecutions and implementing policies that made immigrants ineligible for citizenship if they consumed marijuana or worked in the cannabis industry.

At the NRA event, Trump’s perspective on marijuana took on a conspiratorial new tone, echoing points made by author Alex Berenson. However, it is not clear what he meant by “genetically engineered” marijuana. It is possible that he is referring to concerns about high-potency THC cannabis products. And high potency isn’t “genetically engineered”. It’s selectively bred. Like the way you get a Labradoodle.

I wouldn’t call it “genetic engineering” more as a form of eugenics – but in plants. This is not new, because if these “genetic alterations” were to be the reason – then all of the genetically engineered corn Americans eat is turning them into monsters. But of course, the Corn industry wouldn’t like you to think about that.

Trump’s comments are likely to alienate parts of his base that have held out hope he would lead the charge on ending cannabis prohibition. While Republicans are less likely to support cannabis legalization compared to Democrats and independents, the issue has become increasingly bipartisan.

The fact of the matter is that Trump is simply saying shit to please those who are listening, in this case the NRA.

Selective Breeding vs Genetic Engineering

In the world of cannabis cultivation, there are two terms that are often used interchangeably: “genetic engineering” and “selective breeding.” While both of these methods are used to produce desirable traits in cannabis plants, they are fundamentally different in nature.

Selective breeding is the process of intentionally breeding plants with desirable traits in order to produce offspring with those same traits. This is a practice that has been used in agriculture for centuries, and it involves selecting the best plants from a crop and breeding them with each other to create a new generation of plants that inherit those desirable traits.

For cannabis cultivators, selective breeding means carefully choosing which plants to breed based on traits like yield, potency, flavor, and aroma. This can involve selecting plants that are naturally resistant to pests or diseases, or choosing plants with a specific cannabinoid profile.

Genetic engineering, on the other hand, involves altering the genetic makeup of a plant using biotechnology. This can include introducing new genes into a plant’s DNA or altering existing genes in order to produce specific traits.

While genetic engineering has been used in other crops to create desirable traits like resistance to pests or drought, it is not currently used in the cannabis industry due to legal restrictions. In fact, most cannabis cultivators rely on selective breeding to produce the plants they want.

One of the main differences between selective breeding and genetic engineering is that selective breeding is a natural process that relies on the inherent variability of a plant’s genetic makeup, while genetic engineering is an artificial process that involves manipulating genes in a laboratory.

Another difference is that selective breeding allows for a degree of unpredictability in the resulting plants, as the combination of genes from two parent plants can create unexpected traits in their offspring. Genetic engineering, on the other hand, is a precise process that allows for more control over the resulting traits.

In the cannabis industry, there is often confusion around these two concepts, with some people mistakenly using the term “genetic engineering” to refer to selective breeding. However, it is important to understand the difference between these two methods in order to have a clear understanding of how cannabis plants are produced.

While both selective breeding and genetic engineering are used in agriculture to produce desirable traits in plants, they are fundamentally different methods.

Selective breeding is a natural process that relies on the inherent variability of a plant’s genetic makeup, while genetic engineering is an artificial process that involves manipulating genes in a laboratory. In the cannabis industry, selective breeding is the primary method used to produce desirable traits in plants, and genetic engineering is not currently used due to legal restrictions.

And it’s because of these differences that I know that Trump is full of shit. The fact of the matter is that he’s only using certain buzz words to get people to write about the stupid shit that comes out of his mouth.

My Plea to Americans

My plea to Americans is simple: don’t insult your own intelligence by electing either Biden or Trump in 2024. These two individuals are the epitome of what’s wrong with American politics. They are nothing but parasites who feed off of your hard work and sacrifice. They will take everything you hold dear – your freedom, your security, your money – and sell it to their corporate donors and sponsors.

The sad truth is that both Trump and Biden represent everyone but you. They are not leaders who care about the well-being of the American people. Instead, they care only about their own power and enrichment. They are not interested in creating a better America for all of us. They are interested in protecting their own interests and the interests of their cronies.

If you vote for either of these individuals, you are selling your own integrity. You are saying that you are okay with being used as a product by these politicians. You are saying that you are okay with them taking everything you have worked for and giving it away to their rich friends.

It’s time to wake up and realize that this is all a game rigged against you. Don’t follow the tribe in the upcoming election. Follow your heart. Don’t listen to the lies of the rich bastards who want to sell you a cheap story in exchange for all your power.

Psychopaths are ruling us all. We need to take back our power and start electing leaders who truly care about the American people. We need leaders who will fight for our freedom, our security, and our prosperity. We need leaders who will put the interests of the American people above their own.

So, my plea to Americans is this: don’t be fooled by the empty promises of politicians who don’t care about you. Don’t vote for Trump or Biden. Vote for someone who truly represents your values and your interests. Vote for someone who will fight for a better America – not just for the rich and powerful, but for all of us.

The future of America is in your hands. Don’t waste your vote on someone who will only take advantage of you. Vote for a leader who will truly make a difference in your life and the lives of your fellow Americans. It’s time to take back our power and create a brighter future for ourselves and for future generations. (Full Story)

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