Daily Marijuana Use In U.S. Is Now More Common Than Daily Alcohol Drinking, New Study Finds

May 23, 2024 ·

More Americans now consume cannabis every day than drink alcohol on a daily basis, according to a newly published study that explores how marijuana use habits have changed in recent decades. Since 1992, it says, the per capita rate of daily cannabis consumption in the country has increased nearly 15 times over. The rise in frequent cannabis use coincides with an increasing number of states that have ended marijuana prohibition, though the study’s author, Carnegie Mellon University professor Jonathan Caulkins,… Read more.

California Just Got One Step Closer to Legalizing Amsterdam-Style Cannabis Cafes

May 22, 2024 · Thrillist

In Amsterdam, “coffee shop” holds a completely different meaning than what Americans might expect. The artistic, canal-filled city is packed with aesthetically-pleasing cafes that serve the typical coffee, tea, and sandwiches, as well as a vast array of cannabis products. As of May 20, California is one step closer to adopting this lifestyle. Assembly Bill 1775, which would allow dispensaries in California to serve food and nonalcoholic beverages, was approved by the State Assembly this week and is now headed to the State Senate.… Read more.

The Best Weed Dispensaries in SF for a Guaranteed Good Time

April 14, 2024 · Thrillist

As you may have heard, there won’t be an official 420 celebration of cannabis and cannabis culture in Golden Gate Park this year. But that surely won’t stop you from celebrating your own way. And because cannabis has been available for recreational use in California since 2016, you probably already have your go-to shop, but in the same way that cocktail bars have different drink menus, you never know what you can discover when you branch out and try something… Read more.

San Francisco Set To Host Inaugural Weed Week

April 6, 2024 · High Times

The city-sanctioned version of the famous 4/20 Hippie Hill event in San Francisco has been canceled, but it’s not the end of 4/20 celebrations in San Francisco. SF Weed Week, will feature a variety of events beginning with an art opening featuring cannabis mylar art on April 5 and a schedule of events running April 13-21. Instead of just one day of celebration, the event spans an entire week of all things cannabis, featuring cultivators and breeders at cannabis lounges throughout the city… Read more.

California Bong Auction Earns Just $2,075

February 28, 2024 · Ganjapreneur

California officials said that a recent auction aimed at recouping more than $14.4 million in unpaid cannabis industry taxes earned just over $2,000, the North Bay Business Journal reports. The auction was held February 16 in the California Highway Patrol’s parking lot in Los Angeles and officials reported having earned a scant $2,075 by the time the auction wrapped. The auctioned-off items were seized during law enforcement raids on ten “non-compliant” cannabis companies in southern California. Officials did not name the ten companies from which… Read more.

Teens Do Not Smoke More Weed Despite Almost 40 States Having Some Form of a Legal Marijuana Program Says US Government

December 20, 2023 ·

A recent editorial on titled  "The Kids Will All Be Getting High Turns Out to Be 100% Wrong" went viral as it pointed out that the long held Reefer Madness myth of kids getting stoned all day with the legalization of cannabis across America is not accurate based on government studies and data. In a landscape marked by the dynamic evolution of cannabis policies across the United States, the 2022 Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey emerges as a critical lens through which… Read more.

The Cannabis Connoisseur’s Guide to Holiday Parties

December 19, 2023 · Cannabis Now

It won’t be long before most of us are scrambling around like a bunch of Mississippi pimps trying to fit in all of the holiday parties that we’ve been invited to this year. This is a relatively good sign that we’re still semi-popular, liked for the most part, and our company is something that our families and friends do not wish to be without. Or maybe this onslaught of invites was brought on because we always seem to show up… Read more.

Home Values Have Increased Significantly More In States That Legalized Marijuana Than Those That Kept Criminalization, Real Estate Study Finds

November 2, 2023 ·

Home values have grown at a significantly higher rate in states that have legalized marijuana compared to non-legal states over the past decade—with the average price of a home in a legalization state now 41 percent higher than those that have continues to criminalize cannabis—according to a new report on real estate trends. The study from Real Estate Witch and Leafly explored average home prices from 2014 to 2023, looking at the potential impact of regulated cannabis access for medical… Read more.

Cannabis Eau de Parfum: Luxury in a Bottle

October 17, 2023 · Cannabis Now

The question must be asked: When does being sprayed with “skunk” weed smell good? Well, it doesn’t. But when hemp extracts, in their rawest form, are carefully infused with the likes of pink pepper, oud, vetiver or vanilla sandalwood as a fragrance, it takes on a whole new scentsation of personalization and luxury. The truth is, I thought I might be hard-pressed to conjure up enough fragrance brands in this genre to fill a page. And begin writing this piece… Read more.

OG Outlaws Come Into View

October 12, 2023 · Cannabis Now

It’s a classic scene. Imagine it’s 1979, and you’re somewhere in the heart of the Emerald Triangle in far Northern California. You cruise into the local grocery store parking lot, and there’s your neighbor and old friend, who you know darn well is also an underground marijuana grower. While you may be the only long-haired freaks in the lot, there are plenty of redneck lumber types around who simply don’t like them “damn hippies” moving into the area. Discretion is… Read more.

Gen Z Women and Cannabis: A Love Story

October 2, 2023 · Cannabis Now

I’ve been picking up dime bags and smoking out of pipes in the car since high school. Growing up with traditional Chinese-born parents, cannabis was extremely prohibited—not unlike the stigma of cannabis we’re trying to break. Over the years, my mom had collected more than seven glass pieces and who knows how many eighths of weed. Every time my stash was confiscated, I’d just go out and buy more. No biggie. Throughout the rollercoaster that is my life, cannabis keeps… Read more.

Women Led Brands: The Fantastic Four

September 26, 2023 · Cannabis Now

In a world traditionally dominated by male entrepreneurs and business magnates, the winds of change are stirring. Breaking barriers and redefining leadership, a new era of cannabis brands is emerging—and these women are leading the charge Gela Nash-Taylor Co-founder, Potent Goods The street-style aesthetic of the early 2000s can largely be attributed to Gela Nash-Taylor, one-half of the duo that brought Los Angeles casual luxury to the world with the fashion phenomenon known as Juicy Couture. Nash-Taylor is a natural… Read more.

The Craft Cannabis Industry: Following in the Footsteps of Craft Beer

September 22, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

In recent years, the cannabis industry has undergone a transformation, evolving from an underground, unregulated market to a legal and burgeoning sector. Within this transformation, a trend has emerged that seems to parallel the growth of another well-established industry: craft beer. Just as craft beer disrupted the traditional beer market and captivated consumers with unique “niche” offerings, the craft cannabis market is set to mirror this trajectory, offering high-quality products and a very personalized experience. Roots of the Craft Movement… Read more.

Hotel Deliveries, Direct to Consumer Sales, Music Festivals – Maine Goes All in on Weed with New Consumer-Friendly Regulations

September 12, 2023 ·

The Maine regulatory body overseeing the adult-use cannabis market is introducing new regulations to improve consumer accessibility. These modifications, driven by recent record-breaking sales, are primarily influenced by two legislative bills passed this year. One of these bills seeks to diminish the stigma surrounding cannabis. At the same time, the other aims to rectify an omission in a previous year's bill, which permitted cannabis sales at events like concerts and festivals. Maine, the way life should be, is the state slogan,… Read more.

States That Legalize Medical Marijuana Have Significantly Lower Health Insurance Premiums Than Non-Legal States

August 24, 2023 ·

According to a recent study published in the International Journal of Drug Policy, states that had legalized medicinal marijuana saw significant drops in health insurance costs compared to those where cannabis remained completely illegal. The authors determined that once a state passed a medical cannabis law, there were significant decreases in insurance premiums over the following years by looking at 10 years' worth of private health insurance data obtained from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Sustained Premium Reductions Over Time in Legalized Medical Marijuana States… Read more.

American Cannabis Consumption Hits All-Time High

August 24, 2023 · MG Magazine

Fifty-percent of American adults have tried cannabis, according to a recent Gallup report, marking the highest point since the polling organization conducted its first consumption habits survey in 1969. While the popularity of flower is beginning to show signs of decline in regulated markets, the percentage of American adults who say they smoke cannabis has doubled to 14 percent—or approximately 36 million people—since 2013, when Gallup first asked the question.  Looking back, the percent of Americans who experimented with marijuana grew by 20… Read more.

Love to Smoke Weed But Hate Feeling Paranoid? – How to Manage THC-Induced Paranoia

August 20, 2023 ·

How To Manage THC-Induced Paranoia Love To Smoke But Hate The Paranoia? Here’s What You Can Do Most people can get high on THC-rich weed with no problems whatsoever. On the other hand, many people suffer from weed-induced paranoia. In fact, it’s so common that it causes people to end up looking for CBD or extremely low levels of THC in pot instead. For anyone who’s ever experienced this, they can tell you that these negative thoughts and paranoia can quickly make a trip go… Read more.

Baby Boomers Rushing to Cannabis as a Way to Improve Memory Function and Mood as CNN Reports

August 17, 2023 ·

The demographic experiencing the most rapid surge in cannabis usage within the United States is the baby boomer generation. This group, which holds an impressive $140 trillion of the nation's wealth, has captured the interest of analysts and researchers. These experts are delving into the reasons behind and extent of marijuana consumption among the 73 million individuals in this cohort. In addressing one aspect of this inquiry, it becomes apparent that seniors born between 1946 and 1964, who collectively possess $78.3 trillion in… Read more.

Why Do Most Americans Now Believe Smoking Cannabis is Safer Than Smoking Tobacco?

August 16, 2023 ·

The link between lung cancer and tobacco cigarette smoking was discovered as early as 1953. It was no one else than the people who profited from the tobacco industry who were fully aware of its harms, but they were discreet about it. Through the decades, more people around the world realized how dangerous and deadly the habit – which was once seen as glamorous – actually was. Fast forward to the present day, and tobacco use is already on the decline. A 2022 Gallup poll has… Read more.

Brett Heyman’s Colorful World

August 3, 2023 · Cannabis Now

Celebrated cult accessories designer Brett Heyman creates the beau monde of bongs with her luxury cannabis lifestyle brand, Flower by Edie Parker. The former director of public relations at Gucci fuses flower with fashion to create a range of covetable cannabis accouterments that look equally at home in an art gallery as they do on your coffee table.  Heyman launched Flower in 2019 as a natural expansion for her successful Edie Parker handbag and homewares brand. The two are synergistically united in… Read more.

New York consumes more cannabis than any other city in the world

August 1, 2023 · San Antonio Current

New York tops a lot of lists — including the list of biggest cannabis-consuming cities. The new 2023 Cannabis Global Price Index, compiled by health-information firm CFAH, ranks global metros by their annual weed intake, and the Big Apple apparently knows how to get its toke on. New Yorkers, ahem, jointly consume 62.3 metric tons — or about 137,000 pounds — of the devil's lettuce every year. That puts Gotham ahead of Sydney, Australia; Los Angeles;  Chicago; and Rome, Italy, which make up the Top 5… Read more.

Emily Eizen, Cannabis Artist

July 29, 2023 · Cannabis Now

By creating psychedelic-inspired works that defy convention, Emily Eizen, a queer multimedia artist and model, seamlessly merges cannabis and art while showcasing the beauty, freedom and diversity of the cannabis community. Eizen says her relationship with cannabis began while studying political science at George Washington University in DC. Her social justice advocacy started off strong, holding the freshman chair position for the campus LGBTQ+ organization and meeting President Barack Obama. However, she says the culture shock of moving from a… Read more.

Should Cannabis Consumption Be Banned in Public Like Drinking Alcohol? – NY Senator Says Yes, Including Eating an Edible!

July 28, 2023 ·

In July 2023, New York State Senator George Borello (R) introduced a measure to ban cannabis smoking and consumption in public places, except for locations with special authorization. Senator George Borrello (R) has served New York State Senate District 57 since November 26, 2019. His political career, however, began much earlier, as a Chautauqua County Legislator, where he faithfully served from 2010 until 2017. Following that, he served as County Executive for Chautauqua County, New York, from 2018 to 2019, refining his… Read more.

Growing Porch Pot: A Lesson in Faith

July 25, 2023 · Cannabis Now

I’m no Bible-thumper. I’ve been in recovery from organized religion since I stormed out of Sunday school at 17, renouncing Catholicism forever. I like to think of myself as an atheist with a tendency for making mistakes. I never really bought in to any of the jibber jabber from the “good book,” and its existence, I think, has probably caused the world more harm than good. On the other hand—and this is where my faith gets a little convoluted—every time… Read more.

What is 12-Stories High and Made of Hemp? South Africa Gets Ready to Open First Hemp-Built Hotel

July 18, 2023 ·

The World’s Tallest Building Made Out Of Cannabis Is Going To Open Soon The construction and building industry has primarily been using the same materials for decades now. Unfortunately, many of these materials are found to be dangerous to either the environment or to humans, sometimes both. Nowadays, there is a growing awareness of the health impacts of the materials we use to build homes and the other structures we need in society. But over the last few years, the effectiveness and… Read more.

Gen Z Fuels Rise in Cannabis Over Alcohol

July 14, 2023 · Green Market Report

Cannabis continues to emerge as a substitute for alcohol among consumers, particularly for the Gen Z demographic, according to a report by data firm Brightfield Group. The findings show that an evolving social landscape and heightened health consciousness are influencing consumers to adjust their drinking habits. Since 2021, there has been a notable shift in alcohol consumption trends, with Brightfield Group’s research indicating that 60% of alcohol consumers are drinking less as of the first quarter of 2023, a 3% rise from when… Read more.

Report: High-Frequency Cannabis Consumers’ Habits Evolving

July 5, 2023 · Green Market Report

Savvy consumers have become less common across cannabis users. Cannabis consumer behavior is shifting – and with it the future of the cannabis industry, according to a new report from cannabis firm New Frontier Data The report, “Cannabis Consumers in America 2023 Part 2: Exploring the Archetypes,” scrutinizes the shifts by examining nine cannabis consumer archetypes, updated with the firm’s latest 2023 consumer survey data. Frequent Users Savvy Connoisseurs, which account for 13% of consumers, use cannabis multiple times per… Read more.

Cannabis’ Undeniable LGBTQ+ Connections Run Deep

July 2, 2023 · Cannabis Now

Cannabis and Proposition 215—the Compassionate Use Act of 1996—are intimately intertwined with the LGBTQ+ community. The reward was born from the guts of the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s and ’90s, a public health crisis in full view of an indifferent government. The moment compelled action. Amidst illness, the community found health. Amidst division, it found unity with voters at the ballot. Prop 215 protects a series of rights to possess, use, obtain and cultivate marijuana for medical purposes with a… Read more.

Green Qween Embraces the LGBTQ+ Community with Style

June 28, 2023 · MG Magazine

While cannabis stores in much of the country need to serve a broad customer base within a defined radius, retailers in mature, saturated markets like Los Angeles and Toronto are standing out by tailoring their spaces to the needs of specific consumer groups. Green Qween is one such store. Operated by and for the LGBTQ+ community, the dispensary is proving people will travel for an experience that aligns with their values. Located in downtown Los Angeles near the uber-hip Ace Hotel, the… Read more.

Steven Jung: The Operator

June 26, 2023 · Cannabis Now

Steven Jung kickstarted his journey in operations leadership as a captain in the US Army serving in various strategic and tactical roles. Since then, he has built an impressive portfolio of operational expertise, from high-growth startups in Silicon Valley to financial start-ups to Twitter. He joined the cannabis industry in 2017 as President and COO at Weedmaps, a pioneering cannabis technology company, before joining PAX in 2021 as chief operating officer. Jung tells us about the intersect of cannabis and… Read more.

Get A Good Night’s Snooze: This Company Secures First-Ever US Patent For Marijuana Sleep Product

June 21, 2023 · Benzinga

Curio Wellness, a cGMP-certified, vertically integrated cannabis company, has been granted the first-ever US patent for its cannabis sleep product, Good Night by Curio. The patent, designated as Utility Patent 11,654,130, was awarded to Curio Wellness on May 23, 2023, and will remain in force until January 2042, per a press release. Good Night, the cannabis sleep aid line available in Maryland has been leading the market since its introduction in 2021. The product, in the form of ratio tablets, is designed to… Read more.

‘Magic’ mushroom use by young adults has nearly doubled in three years

June 19, 2023 · AOL

Consumption of “magic” mushrooms and other hallucinogens by young adults nearly doubled over the past three years, a new study has found, illustrating the accelerating pace of America’s “psychedelic revolution” and growing societal acceptance of mind-altering drugs. Researchers found that 6.6 percent of adults from ages 19 to 30 used hallucinogens other than LSD, a category dominated by psilocybin, in 2021, up from 3.4 percent in 2018. LSD use by young adults rose from 3.7 percent to 4.2 percent in… Read more.

The inside story of Las Vegas’ first cannabis-friendly hotel

June 18, 2023 · Forbes

The new hotel in Las Vegas is already sold out. Located just off the Strip, The Lexi was once the Artisan Hotel, which became famous among locals as a late-night hangout that hosted sex parties. But now, the 64-room, adults-only Lexi has officially become Sin City’s first weed-friendly hotel. “It’s cannabis-inclusive, not cannabis-centric,” says Alexandre Rizk, the 44-year-old real estate entrepreneur who bought The Artisan for $12 million with a small group of investors in March 2022. The distinction is… Read more.

8 Cannabis Gift Ideas for Dad This Father’s Day

June 15, 2023 · Cannabis Now

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite products that will surely excite Dad this Father’s Day. Say goodbye to backyard grilles, tools and new lawnmowers and hello to this range of high-quality products that will surely make dad feeling like the star he is. This Father’s Day gift guide has been curated with the cannabis-friendly dad who’s looking to elevate all the things this year. From coolers and clothing to tabletop vaporizers, CBD cigarettes and sleep aids, Dad will… Read more.

LGBTQ+ Pride’s Crucial Role in the Modern Cannabis Industry

June 6, 2023 · Green Market Report

The LGBTQ+ community stepped up to provide relief to their friends and family members dying from AIDS. Since June is Pride Month – a 30-day show of support for the LGBTQ+ community – Green Market Report thought it was worth a few hundred words to note that the modern U.S. marijuana industry likely wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for the courage of that same community of activists who have been willing to push back against societal norms for decades. HIV/AIDS Relief… Read more.

Food, drink, pot under one roof: California state bill could allow for cannabis cafes

June 4, 2023 · Yahoo!News

California cannabis users may soon not have to travel far to get a cup of coffee to go with their legal pot. The state's assembly passed a bill Wednesday that would allow California's localities the right to approve the sale of food and non-alcoholic drinks inside legal cannabis dispensaries. Current state law prohibits any food or beverage from being served in recreational marijuana dispensaries. State Assemblyman Matt Haney, who introduced the bill, told ABC News that those current regulations are "outdated and… Read more.

Pride & Prejudice: LGBTQ Brands Flourish

June 2, 2023 · Cannabis Now

There’s a long, strong and colorful relationship between the LGBTQIA+ community and the legal cannabis movement. It goes back to the 1970s when Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California, proposed one of the first cannabis legalization bills weeks before he was assassinated. Fun fact: It was Milk who urged artist Gilbert Baker to design the rainbow flag, the official symbol of the gay community and a source of global pride Milk’s ally… Read more.

Help! Cannabis Doesn’t Like Me Anymore

May 30, 2023 · Cannabis Now

Step into any room full of green-blooded cannabis aficionados and the conversation is almost assuredly to land on all the amazing benefits their precious plant has provided. There’ll be that dude with a faded tattoo of an eagle on his forearm who swears up and down that weed has helped him get off addictive painkillers; the lady who would never leave the house if not for the herb’s ability to tame her anxiety; and somebody else who finds that it… Read more.

How Asian Americans for Cannabis Education is Changing the Narrative

May 26, 2023 · Cannabis Now

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month; an opportunity to reflect on the connection between cannabis and Asian culture that spans thousands of years and different continents, from ancient times up to the present day. Asian Americans for Cannabis Education intends to remind you of this fact early and often. Known as “ma” in Chinese, cannabis has been cultivated on the continent for centuries. Fossil records and genetic studies indicate that the cannabis plant has a long history… Read more.

Cannabis lounge coming to Bay City, Kokomo’s reopens as Press Play 989 and more business news

May 23, 2023 · MLive

From a new cannabis consumption lounge coming to downtown Bay City to a family fun center that just reopened in Saginaw County, here’s some recent business news you might have missed: Little Pastry Shop bringing freshly-baked cinnamon rolls and pies to City Market Little Pastry Shop is bringing fresh baked goods to downtown Bay City’s City Market. The new bakery specializes in its best-selling cinnamon rolls, scones, such as customer favorites: lemon and tart cherry almond, personal pies and other… Read more.

Americans Now Spend the Most Money on __ ? A. Chocolate B. Vitamin Water C. Cannabis D. Newspapers?

May 21, 2023 ·

Americans Now Spend More on Weed Than Chocolate, Vitamin Water, and Newspapers Proof That Cannabis Is Essential Nowadays Cannabis is the most widely consumed drug in the United States, despite its federally illegal status. Each year, more Americans try weed for the first time and go on to use it. Millions around the county already consume pot for a wide variety of medical or recreational reasons. What was once considered a dangerous substance is already becoming more widely accepted and consumed by people each… Read more.

A California cannabis competition is looking for judges: Here’s how to sign up

May 5, 2023 · KTLA 5

An annual cannabis judging competition hosted by a prominent weed culture magazine is returning to Southern California for another year of head-to-head competitions, and experts are sought to crown the state’s top cannabis suppliers. The 2023 Cannabis Cup, orchestrated and organized by High Times, invites Southern California residents to participate in the annual marijuana battle royale. High Times is inviting SoCal residents of legal age to join the Cannabis Cup as judges by purchasing a take-home judging kit and providing their… Read more.

The Stoned Dogs of New York – Fox News’ Favorite New Reefer Madness Scare

May 4, 2023 · CelebStoner

Life’s not easy for a poodle in the Big Apple. Just ask Bondi - she’s been to the ER three times now for tripping out on the sweet cheeba. While her owner claims that it’s “accidental consumption”, one begins to wonder after the third event on just how accidental it truly is. It’s not just Bondi though - she’s part of a pack of stoned dogs roaming the streets of New York. You can see them wandering aimlessly, tongues lolling out, eyes glazed… Read more.

Cannabis tourism in Michigan is a real thing. Here’s what to know, where to stay

May 2, 2023 · Detroit Free Press

As people start to make their summer travel plans, there are a growing number of options for travelers to Michigan to consume marijuana on vacation, from cannabis music festivals to consumption lounges and cannabis-friendly lodging. While the number and variety of options available to travelers since marijuana became legal in 2018 are increasing, the cannabis travel industry is still in its early days. There are no Pure Michigan (the state of Michigan's tourism campaign) commercials advertising cannabis tourism in the… Read more.

Small Majority of Americans Believe Open Cannabis Consumption is Socially Acceptable

April 22, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

A small majority of Americans believe consuming cannabis openly is socially acceptable, according to a CBS News/YouGov poll. The survey found 53% of respondents have no problems with open, social, cannabis use, with 47% opposed. The poll found 64% backed adult-use cannabis legalization with 36% opposed. Those backing the reforms included 73% of Democrats, 53% of Republicans, and 66% of independents; while 27% of Democrats opposed adult-use legalization along with 47% of Republicans and 34% of independents. In the poll, 67% of respondents said… Read more.

New York City Celebrates Its First Legal 420

April 22, 2023 · Green Market Report

New York City celebrated its first legal 420 celebrations. There were 25 different events according to Event Brite, but we just checked out a few. Washington Square Park in the heart of Greenwich Village became the defacto festival as numerous unlicensed operators sold their wares and consumers enjoyed the lovely spring weather. Then it was on to the Standard High Line Hotel where Sackville had a pop up shop for the more well-heeled partiers. Lastly, we headed to The House… Read more.

Brands Mark 4/20, the High Holy Day of Cannabis

April 20, 2023 · Muse by CLIO

The 4/20 brand campaigns are coming in hot, so we're keeping tabs early and updating this page often with the best and brightest. Jack in the Box Jack's Edible Assortments launches on April 20 at food trucks in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, with help from TBWA\Chiat\Day L.A. It includes a reintroduction of the Pineapple Express Shake, which includes munchies like popcorn chicken, onion rings, tiny tacos, mini pancakes, whipped cream and cherries. The first 100 food truck… Read more.

Uber Eats, Leafly to offer cannabis order service in British Columbia

April 18, 2023 · MJ Biz Daily

A new delivery option will be available for consumers of legal cannabis in British Columbia starting this week. E-commerce and delivery technology company Uber Eats is partnering with online marijuana platform Leafly to offer delivery of cannabis products in British Columbia starting April 18. Last fall, the two companies started offering cannabis ordering and delivery in Toronto. In British Columbia, customers 19 and older will be able to place orders on the Uber Eats app and have cannabis products delivered to their door from… Read more.

Kush Kriminals Brings Cannabis and Comic Book Culture to Life

April 17, 2023 · Yahoo!Entertainment

Like buying weed? What if I told you, you could get discounts on your favorite weed over and over again. Cannabis connoisseurs put the J down and check this out. This project is offering Cookies® discounts for life. Meet Kush Kriminals – a utility-driven, digital collectible project based on a brand new media universe written by Marvel & DC writer Sam Humphries. The project features high-res, full-length art & is partnered with select Cookies® cannabis dispensary locations to offer you the best… Read more.

First Cannabis ‘Casino’ in US Opens

April 17, 2023 ·

The Reef opened as a medical marijuana dispensary in 2014 and attracted 500 customers a day. That’s before losing almost all of them four years later when recreational marijuana was legalized in nearby Michigan cities, such as Hazel Park and Ferndale. Though Michigan voters approved recreational cannabis in 2018, it was held up in Detroit by years of court battles. It turns out, someone else already had a great idea. Jason Kouza of Dort Hwy Dispo, a recreational dispensary in… Read more.

Expand Your Mind at the Best Weed Museums in the U.S.

April 15, 2023 · Thrillist

THE FIRST THING YOU SEE upon entering the Core Social Justice Cannabis Museum in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood is a digital stained glass window stamped “Cannfessional.” Behind it is a small sound booth, wrapped in cloud-print wallpaper, with a glowing neon chair and a microphone dangling from the ceiling. Facing the chair on the wall is a TV with a camera mounted on top. This is where you reveal your truth. With the Cannfessional, the museum encourages participants to record themselves telling stories… Read more.

Survey: Portland, Oregon Is Best American City for Cannabis

April 14, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

A survey published Monday by Real Estate Witch found Portland, Oregon is the best city for cannabis in the U.S., while Birmingham, Alabama ranked as the worst. Among cities where cannabis is legal for adult use, Richmond, Virginia was the lowest-ranked, followed by Virginia Beach and Washington, D.C.  Portland earned the top spot due, in part, to the affordable cannabis prices in the city, where an ounce of “high quality” cannabis costs about $210 – about $106 less than the national average… Read more.

Survey: 40% of Employed Cannabis Consumers Plan to Take Day Off for 4/20

April 13, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

Portrait of posh chic virile bearded brutal man smoking marijuana joint, wearing brown fur gypsy style - hip hop pimp stylish guy lighting up weed (cannabis) blunt at the green background outdoors

A recent survey by Ayr Wellness found 40% of employed cannabis consumers plan to take off April 20 from work, with 31% of respondents saying 4/20 is a special occasion along with 42% of medical cannabis patients that agreed that 4/20 is an important day.  In all, 23% of those polled indicated that their cannabis consumption habits would increase on 4/20 while 71% of respondents said their consumption habits would stay the same.  David Goubert, president and CEO of AYR… Read more.

House of Cannabis Museum Opens in New York

April 9, 2023 · CelebStoner

New York City has a new marijuana museum. It's located in Soho in a five-story building dating back to 1870 that formerly housed American Apparel. Now it's the House of Cannabis. After being greeted by attentive staff members, our group was ushered upstairs. Beware, there are a lot of steep steps to climb. For handicapped people, there is an elevator. Starting on the fourth floor ("The Culture"), the Disorientation room begins with a bright green screen. Then a two-minute montage video… Read more.

Green Thumb deal to sell medical marijuana at Florida gas stations on hold amid litigation

April 7, 2023 · MJ Biz Daily

A novel deal unveiled more than five months ago by Green Thumb Industries (GTI) to lease space and open medical marijuana dispensaries adjacent to Circle K convenience stores in Florida has yet to win approval from state regulators and is now in litigation. The plan – which would allow motorists to pump gasoline at select Circle K convenience stores and purchase MMJ from an adjacent Rise Express dispensary – drew national news coverage last October. At the time, GTI founder and CEO… Read more.

Celebrate 420: How to prep for the cannabis holiday in Las Vegas

April 7, 2023 · Las Vegas Sun

Every cannabis consumer’s favorite holiday is quickly approaching, and we’re prepping early at Planet 13. From products to activities and snacks to deals, use this guide to prepare for this year’s highly anticipated 420. Products to try 420 is a great opportunity to try new products and brands, taking advantage of the deals offered on flower, dabs, edibles and more. Create a tasting menu: Start the day with cannabis-infused coffee or orange juice, consume a preroll in the afternoon, enjoy… Read more.

Why Do the Majority of Women Hide Their Cannabis Use from Friends and Family?

March 24, 2023 ·

According to a recent study by The Harris Poll commissioned by cannabis retailer MedMen Enterprises, many American women age 21 and older regularly use cannabis. The study, held between February 28 and March 2, 2023, featured 1,020 women nationwide. According to the findings, 37% of those polled admitted to consuming marijuana, with over a quarter of them doing so at least once a month. An interesting finding from the survey was that women mostly use cannabis for medical reasons, such as… Read more.

Cannabis Lounge Expert Sara Stewart On How To Grow Cannabis Beverages

March 14, 2023 · Cannabis Drink Expo

We want cannabis bars to look similar to alcohol bars with lots of selection and variety. Sara Stewart is a seasoned hospitality professional with experience managing and operating 2 of the first cannabis consumption lounges in the US. She has a particular interest in bridging the gap between cannabis consumption lounges and today's hospitality standards using education, control, and valuable insight. We chat with her about how she thinks we can grow the cannabis drinks category and what everyone involved can… Read more.

Historic Denver Hotel Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign To Fund Cannabis Consumption Lounge

March 13, 2023 · Yahoo!Finance

Colorado has been a destination for cannabis tourists since the first sale of recreational marijuana in 2014. But at the time, state laws prohibited consuming cannabis in public places, so those tourists technically didn’t have a place to enjoy their purchases. But with the advent of consumption lounges last spring, visitors to the state now can puff in peace, and one hotelier wants to make it easy to consume cannabis on his property. Chris Chiari, CEO and founder of The… Read more.

High times: Cannabis-infused spa treatments are taking Thailand by storm

March 13, 2023 · The Thaiger

Thailand has long been known for its traditional spa treatments that incorporate ancient healing techniques and natural ingredients. But with the legalization of cannabis in June 2022, a new trend is emerging in the world of wellness: cannabis-infused spa treatments. Cannabis-infused spa treatments are quickly becoming a popular way to relax and unwind in Thailand, and for good reason. CBD, one of the primary compounds found in cannabis, may have numerous health benefits, including reducing inflammation and promoting relaxation. At the… Read more.

San Francisco has a new farmers market just for cannabis

March 7, 2023 · SFGate

There's a new type of farmers market in San Francisco, but instead of buying fruits and vegetables, customers get to buy a famous California crop that is best enjoyed smoked. This market is dedicated entirely to cannabis. The new monthly event takes place at one of two downtown San Francisco dispensaries: Moe Greens on Market Street and Barbary Coast on Mission Street. The showcases allow customers to learn about dozens of different cannabis strains directly from the farmers who grow them.… Read more.

Less than 6 hours from Denver, this trippy town should be on everyone’s bucket list

March 6, 2023 · Denver Post

Santa Fe calls itself “The City Different” in New Mexico’s Land of Enchantment, but could it change you into a different person while visiting? Less than six hours by car from Denver, Santa Fe is close enough for a weekend away or for spring break without a long flight. Yet this small city is like a world away from the Front Range in terms of the vibe and activities. From art to a transformational retreat, there are many mind-altering —… Read more.

The 27 Best Weed Accessories to Fit Stylishly—and Seamlessly—Into Your Life

March 4, 2023 · Esquire

Cannabis is waaay too available for you to have bad weed accessories. Legality at the state level is stretching far-and-wide. Congress is moving to decriminalize weed at a federal level. Within these great 50 states, you can find weed, good weed, with little to no effort. As such, you no longer need to sift through head shop cases for shabby essentials like weed grinders or water pipes. There are better options now: Quality weed merchandise from designers and brands that are both beautiful and functional. Here, we’ve rounded up 27… Read more.

Cherry Launches New Pre-Roll Line, Only Kameleons

March 4, 2023 · Westword

Smoking a pre-roll usually involves trading a certain amount of quality for convenience, but Cherry believes that you'll keep Kameleons around after giving them a try. One of Colorado's most popular flower brands recently introduced Only Kameleons, a line of pre-rolled joints made from the same strains grown by the Cherry cultivation. Known for staying on the cutting edge of new cannabis genetics, Cherry wanted a new pre-roll line that spoke to its passion for rare strains, according to sales account manager Zack Venokur. A… Read more.

Monterey County Board of Supervisors discussing legalizing cannabis lounges

March 3, 2023 · KION 46

SALINAS, Calif. (KION-TV) On Tuesday, the Monterey County Board of Supervisors discussed whether to legalize cannabis lounges throughout unincorporated Monterey County. The Board of Supervisors received a presentation from Monterey County Cannabis Program Director Joann Iwamoto who presented the pros and cons of bringing cannabis lounges to Monterey County. Majority of the supervisors are in support of bringing lounges to Monterey County. However, some were concerned about staffing capacity on the county level to regulate more cannabis related business ventures.… Read more.

Cannabis Entrepreneur Asks $38 Million for L.A. Mansion With Custom Smoking Room

March 3, 2023 ·

Cannabis entrepreneur Ori Bytton is asking $38 million for a Los Angeles mansion with a custom smoking room.  Mr. Bytton, 36, hails from Israel and is the founder of the cannabis products company Natura Life Science. He acquired the Bel-Air site in 2014 for $1.775 million, records show, and said he intended to build a house there for himself and his family, starting construction in October 2018. The roughly 13,600-square-foot house was finished in the past few weeks, he said.… Read more.

Atlantic City: Claridge Hotel’s Former Gambling Casino To Become New Jersey’s First Cannabis Lounge

March 1, 2023 · Benzinga

New Jersey's Casino Reinvestment Development Authority approved a proposal that would bring a 10,000-square-foot cannabis dispensary and lounge to Atlantic City's historic Claridge Hotel and former gambling casino where Marilyn Monroe once judged the Miss America Pageant.  The Claridge Hotel, which opened in 1930 during the Great Depression as the last of the great hotels built near Atlantic City's Boardwalk, is making space for the High Rollers Dispensary on what used to be its casino floor. The Claridge is now a stand-alone hotel with no gambling.  Because the Claridge does not technically… Read more.

Health Benefits Of Cannabis

February 27, 2023 · Forbes

Cannabis continues its rise in popularity as more and more states legalize its use either as a medical or recreational drug. Cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, but a number of medical experts and researchers appear to disagree with this decision maintained by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). While more peer-reviewed clinical research is needed, myriad studies support cannabis as a legitimate and safe therapeutic substance when used properly under expert supervision. Learn more about the various medical conditions cannabis… Read more.

Dodgy science, poor access and high prices: The parallel medical world of medicinal marijuana in America

February 27, 2023 · Politico

BURTON, Mich. — Before Jayden Carter turned 9, police were called 126 times to his school, home and other locations to address his violent behavior. “I had ribs out of place, my forehead cut open, black eye,” recalled Amie Carter, his mother. The situation got so dire that Child Protective Services encouraged Amie to sign her rights to Jayden away, a step that would allow the state to put him in permanent treatment. That was when — out of… Read more.

Ayahuasca, ‘source of knowledge’ in the heart of the Amazon

February 24, 2023 · yahoo!news

In the heart of the Ecuadoran Amazon live the Cofan Avie, masters of ayahuasca -- the powerful hallucinogenic concoction said to open the door to the "spirit" world. Here, they call it "yage" and consume it for health and wisdom. "God once lived here on this planet", recounts Isidro Lucitante, the patriarch and shaman of nine Indigenous Cofan Avie families spread over 55,000 hectares of river and jungle along the border with Colombia. This god "pulled out one of his hairs… Read more.

The Cannabis Experience becomes nation’s first marijuana-licensed consumption bus

February 24, 2023 · CBS News

The Cannabis Experience in Denver has become Colorado's -- and the nation's -- first marijuana-licensed consumption bus.  As the cannabis industry continues its blazing trail, local marijuana users can enjoy safe, legal cannabis tours, airport transportation and private cannabis-friendly party buses. The Cannabis Experience will offer transportation services to Denver International Airport along with private party bus rentals with food and art themes such as "Toking and Tacos,"  and "RiNo Mural Tours." The service also provides tours of the city… Read more.

The Flower Shop Reimagines Retail Cannabis In Multiple Markets

February 23, 2023 · Forbes

Women-led multi-state operator The Flower Shop is focused on curating a larger selection of cannabis flower and products in a growing number of state markets. The company showcases artisan and craft cannabis products in a reimagined retail setting tailored to appeal to both men and women. “We operate in Arizona, Utah, New Jersey, and we will be going to Florida—hopefully soon,” says President of The Flower Shop Greta Brandt, as the company is currently securing licensing in the newer states. As president… Read more.

‘Amsterdam of the West?’: City not budging on pot lounge regulations

A week before a possible vote on rules for upcoming cannabis consumption lounges, the city of Las Vegas had not budged on a proposed 1,000-foot separation requirement between such establishments, a regulation applicants say could hamper turning the downtown area into the “Amsterdam of the West.” And while prospective license holders could apply for a waiver, their businesses could not afford to “gamble” with the uncertainty of leasing a location and then having their waiver denied, proponents told Seth Floyd,… Read more.

Can Cannabis Lead To Better Sex For Women? Weed Say Yes

February 23, 2023 · Madamenoire

As the world slowly puts its cannabis guard down, there’s one group that could benefit greatly: women who aren’t orgasming. New research has shown that partaking in a bit of the green stuff before doing the deed can increase desire and the chances of orgasm – particularly for women. This is huge news for women who have suffered from blue ovaries for years due to unsatisfying sex. It’s no secret that men have a much (like much) easier time climaxing… Read more.

Canadian adult-use cannabis sales jump nearly 18% in 2022, hitting CA$4.5 billion

February 22, 2023 · MJ Biz Daily

Canada’s cannabis consumers spent 4.52 billion Canadian dollars ($3.35 billion) on regulated adult-use products in 2022, growing 17.9% over 2021’s sales total, according to new retail sales data released Tuesday by Statistics Canada. The year-over-year sales increase came as the number of licensed cannabis stores in Canada increased. In 2021, Canadians bought CA$3.83 billion worth of recreational cannabis from licensed stores. Despite the notable year-over-year increase, the pace of cannabis sales growth in Canada appears to be slowing, said Michael… Read more.

As part of rebranding effort, off-Strip boutique hotel wants to be ‘cannabis-inclusive’

February 21, 2023 · Las Vegas Sun

A Las Vegas off-Strip hotel plans to have an entire floor of cannabis-friendly rooms. Under new ownership by Elevations Hotels & Resorts, the Artisan Hotel Boutique will be rebranded as The Lexi. Officials at the 64-room property near Interstate 15 and Sahara Avenue say the ongoing multimillion-dollar transformation into a more modern, cannabis-inclusive hotel will attract tourists and locals alike. It hopes to open the cannabis floor in the spring. “(The Lexi is) going to be the coolest place to… Read more.

Study: Cannabis Has Positive Impact on Sexual Quality

February 21, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

A study published last month in the Journal of Cannabis Research suggests that cannabis use has a positive impact on sexual quality. In the study, an online survey of 811 people, more than 70% of respondents reported increased sexual desire and orgasm intensity with cannabis use and more than 40% of the women surveyed indicated an “increased ability to have more than one orgasm per sexual encounter.”  The majority of study participants identified as female (64.9%), white (78.9%), and college-educated (80.1%). Twenty-three… Read more.

First Of Its Kind; Cannabis Dispensary Shares Space With Cafe, Bakery

February 18, 2023 ·

Some customers tend to go to a cannabis dispensary for hybrid products, but never to a hybrid dispensary space that is shared with a bakery and a liquor-licensed cafe.  Well, this is now the reality for Wheeling’s second cannabis dispensary with OKAY Cannabis sharing the same roof as West Town Bakery at 781 N. Milwaukee Ave. The dispensary/cafe/bakery opened Friday, Feb. 3. Introducing innovative ways of creating new customer experiences, especially in the ever-growing Restaurant Row alongside Milwaukee Avenue. Scott… Read more.

What’s it like to take a $249 drug-free psychedelic trip? We found out

February 18, 2023 · LA Times

I’m familiar with magic mushrooms from back in the day. I took them a couple times in college — including on a particularly memorable Halloween — and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. So I was curious about a Santa Monica-based startup called the Reality Center that’s been trying to expand the mind and aid in healing the body via digital psychedelics — a proprietary combination of pulsing lights, sounds and vibrations — instead of consuming drugs. Psilocybin, the active ingredient in… Read more.

Colorado Dispensary unveils marijuana dispensers in Aurora

February 17, 2023 · LocalToday

The Terrapin Care Station dispensary in Aurora now houses the country’s first fully automated cannabis vending machine. Developed in partnership with BMC Universal Technologies, the machine allows customers to order marijuana products through a touchscreen and dispense them directly to take-out. The Automated Cannabis Experience (ACE), as it’s officially known, picks, packs, seals and affixes a verification sticker to every order, allowing for a fast and contactless purchase. And because it’s integrated with Colorado’s seed-to-sale tracking system, it’s also compliant… Read more.

Church of Cannabis claims religious rights in city dispute to remove sculpture

February 17, 2023 · Fox 31

DENVER (KDVR) — The City of Denver and the International Church of Cannabis are in a heated dispute over a sculpture in front of the church. The city claims the sculpture is unsafe and hazardous to drivers and has ordered it to be removed, while the church said it’s an expression of their religious beliefs. The sculpture was installed four months ago, and the congregation of “elevationists” believes the sculpture to be holy and part of the church’s practice, where… Read more.

From Perpetual Otherness To Artistic Triumph: Exploring Identity Through Psychedelic Art With SpookyGirl’s Andi Astra

February 15, 2023 · Forbes

Stepping into the world of illustrator Andi Astra, founder and creative director of SpookyGirl, a colorful home decor, art and apparel brand that boasts more than 150.000 social media followers, is like taking a journey to a different universe. From their base in Honolulu, Hawaii, Andi brings a world of science fiction, color and creativity to life. With a passion for exploring identity and pushing boundaries, Andi's work as SpookyGirl celebrates creative self expression and questions societal norms. What’s more, through… Read more.

California considers legalizing cannabis cafes to help struggling marijuana industry

February 13, 2023 · Yahoo! News

You order a sandwich, a coffee and a marijuana cigarette, then settle in for a musical performance. This could become the future under a bill aimed at changing the landscape of cannabis use in California. The legislation put forward this month by Assemblyman Matt Haney (D-San Francisco) would legalize the sale of food and nonalcoholic beverages at cannabis retailers and lounges. "It's not unlike a neighborhood bar or cafe where people gather and get a lot of social value … Read more.

New bill would allow for cannabis to be ‘catered’ at private events

February 8, 2023 · KTLA

A new bill in the California legislature could pave the way for private events to have cannabis “catering.” Assembly Bill 471 was authored by Assemblymember Ash Karla (D-San Jose) and aims to amend existing cannabis laws to add language to allow for cannabis to be served at private events provided by licensed caterers, similar to hiring a company to cater food or beverages. Currently, California law only allows for event organizers to provide cannabis themselves for temporary public events. If… Read more.

The Selling Seeds to Customers Debate – Price-Senstive Cannabis Customers Find Planting Your Own Seeds Is Way Cheaper

January 30, 2023 ·

As the legalization of cannabis in Canada has opened up new opportunities for consumers, many people have turned to backyard planting to save money on their cannabis purchases. For price-conscious cannabis consumers, buying cannabis from licensed dispensaries can be prohibitively expensive. However, by growing cannabis in their backyard, these consumers can save significant money in the long run. Backyard planting has become a popular option for many Canadians, as it allows them to grow their high-quality cannabis at a fraction of… Read more.

Study: Cannabis Legalization Does Not Lead to Increased Use of Other Drugs

January 26, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

A new report found cannabis legalization does not lead to an increase in substance use disorders or the increased use of illicit drugs. Cannabis legalization had not led to an increase in substance use disorders or increased use of other illicit drugs and should not be considered a “gateway drug,” according to a study by researchers from the University of Colorado.  The study was published on January 5 in the Psychological Medicine journal.    The researchers also found no link between cannabis… Read more.

The Cannabis vs. Viagra Debate – Which is Better for Sexual Health?

January 24, 2023 ·

Viagra is the brand name of sildenafil, a class of drugs that are designed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). Men who suffer from ED struggle with starting and maintaining their erections. Depending on the case, it may be a short-term or a chronic problem. This can have a serious impact in the self-esteem and sex lives of affected males because it affects both you and your partner’s sexual satisfaction. It can be short-term or a chronic problem, depending on one’s… Read more.

Boutique Artisan Hotel in Las Vegas to rebrand as cannabis-friendly property

January 17, 2023 · 3 News Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — The Artisan Hotel in Las Vegas will rebrand as a new cannabis-friendly concept. The boutique hotel, located near Las Vegas Boulevard and Sahara Avenue, will undergo a multi-million-dollar rebranding to become The Lexi, a spokesperson for Elevation Hotels and Resorts announced Tuesday. The Lexi is described as a "premium hospitality concept" that will offer personal service and a spring/summer pool season. It will feature 64 remodeled rooms, including an entire fourth floor that will be designated as… Read more.

Cannabis Lounges Could Be the Next Big Hotel Perk

January 10, 2023 · Thrillist

Chris Chiari stood in front of 420 E 11th Avenue in Denver 12 years ago having just sold his home in Florida. The building there looked like a castle, he says. It was on the market. "I pointed up to the house," he says, "and I said, 'I want to turn you into a marijuana bed and breakfast.'" But the weed-friendly address wasn't destined to be his quite yet. In 2018, it went up for sale again. This time, the… Read more.

The Best (and Worst) Ways to Store Your Weed

October 20, 2022 · Thrillist

Whether you’re smoking boof, rolling up, or ripping a bong, without proper storage, you’re wasting your weed. You’re wasting money, too. Exposure to oxygen, sunlight, and heat are all factors that will degrade the flavor and freshness of your flower. It’s not your fault, though—a mix of underground information, misleading myths, and cannabis’ enduring stigma make it tricky to get to the bottom of the best ways to store weed. Let’s start by clarifying some of those don’ts before getting… Read more.