The Illegal Cannabis Market in America is Still 3x Bigger Than the Legal Marijuana Market

May 15, 2024 · Cannabis.net

In 2022, illicit cannabis sales soared to over $74 billion, surpassing the legal market's $28 billion by a remarkable 164%, according to the latest report from New Frontier Data on American cannabis consumers. This significant disparity highlights potential opportunities for legal businesses to attract frequent users who currently depend on unregulated sources, as well as the millions of adults interested in cannabis but hesitant to try it. Canada has a similar problem, as only 20% of the legally grown cannabis get sold to… Read more.

New York Stooges – New York’s Cannabis Industry is Such a ClusterFudge, Gov. Hochul is Blaming Google and Yelp

May 14, 2024 · Cannabis.net

New York's move into the legal cannabis market has encountered major obstacles, as shown by the internal assessment that was released on Friday. The review revealed a long chain of errors in the state's Office of Cannabis Management (OCM), which was blamed mostly on the leadership with insufficient experience. The OCM was not seen as a mature governmental entity but rather as a startup with a "mission-driven" approach, resulting in many problems. The most prominent issues surfaced were the constant modifications… Read more.

Against the odds: Haitian emigrant taps his Boston neighborhood for cannabis success

May 10, 2024 · MJ Biz Daily

Jeff Similien anticipated opening his Boston cannabis store, LowKey Dispensary, in 2021. But a deceitful business partner, city government bureaucracy and the COVID-19 pandemic all conspired to delay the christening by about two years, until October 2023. Many aspiring small cannabis business entrepreneurs might have given up earlier, burned through capital sooner or struck a deal with a multistate operator and relinquished control of a coveted retail license such as the one Similien possessed. But Similien didn’t buckle. Instead, he… Read more.

New York City Officials Announce Crackdown on Illegal Cannabis Dispensaries

May 8, 2024 · Ganjapreneur

New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday announced that city officials would begin enforcement actions in the five boroughs to shut down illegally operating cannabis shops. “Operation Padlock to Protect” comes after state officials last month gave municipalities the regulatory authority to shutter unlicensed cannabis dispensaries and other businesses, such as smoke shops, which are selling cannabis without state approval. The operation includes cooperation between the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and New York City Department of Consumer… Read more.

Nearly 50% of Biden Supporters Want a Dispensary Within Driving Distance, Only 12% of Trump Supporters Feel the Same Way

April 24, 2024 · Cannabis.net

NIMBY stands for "Not in My Back Yard", and when discussing cannabis, Republicans and Democrats could not be more diametrically opposed on living in certain area with or without legal weed. The recently released report from Redfin, a technology-enabled real estate brokerage, is circulating in the marijuana industry. It revealed a noticeable difference between individuals living in U.S. households that favoured Joe Biden versus Donald Trump. The major difference pertains to individual preference when it comes to residing in areas where… Read more.

Arizona cannabis social equity reform failure highlights broader struggle

April 15, 2024 · MJ Biz Daily

Predatory investors hijacked the cannabis social equity program in Arizona, where only three of the original 26 license winners still have a stake in their businesses, according to allegations filed in court and repeated in the state Legislature. Despite outrage over this controversy, a state lawmaker’s reform proposal aimed at returning the coveted permits to their original winners failed to pass the Senate last month, in part because of interference from Gov. Katie Hobbs’ administration, observers told MJBizDaily. The situation is notable for its strange political alignments: An… Read more.

The Best Weed Dispensaries in SF for a Guaranteed Good Time

April 14, 2024 · Thrillist

As you may have heard, there won’t be an official 420 celebration of cannabis and cannabis culture in Golden Gate Park this year. But that surely won’t stop you from celebrating your own way. And because cannabis has been available for recreational use in California since 2016, you probably already have your go-to shop, but in the same way that cocktail bars have different drink menus, you never know what you can discover when you branch out and try something… Read more.

The Best Weed Dispensaries in Denver Right Now

April 14, 2024 · Thrillist

Whether or not you think Denver’s weed scene has lost the shiny luster of novelty, you have to admit the options—from products to places—are almost overwhelming. With so many dispensaries ready to fulfill needs for flower, edibles, and cartridge refills, we’ve put together a list of favorites—those with crazy-good daily deals and the best strains this side of the Mississippi, among other factors. From Baker to Five Points and beyond, here are the best dispensary options no matter what neighborhood… Read more.

How to Get Weed Delivered in NYC

April 13, 2024 · Thrillist

Recreational cannabis has been legal in NYC for three years, and it should come as no surprise that weed delivery has thrived among our tech-savvy and perpetually busy locals. What can we say, convenience is king. While visiting the city’s licensed and hyper-aesthetic dispensaries in person can still feel like a fun, novel experience, the accessibility of to-your-door service and smoking inside your apartment can’t (and won’t) be snubbed. Here’s our guide on the where, what, and how of weed delivery services in NYC. Can… Read more.

The Best Weed Dispensaries in Every Part of LA

April 11, 2024 · Thrillist

In some neighborhoods in LA, there are more cannabis dispensaries than Starbucks. With over 1,481 dispensaries to choose from, finding the best ones hidden in the vast concrete jungle between the beach and the mountains can be hazy and overwhelming. Green cross signs light up billboards and storefronts, some spots are low-key with no signage whatsoever, and others look like high-end jewelry stores. While we are grateful to live in a cannabis-progressive bubble where you can openly smoke weed at… Read more.

The Best Weed Dispensaries in Washington DC

April 11, 2024 · Thrillist

Over a decade ago, a local poll found that 80% of residents supported either legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana. Shortly thereafter, the Council of the District of Columbia elected to decriminalize cannabis possession and in February 2015, voters approved the Legalization of Possession of Minimal Amounts of Marijuana for Personal Use Initiative (commonly known as Initiative 71). Ever since, the nation’s capital has created what is called a “gifting economy,” whereupon cannabis is given as a gift whereas the legally defined “purchase” is… Read more.

Cleotrapa, Ice Spice’s ‘Baddie Friend’ Is Our New Stoner Bestie

April 6, 2024 · High Times

Navigating through all of the new rap artists emerging out of NYC can be tough. Finding someone who is fresh, interesting, and likes to get stoned might even be a mission. Lucky for me, I stumbled upon Cleotrapa.  Cleo being from Staten Island, which happens to be my hometown, made the assignment even more intriguing. Pair that with the fact that she’s Ice Spice‘s “baddie friend” who’s been by her side in most of the snippets and videos that have stacked up… Read more.

Maryland Officials Tout Nation’s ‘First’ Marijuana Social Equity Licensing Lottery For All Business Categories

April 4, 2024 · Marijuana Moment

Maryland officials have announced the winners of a first-of-its-kind marijuana licensing lottery for social equity applicants across all license categories, approving 174 growers, processors and dispensaries. The Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA) held the lottery last month. As the state approaches the one-year anniversary of the first adult-use marijuana sales, regulators took to social media on Tuesday to tout the fact that they’ve now completed “the first application round in the nation that is designated exclusively for social equity applicants across… Read more.

24 Illegal Weed Shops for Every 1 Legal Dispensary – New York Wakes Up to California’s Cannabis Market Problems

March 28, 2024 · Cannabis.net

In 2024, after three years of ups and downs, New York's recreational cannabis market began to gain momentum, notably marked by the opening of approximately 50 licensed dispensaries so far this year. However, these licensed retailers, totaling about 85, find themselves vastly outnumbered by over 2,000 unauthorized head shops. These establishments have drawn complaints for diverting customers, selling to minors, and attracting criminal activity. This swift and audacious incursion has left many frustrated with the government's slower and more stringent… Read more.

Gavin Rossdale Shows How Celebrity Weed Features Should Be Done

March 28, 2024 ·

Since breaking through with Sixteen Stone in 1994, Bush’s Gavin Rossdale has been a music industry mainstay. The debut album peaked at #4 on the Billboard charts, leading to successful albums and side projects over the next three decades. The band’s debut release, known for hits like “Machinehead” and “Glycerine,” solidified Bush’s 90s legacy. They continued with chart-topping releases, including 1996’s follow-up Razorblade Suitcase, and maintained momentum through the 2000s. Their latest album, The Art of Survival, released in 2022.  The combined endeavors created a lasting… Read more.

Cookies cuts ties with its lone San Francisco marijuana store

March 28, 2024 · MJ Biz Daily

Cookies, the most recognizable brand in cannabis, traces its origins to San Francisco and the pre-legalization marijuana underground in the city that’s considered by many to be the birthplace of the legal industry in America. But as of earlier this year, there is no longer a Cookies-branded marijuana store in San Francisco. The brand terminated the licensing agreement it had with Berner’s on Haight, an adult-use store that’s borne the name of the Cookies co-founder since 2020, company President Parker… Read more.

Former Mayor, Assemblyman Opens New Jersey Dispensary

March 25, 2024 · High Times

Former Medford, New Jersey mayor and former New Jersey General Assemblyman Scott Rudder is opening a dispensary in Riverside in his home state. Riverside, a suburb in the greater Philadelphia-Camden area, is a prime location for growth in the cannabis sector. Rudder, who is Republican, founded the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association in 2016, a leading cannabis trade industry association. He’s also a veteran and helped organize and was a top consultant to statewide campaigns to legalize adult-use cannabis in New… Read more.

First Black Woman-Owned Dispensary Opens in Manhattan

March 22, 2024 · High Times

Bliss + Lex is a Black woman-owned cannabis dispensary in Manhattan and its team says it’s the first dispensary of its kind to do so in a March 20 announcement. Licensed adult-use cannabis businesses are beginning to appear in New York City as they compete with unlicensed businesses.  “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pull up our own seat at the table in the cannabis industry. As entrepreneurs, we have a chance to create a legacy, change the trajectory of our family’s… Read more.

MedMen Closes All But Two of Its California Locations

March 11, 2024 · Ganjapreneur

MedMen, the multistate cannabis operator (MSO) that once held the largest cannabis franchise footprint in the U.S., has shut down all but two of its California-based cannabis shops, MJBizDaily reports. The closures follow a years-long downward trend for the Los Angeles-based company, once considered a multi-billion dollar brand. MedMen’s last remaining California dispensaries are located in San Diego and near the Los Angeles International Airport. The company has also seen its stock price plummet more than 90% in three years and laid off more… Read more.

Where Dreams Are Made

March 10, 2024 · High Times

Jason Harris founded Jerome Baker Designs Inc. (JBD) in Eugene, Oregon, in 1991. As a dyed-in-the-wool deadhead with THC pumping through his veins, he chose Jerry Garcia’s first name, Jerome, and a last name, Baker, to denote “baked” as his pseudonym, fearing repercussions from cops. Through the years, he elevated the form of functional glass art, incorporating innovations along the way, such as fuming glass with fine silver to create a mirror effect and manipulating blown glass into complex art. The JBD seal… Read more.

True or False? – There Are Now More Dispensaries Than McDonald’s in America, Yet Cannabis is Still Federally Illegal?

March 5, 2024 · Cannabis.net

The majority of Americans now live in places where marijuana use for recreational purposes is legal, reflecting a significant shift in public opinion toward the drug over the previous 10 years. It took just twelve years for this to change when recreational cannabis became legal in Colorado and Washington. 55% of people live in places where it is legal to consume marijuana recreationally, according to Pew Research Center research. Additionally, the survey shows that 74% of Americans reside in places where marijuana is… Read more.

Native tribe to open first cannabis shop in North Carolina

March 4, 2024 · Green Market Report

North Carolina – one of the few remaining states in the U.S. that has yet to legalize medical or recreational marijuana – is about to get an operational weed store anyway, courtesy of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. The Native American tribe plans to launch recreational cannabis sales on its reservation, near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort, on the cannabis holiday of April 20, The Charlotte Observer reported. “Across the country, it’s the… Read more.

Arizona Bill Aims To Claw Back Marijuana Social Equity Licenses From Investors And Corporate Dispensaries

March 3, 2024 · Marijuana Moment

Arizona lawmakers are pushing to return social equity licenses for marijuana dispensaries to their original owners, alleging private investors and cannabis corporations used predatory tactics to seize control of nearly all the lucrative licenses. “We now have here in Arizona a situation where 24 of 26 of these social equity licenses are now fully controlled by companies or people who do not belong in these special groups to get this license.” By Natasha Yee, Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting Arizona… Read more.

New York Governor Calls On Websites To Stop Promoting Unlicensed Weed Shops

March 1, 2024 · High Times

New York Governor Kathy Hochul on Wednesday called on social media companies and popular websites including Google and Yelp to stop running listings for unlicensed cannabis retailers. At a press conference, the governor appeared with licensed dispensary owners, who face stiff competition from the multitude of unlicensed weed retailers in New York City, to call attention to the situation. “If you type in ‘cannabis dispensaries’ in Google Maps or Yelp, you’ll get a long list of unlicensed illegal vendors,” Hochul… Read more.

Canada Admits Why the Illicit Cannabis Market is Crushing Their Legal Market -Lower Prices, Better Selection, and Convenience!

February 28, 2024 · Cannabis.net

Despite Canada's legalization of marijuana for adult use more than five years ago, according to a recent analysis from Deloitte Canada, sales of cannabis remain mostly concentrated in the illegal market, accounting for anything between 25% and 50% of the entire market. The paper explores the distinctions between the legal and illegal cannabis marketplaces and poses relevant issues about product offers, pricing, and operational tactics. 624 legitimate adult-use marijuana outlets and 57 illegal ones were the subject of an analysis by Deloitte… Read more.

Ultra Health, largest marijuana player in New Mexico, closing Santa Fe shop

February 9, 2024 · MJ Biz Daily

New Mexico’s largest medical and adult-use marijuana operator, Ultra Health, will close one of its two Santa Fe stores at the end of February. The Cerrillos Road store was more expensive to operate than Ultra’s other stores, President and CEO Duke Rodriguez told the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper. “That location was the most expensive monthly rent at $8,000 in our entire system and the lowest revenue producer in our entire system,” he added. Ultra Health will continue running its… Read more.

Marijuana retailers say they need more from track-and-trace software

January 25, 2024 · MJ Biz Daily

Marijuana industry veterans who have dealt with track-and-trace systems generally have found that these programs can meet their expectations on the cultivation and production side of the business with little to no extra help from additional software. Retailers, however, often need more functionality from either point-of-sale (POS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. “On the cultivation side, Metrc has actually done a good job of building out a software tool that can track the plant inventory and the finished-goods inventory… Read more.

New York marijuana retailers already behind on bills

January 23, 2024 · Green Market Report

Although the New York cannabis market has gotten considerably better – the number of operational retailers has grown to 52 as of Jan. 19 – a new problem has arisen for operators upstream in the supply chain: how to collect on unpaid bills from retail shops. The issue of nonpayment by licensed New York marijuana stores has been around since the market launched just over a year ago, said Brittany Carbone, both a marijuana farmer and the incoming vice president… Read more.

Connecticut attorney general takes action against illicit marijuana operators

January 12, 2024 · MJ Biz Daily

Connecticut’s attorney general filed civil lawsuits against seven businesses accused of selling “potent, illicit” marijuana products without proper state licenses. The Tuesday announcement by AG William Tong comes on the heels of a record month of legal cannabis sales in the state. According to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, the state’s cannabis industry reported $27.5 million in combined recreational and medical marijuana sales in December. It’s the highest monthly total since the state launched adult-use sales in January 2023. Combined sales for all of 2023 topped… Read more.

Illinois Marijuana Retailers Sold $2 Billion Worth Of Legal Products In 2023, Including A New Monthly Record In December

January 11, 2024 · Marijuana Moment

Illinois marijuana retailers set new monthly sales records to close out 2023, selling $181.8 million worth of cannabis products during December, including a record $153.9 million in adult-use purchases. Sales of medical marijuana in December were at their highest since April, at $27.9 million. All told, legal cannabis sales for 2023 set a new annual record, reaching just under $2 billion, including more than $1.6 billion from the state’s adult-use market, which launched four years ago. Recreational marijuana sales generated… Read more.

New Washington DC legislation targets unlicensed cannabis shops

January 11, 2024 · MJ Biz Daily

Lawmakers in Washington DC passed legislation targeting unlicensed cannabis “gifting” stores, potentially empowering a new crackdown on the illicit retailers. Although the District of Columbia has a legal medical marijuana program, the unlicensed stores aren’t part of it. The stores, which sell non-marijuana items and include a “gift” of cannabis, have been a persistent challenge for DC authorities. The new emergency legislation gives powers to the District’s Alcohol Beverage and Cannabis Administration (ABCA), allowing the agency “to issue warnings, fines, and cease-and-desist orders… Read more.

Judge Nixes Montana’s Cumulative Cannabis Dispensary Fees

January 10, 2024 · Green Market Report

A Montana judge struck down a state law imposing higher fees on cannabis dispensaries, ruling in favor of a group of dispensary owners who argued that the increased costs threatened their businesses. Lewis and Clark County District Court Judge Mike Menahan issued the order last week, effectively halting the enforcement and collection of the new fee structure passed by the state legislature, according to the Daily Montanan. The ruling is a significant blow to the state’s efforts to raise regulatory revenue… Read more.

Connecticut Cannabis Gifting Event Receives Cease-and-Desist Letter

January 9, 2024 · High Times

In Connecticut, the “HighBazaar” is a private cannabis event that has been held since 2022. The Masonic Temple Day Spring Lodge in Hamden hosts these events, which in the past has attracted hundreds or even thousands of people. The event is what many news outlets and politicians call a cannabis “gifting party,” where attendees pay a fee for entry and can purchase cannabis accessories or obtain “gifts” that come with cannabis. Now, Connecticut Attorney General William Tong is claiming that… Read more.

Wisconsin Republicans Unveil Plan To Legalize Non-Smokable Medical Marijuana With State-Run Dispensaries

January 8, 2024 · Marijuana Moment

Wisconsin Republicans have unveiled a plan to legalize non-smokable medical marijuana through state-run dispensaries staffed by government-employed pharmacists, with a limited set of conditions that could qualify patients for the program. At a series of press conferences across the state on Monday, GOP state lawmakers detailed the much-anticipated legislation, which would make Wisconsin the “first state to have state-run dispensaries,” operated by the Department of Health Services (DHS). As expected, the proposal would create a restrictive system that limits patients… Read more.

Online Pharmacies Routinely Sell Dangerous Drugs Without Prescriptions

January 8, 2024 · High Times

A BBC investigation revealed a plethora of online pharmacies in the U.K. appear to be selling medication without doctor approval.  The BBC said they bought over 1,600 prescription-only pills from 20 online pharmacies without general practitioner approval or any scrutiny other than an online questionnaire. The names of the pharmacies were withheld for obvious reasons, but they managed to purchase anti-anxiety medications, painkillers and sleeping pills as easily as one might purchase a sandwich at Subway.  This problem has been increasing in… Read more.

Almost Half Of Missouri’s Marijuana Social Equity Business License Applicants Live Outside The State

January 8, 2024 · Marijuana Moment

More than 40 percent of the owners listed on applications for state’s social-equity marijuana licenses issued in October were from outside Missouri, according to an annual report released by the Division of Cannabis Regulation Wednesday. About half of those owners came from California, Michigan, Louisiana and Arizona, collectively. The microbusiness license program is meant to boost opportunities in the industry for businesses in disadvantaged communities, and it was part of the constitutional amendment to legalize recreational marijuana that voters passed in November 2022. A total… Read more.

State Starts Undercover Sting Operation to Bust Medical Marijuana Dispensaries? – Oklahoma Approves Secret Agent Missions

January 8, 2024 · Cannabis.net

Oklahoma has enacted a recent law granting regulatory authority to oversee a covert evaluation initiative for medical marijuana dispensaries. Officially known as House Bill 3971 (HB 3971), this legislation, endorsed by state legislators and enacted in 2022, empowers the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) to conduct undercover assessments of at least 50 licensed medical marijuana retailers annually to identify any breaches of state regulations. Effective this week, HB 3971 is part of a series of legislative measures aimed at tightening… Read more.

Alabama Judge Blocks Marijuana Regulators From Issuing Licenses For Vertically Integrated Facilities

January 5, 2024 · Marijuana Moment

A Montgomery County Circuit Judge Wednesday evening blocked the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) from issuing licenses for all-inclusive facilities amid ongoing lawsuits over the commission’s selection process. Judge James Anderson wrote in the order that the commission’s third round of license awards, in December, following two attempts earlier in 2023, started on “uneven grounds” because there are unresolved, ongoing litigation regarding the first two. “The court also notes that all three rounds of awards have been challenged as legally infirm: the… Read more.

We’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat – NY Tries to Shut Down Illegal Cannabis Shops as California Says Welcome to Our World

January 4, 2024 · Cannabis.net

On the eve of the highly anticipated opening of Brooklyn's first legal adult-use store, state authorities in New York marked a significant milestone—the permanent closure of a long-standing illicit marijuana operation in the borough. The legal action taken to permanently shut down Big Chief Smoke Shop, an unlicensed cannabis retailer situated in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of southern Brooklyn, is being hailed as a pivotal moment signifying New York's commitment to change, as stated by Governor Kathy Hochul in a… Read more.

New Law Brings Secret Shoppers to Oklahoma Weed Dispensaries

January 4, 2024 · High Times

A new law in Oklahoma gives the state’s cannabis regulators the authority to launch a medical marijuana dispensary secret shopper program. The legislation, which was passed by state legislators and signed into law in 2022, tasks the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) with inspecting at least 50 licensed medical marijuana retailers for violations of the state’s regulations each year. The new law, House Bill 3971 (HB 3971), went into effect this week along with several other bills designed to rein… Read more.

Pot-Shop Hopping: We Hit a Trio of New Legal Stores in Manhattan, The Bronx and New Jersey

January 3, 2024 · CelebStoner

New York and New Jersey are opening new legal adult-use stores at a rapid pace. New Jersey currently has 79 such shops while New York lags behind with 34. New Jersey got a head start in 2022, followed by New York eight months later. New York also had an injunction that prevented new stores opening from August to December. Over the last few weeks, we visited two stores in New York (Manhattan and the Bronx) and one in New Jersey. … Read more.

New Jersey Dispensary Count Nearly Triples in 2023

January 2, 2024 · MG Magazine

New Jersey added fifty-seven licensed, operational dispensaries in 2023, the first full year of adult-use legalization in the state. When adult-use legislation went into effect in April 2022, only twenty-two recreational dispensaries existed to serve the state’s twenty-one counties and 9.3 million people. This year seems poised to be another period of expansion. According to the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC), another sixteen retailers, five cultivators, three manufacturers, one wholesaler, two distributors, and two delivery services received conditional licenses in December,… Read more.

Fourth cannabis store opens in Indigenous community in Alberta

January 2, 2024 · MJ Biz Daily

High Tide has opened the doors for its Canna Cabana cannabis store on the Tsuut’ina Nation in the province of Alberta. It’s only the fourth province-approved adult-use cannabis store on or adjacent to a reserve in the province, according to a spokesperson for the Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis (AGLC). The other three are: 7 Points Cannabis in Enoch Cree Nation.Green Nation Naturals in the vicinity of Maskwacis territory.4Hoots in Sucker Creek First Nation.Alberta has 750 legal cannabis stores, meaning… Read more.

New York Officials Shut Down Illegal Dispensary As Licensed Stores Begin to Open

December 20, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D), Attorney General Letitia James, and the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) on Monday announced the forced closure of Big Chief Smoke Shop, an unlicensed cannabis retailer in Brooklyn. The closure came just one day before the opening of the borough’s first licensed adult-use dispensary. Big Chief Smoke Shop had been selling cannabis products without a license since at least November 2022, according to a press release from the governor’s office. Officials said they previously inspected the… Read more.

Pennsylvania Advances Bill to Boost Independent Cannabis Firms

December 14, 2023 · Green Market Report

This week, Pennsylvania’s legislature passed a bill to allow more cultivators and independent dispensaries to grow and sell directly to consumers in the state. Senate Bill 773, which is now awaiting Gov. Josh Shapiro’s signature, was passed by the state Senate and then altered in the House. It was at one point expected to address broader issues, such as home growing or full adult-use legalization, but the end version was more limited. Instead, it focused on allowing all 25 independent medical cannabis… Read more.

Denver Cops Bust 23 Suspects Accused of Dispensary Burglaries

December 12, 2023 ·

Law enforcement officials in Colorado last week announced the arrest of 23 individuals for their alleged involvement in more than 40 cannabis dispensary burglaries in the Denver metropolitan area. Denver District Attorney Beth McCann said in a statement on Friday that the 23 defendants are members of two separate organized crime groups. The arrests came following a lengthy investigation by several law enforcement agencies including the Denver District Attorney’s Office, Denver Police Department, Aurora Police Department, the FBI, ATF, the… Read more.

Why was the Ontario Cannabis Store sitting on a CA$500 million cash stockpile?

December 11, 2023 · MJ Biz Daily

Ontario’s government-owned marijuana wholesaler was sitting on more than 500 million Canadian dollars ($367 million) in cash earlier this year, but officials have declined to spell out why the Ontario Cannabis Store held on to that much money rather than remit some of it back to the provincial government earlier. According to recently disclosed Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) financial statements, the wholesaler had CA$536 million ($394 million) in cash as of March 31, 2023 – the end of its fiscal… Read more.

DEA Threatens Georgia Pharmacies Over Dispensing Medical Marijuana Under State Law

December 7, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

Georgia recently became the first U.S. state to allow pharmacies to sell medical marijuana, with nearly 120 facilities applying to sell cannabis oil as of October. But now the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is warning pharmacies that dispensing THC is unlawful because it remains a Schedule I drug. “All DEA registrants, including DEA-registered pharmacies, are required to abide by all relevant federal laws and regulations,” says a copy of a letter sent to a Georgia pharmacy by Matthew J.… Read more.

New York Judge Lifts Injunction on Cannabis Industry Licensing

December 6, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

A New York judge on Friday signed off on a settlement between the state Cannabis Control Board (CCB) and four military veterans who had sued the state over its social equity licensing plan, ending the months-long injunction on cannabis industry licensing in the state, Spectrum News reports. Under the terms of the settlement, the veterans will receive dispensary licenses and the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) will not approve other dispensaries near their planned locations.  The CCB approved the settlement last Monday, but it… Read more.

The Best Cities in America for Next-Level Cannabis Experiences

December 2, 2023 · thrillist

It’s hard to imagine now, but legal cannabis only became a thing in the US in 2012, when Colorado blazed the trail to more enlightened legislation. Before that, if you wanted to legally smoke cannabis without a medical card, you were probably eyeballing a trip to Amsterdam. What a difference a decade makes! Today, 24 states have legalized recreational toking, with more hot on their heels. We now live in the golden age of the weed vacation. The right to smoke up freely has… Read more.

New York Cannabis Regulators Reach Settlement in Lawsuit Blocking Dispensary Openings

November 29, 2023 · High Times

New York’s cannabis regulatory agency on Monday announced that it has reached a settlement in two lawsuits that have been blocking the opening of retail weed dispensaries for months. The settlement sets the stage for more than 400 Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) licensees to finally open their businesses after months of waiting for the lawsuit to be resolved. The lawsuits against New York’s Cannabis Control Board (CCB) are challenging the agency’s process for awarding licenses for the state’s first… Read more.

Budtenders at Columbus, Ohio Dispensary First in State to Join Teamsters

November 28, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

Budtenders at Strawberry Fields in Columbus, Ohio last week voted to join Teamsters Local 413, becoming the first in the state to join the union. In a statement Tony Jones, Teamsters International vice president at large and president of Local 413, said “This is the first of many proprietors” the union will be organizing in the state, “especially now that recreational cannabis is legal.” Estlin Hiller, a budtender at Strawberry Fields, called the vote “a huge moment for the Teamsters, Ohio, the labor movement, the… Read more.

Connecticut Marijuana Dispensaries Can Open On Thanksgiving, But Liquor Stores Must Close, State Officials Say

November 22, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

Alcohol sales are off-limits in Connecticut on Thanksgiving—but marijuana sales are just fine—according to guidance issued on Wednesday by the state’s Department of Consumer Protection (DCP). Liquor stores will be closed, grocery stores can’t sell beer and even breweries and restaurants are prohibited from selling carry-out drinks. Marijuana retailers, however, can remain open. After apparent confusion over the two policies—with at least one local news outlet mistakenly reporting that sales of both alcohol and cannabis would be paused—DCP issued a clarification stating… Read more.

Dispensaries Donate Thousands of Free Turkeys for Thanksgiving

November 22, 2023 · High Times

Dispensaries are doing their part to help others to feel the true spirit of thankfulness this Thanksgiving with a round of free turkeys. In recent years, Green Wednesday, which falls on the day before Thanksgiving, has become the cannabis industry’s second-highest grossing day of sales, and a big day for promotional giveaways. Like last year, many cannabis companies are joining the holiday spirit and running their own turkey drives with free turkeys for people in need. Thanksgiving is a holiday people… Read more.

Amnesty Program for Cannabis Licenses? – Should States Offer a Window for Illegal Cannabis Operators to Get Licenesed?

November 20, 2023 ·

In a highly anticipated development, the third round of licensing for D.C.'s expanded medical cannabis program officially commenced last week, as reported by LJ Dawson for The Outlaw Report. On the initial day of the application period, the Alcohol Beverage and Cannabis Board received a total of 20 applications for retail licenses and one application for an internet retailer license. This licensing round seeks to tackle the persistent issue of unlicensed operators, including various "weed-gifting" shops that have operated throughout the city. These… Read more.

The Google Maps Effect Hits the Cannabis Industry – Weedmaps and Leafly Becoming Obsolete for Cannabis Consumers?

November 18, 2023 · Cannabis.net

They say when Google enters your industry it is time to sell and move on, but has that time finally come for internet website giants like Weedmaps and Leafly?  With Google Maps now listing dispensaries and reviews, and lowering both Weedmaps and Leafly's organic search traffic, the end may be near for these historic giants in the cannabis industry. The landscape of online cannabis advertising witnessed notable challenges in the third quarter of 2023 as industry leaders Weedmaps and Leafly grappled with financial… Read more.

Thailand Is Threatening Stricter Cannabis Laws. Weed Shops Are Confused

November 17, 2023 · Vice

A radiant symbol has recently emerged among the bright neon signs lining Bangkok's streets: the weed leaf. After legalizing medical cannabis in 2018, last year Thailand became the first country in Asia to decriminalize weed. Today, people over 20 who are not pregnant or breastfeeding can consume it without punishment, although smoking in public spaces can still land you a hefty fine. That’s led to a boom in cannabis shops across the country. And with a dispensary practically now on every… Read more.

Maryland Opens First Round of Adult-Use Cannabis Business Licensing

November 17, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

The first round of adult-use cannabis licensing is open in Maryland. The first round of licenses is set aside for social equity applicants, defined by -state law as companies with “at least 65% ownership held by one or more individuals who have been verified as social equity applicants.” The state has already verified social equity applicants eligible under the law.   Additionally, social equity applicants lived or went to public school in an area disproportionately impacted by the criminalization of cannabis or attended… Read more.

Maryland Regulators Are Now Accepting Marijuana License Applications From Social Equity Businesses

November 13, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

Maryland has officially opened the first round of applications for new adult-use marijuana dispensary, cultivation and processing licenses—reserved exclusively for social equity businesses. The Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA) will ultimately be accepting a total of 179 marijuana licensees following the 30-day application period that started on Monday. That includes 75 dispensary, 16 grower and 32 processor licenses. This will more than double the number of retailers in the state, where currently only existing medical marijuana dispensaries that converted to dual licenses… Read more.

A go-to-market strategy for cannabis retail sales: Q&A with The Flower Shop’s Greta Brandt

November 10, 2023 · MJ Biz Daily

By the time Greta Brandt entered the regulated cannabis industry, she already had an established career in law and politics. The skills she brought from those sectors – synthesizing complex regulations, negotiating deals and understanding contracts – proved priceless in the regulated marijuana space, where rapidly changing rules are more the norm than the exception. Today, Brandt leads 300 employees as president of The Flower Shop and True North Organics, vertically integrated cannabis companies with operations in Arizona’s recreational marijuana… Read more.

Nana welcomes Siam Green Cannabis Co. Bangkok’s latest branch

November 9, 2023 · Thaiger

Nana is the latest neighbourhood to get a fresh dose of cannabis as Siam Green Cannabis Co. continues to expand across Bangkok, following the successful launch of their first branch in Phrom Phong last May. Officially opened on August 24, Siam Green Cannabis Co.’s new Nana branch is located on the main road of Sukhumvit between Soi 10 and 12. It’s more than just a cannabis dispensary, though — it’s a unique experience waiting to be explored. Siam Green Cannabis Co. offers a consistent… Read more.

Petition Challenges Ron DeSantis’s ‘Exponential’ MMJ License Fee Hike in Florida

November 7, 2023 · High Times

Florida medical cannabis companies have to pay over 22 times the amount to renew their licenses this year—over $1 million dollars—but one company is challenging the unrealistic price hike before it topples the state’s medical cannabis system as we know it. Sanctuary Cannabis, a medical cannabis company that’s due for a license renewal in January, is arguing that their new $1.33 million price tag for a license is unjustified. The company filed  a petition Oct. 26 against the license renewal… Read more.

Europe’s First Legal Cannabis Dispensary Is Set to Open – Game Changer or ‘Meh’?

November 4, 2023 · Cannabis.net

Curt Dalton of Cannabis.net once asked, are you buying or selling the European cannabis hype?  While the EU may grow to be the biggest legal cannabis market in the word, with that growth will come the biggest illicit or black market in the world as well.  As metioned in the article, "With a Gun to My Head, Here is the One Cannabis Investment I Would Make Right Now", is South America a much better choice in the long run for investors due… Read more.

Willie Nelson’s Cannabis Arrives at Dispensaries in Michigan

November 3, 2023 · Hight Times

Country cannabis outlaw and icon Willie Nelson entered the Michigan cannabis market, debuting his cannabis brand in the state last week. Michigan is the eighth state so far to sell flower from the singer-songwriter’s exclusive cannabis brand, Willie’s Reserve, which will be available at all Puff locations and several other dispensaries across the state.  Nelson has earned his name in the cannabis world after decades of support. Now at 90 years old, Nelson has attributed cannabis—a secret to a long life—as a… Read more.

Canadian cannabis industry on track for record number of licensee exits

November 2, 2023 · MJ Biz Daily

The Canadian cannabis industry is on pace to see a record number of federal licenses revoked this fiscal year, largely at the request of the companies themselves, according to new data from Health Canada. The federal agency revoked 42 licenses during the first six months of the current fiscal year – April through September – putting the industry on pace to surpass the 74 that were revoked in the 2022-23 fiscal year. In 2021-22, 50 licenses were revoked, more than… Read more.

Palm Springs Puts Temporary Hold on New Cannabis Licenses

October 31, 2023 ·

The Palm Springs City Council voted last week to put a temporary moratorium on issuing new cannabis licenses while civic leaders consider steps to rein in the growth of the regulated weed industry. The council voted 4-0 to issue the 45-day moratorium, with Councilmember Christy Holstege recusing herself from the vote because her husband has business ties to the cannabis industry. Palm Springs, a city in the southern California desert with nearly 46,000 residents, has issued 33 licenses for cannabis… Read more.

Swiss Dank Accounts: First Legal European Cannabis Dispensaries to Open in Switzerland

October 27, 2023 · Hight Times

Switzerland will allow Europe’s first non-medical cannabis dispensaries to open and operate as part of a study to examine how controlled access to legal cannabis may affect health and consumption patterns of regular cannabis consumers. An announcement was made Friday about “Grashaus Projects” by German CBD and cannabinoid research company Sanity Group which said that in tandem with the Swiss Institute for Addiction and Health Research, their initiative to dispense legal cannabis to a small area in Switzerland called Basel-Landschaft had been… Read more.

Elevating the Modern Cannabis Dispensary

October 20, 2023 · Cannabis Now

In the highly competitive cannabis retail sector, the design and aesthetic of dispensaries play a pivotal role in attracting and retaining customers. Gone are the days of dark, dingy rooms with limited product offerings and dimly lit receptions. Modern dispensaries are sleek and more in line with Apple stores, offering top-tier products while delivering a shopping experience. Successful retailers recognize that cohesiveness in flow and functionality is foundational to success, which translates to happy—and repeat—customers. Toronto-based retail design company Visual Elements saw… Read more.

Harlem’s First Dispensary Opens to Customers

October 20, 2023 · High Times

After months of controversy and legal disputes, the first legal cannabis dispensary in Harlem opened its doors to customers on Wednesday.  Gotham Buds celebrated its grand opening on West 125th Street in Manhattan –– just across the street from the historic Apollo Theater.  According to CBS New York, the store is the “the 26th conditional adult-use retail dispensary to open in New York State,” as well as the first state-licensed dispensary to open in the iconic neighborhood with a rich history of… Read more.

Colorado Marijuana Retailers Have 99% Compliance Rate In Underage Sales Checks, State Regulators Say

October 20, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

Colorado marijuana regulators announced this week that out of 285 underage sales checks conducted at state-licensed cannabis stores this year, there have been only four failures—a compliance rate of about 99 percent. “While any failure is unacceptable,” the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) said in the latest issue of its quarterly In the Weeds newsletter on Monday, “we’re pleased to report this very high compliance rate which is on par with the compliance percentage from 2022.” Records… Read more.

Cannabis Companies Sue Towns Over Past HCA Fees – No Extra Cops, Trash Pickups, or Rehab Workers Needed When Dispensaries Open

October 19, 2023 · Cannabis.net

The Massachusetts cannabis industry has been grappling with considerable uncertainty regarding the legal and enforceable nature of the "Community Impact Fees" in the wake of the enactment of "An Act Relative to Equity in the Cannabis Industry" in November 2022. This uncertainty has raised significant concerns within the industry and has even prompted multiple legal disputes between operators and their host communities. One of the most recent lawsuits in this regard has been initiated by Berkshire Roots, a Pittsfield-based cannabis company. On… Read more.

Despite State Injunction, Terp Bros Opens Legal Pot Shop in Queens

October 19, 2023 · CelebStoner

The second legal adult-use cannabis store in Queens, NY opens today. Terp Bros is located at 36-10 Ditmars Blvd. in the hip Astoria neighborhood. Terp Bros at 36-10 Ditmars Blvd. in the Astoria section of Queens, NY (CelebStoner photo) CelebStoner visited Terp Bros for their advanced VIP reception on October 16. Locals lined up to buy legal cannabis products throughout the day. A staff of 10 served the customers. Terp Bros has been waiting to open since August when an injunction stopped… Read more.

What is Stacking and Why Are Cannabis Companies Suing Cities and Towns Over It?

October 16, 2023 · Cannabis.net

A dispensary in St. Louis County initiated a lawsuit against Missouri, asserting that imposing multiple sales taxes on recreational marijuana sales by municipalities and counties is unconstitutional. In Kansas City, two counties, Jackson and Cass, have been stacking sales taxes. This action was prompted by voter approval in April, which endorsed county and municipal taxes, each set at 3% for recreational marijuana sales. The plaintiff in this case is Robust Missouri Dispensary 3, and their dispensary is situated within the city of Florissant,… Read more.

New York Judge Approves Two Cannabis Retailers To Open

October 10, 2023 · High Times

A New York Judge recently issued a court order that allows just two cannabis retailers to open for business, while hundreds of others are put on hold. On Oct. 6, Judge Kevin Bryant permitted Manhattan-based ConBud LLC and Queens-based Kush Culture LLC (also known as Terp Bros) to be exempt from the current hold on cannabis business operations. Bryant initially issued the injunction in August, which prevents retail cannabis licensees from opening. Currently, more than 400 conditional adult-use retail dispensary licensees… Read more.

Maryland-based cannabis retailer buoys business with spa and holistic pharmacy

October 10, 2023 · MJ Biz Daily

Executives often undertake business diversification as a hedge against their core business or the economy going sour. But in 2014, when Curio Wellness co-founder and Chief Brand Officer Wendy Bronfein and her partners conceived the idea for a Timonium, Maryland-based medical cannabis dispensary combined with a wellness store and a spa, the challenges facing MMJ entrepreneurs weren’t just economic but cultural. Diversification built in Bronfein and her partners built diversification into the business model not only to provide backup revenue… Read more.

Low-THC Medical Cannabis Oil Will Soon Be Available in Independent Georgia Pharmacies

October 9, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

Low-THC cannabis oil will soon be available in some Georgia pharmacies as officials hope to make access to the products easier for the state’s registered medical cannabis patients, the Associated Press reports. Georgia is the first state in the nation to allow medical cannabis to be sold at independent pharmacies.   The Georgia Board of Pharmacy began accepting applications last week, and nearly 120 pharmacies have agreed to provide medication from Botanical Sciences, one of the state’s two licensed production companies, the report says.… Read more.

New York Judge Permits Three More Cannabis Shops to Open Under Injunction

October 9, 2023 · Green Market Report

New York state Judge Kevin Bryant on Friday signed off on three new orders that will allow a trio of licensed cannabis retail shops to open in coming weeks, in addition to the two announced earlier that same day, according to court records. The three retailers that won permission from Bryant include: Air City Cannabis LLC, which is licensed for a retail shop in the Mohawk Valley Gotham Buds LLC, which is licensed for a retail shop in Manhattan North Country Roots… Read more.

Amplify Balances Architecture with Cultural Relevance

October 9, 2023 · MG Magazine

Stroll down any of the placid, leafy avenues in Columbus, Ohio, and inevitably you’ll catch sight of an emblem of the state. Maybe it’s a flag on a porch, a bumper sticker, or an Ohio State University hat perched atop a smiling face. Residents’ immense pride in the Buckeye State is unwavering, undeniable, even unavoidable. Ohioans love Ohio things, so it’s fitting one of the most successful companies in the state’s fledgling cannabis industry is Buckeye Relief, a homegrown vertical… Read more.

Marijuana Companies And Investors Make Grab For Arizona’s Social Equity Licenses Ahead Of Retail Launch Deadline

October 9, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

As Arizona’s remaining social equity license holders scramble to open marijuana dispensaries before a looming October deadline, private investors and major cannabis corporations have continued to wrest control away from the individuals the program was designed to benefit. In at least four recent cases, AZCIR found, licensees wound up on the losing end of legal battles, ultimately cutting short their prospects of long-term profits in a budding industry. One social equity license holder signed an operating agreement that would put his business… Read more.

2,600 Dispensaries and 9,000 Grow Licenses Later, Oklahoma Starts Cracking Down on Cannabis

October 6, 2023 · Cannabis.net

Times are a changin' as they say. Oklahoma, the Wild West, no pun intended, of cannabis, is starting to crackdown on its over-exposed legal cananbis program. While the population has inched up, Oklahoma approved over 2,600 medical marijuana licenses and is now trying to get recreational cannabis started in the state.  With over 9,000 marijuana cultivation licenses issued as well, it was a well known secret that cannabis grown in Oklahoma was ending up in other states. Oklahoma's new vigorous regulatory efforts within the… Read more.

Arizona social equity cannabis retailers set to miss key deadline to open

October 6, 2023 · MJ Biz Daily

More than half of Arizona’s 26 social equity retail licensees are poised to miss a key deadline to open their cannabis shops by Sunday, Oct. 8. The group of operators – currently numbering 14 – could face penalties for failing to meet the state-mandated deadline. Those sanctions could include having their licenses revoked. But state regulators have indicated that they won’t go that far and will instead give the dozen or so social equity license holders more time to get… Read more.

General Cannabis Licensing Opens in New York

October 5, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

General cannabis licensing in New York opens today amid an injunction on its Conditional Adult-Use Retail licensing program imposed by a judge in August. The 60-day window includes licensing applications for cultivators, processors, distributors, retailers, and micro licenses. The window opens two days before the state Supreme Court is set to make a decision on the current injunction. Justice Kevin Bryan in August imposed the injunction on cannabis licenses in New York after finding that the state had not followed its own rules with… Read more.

More Than 150 Oklahoma Dispensaries Face New State Fines

October 5, 2023 · High Times

More than 150 Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries have received letters from state regulators notifying owners that they owe thousands of dollars in fines for transactions that do not comply with the state’s medical cannabis regulations. Some providers could also lose their licenses for selling too much medical marijuana in a single transaction, according to a spokesperson for the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA). The letters, one of which has been shared with High Times, notify owners that the potentially illegal transactions… Read more.

Some New Jersey Cannabis Dispensaries to Share $12M in State Grants

October 5, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

Nearly 40 New Jersey cannabis dispensaries will share $12 million in state joint venture grants from the state Economic Development Authority, PIX 11 reports. The grants are geared toward diverse representatives of communities most affected by the war on drugs.     In an interview with PIX 11, Francesca DeRogatis, co-founder and COO of Nightjar which will receive a $250,000 grant, described the program as “really life changing.”  Jill Cohen, founding owner of Elevated by The Cannaboss Lady Dispensary, said the funds will help… Read more.

New York opening license application window for marijuana business licenses

October 4, 2023 · MJ Biz Daily

New York regulators on Wednesday will launch an application window for several types of marijuana business licenses, with a priority on social and economic equity (SEE) applicants. SEE applicants include those “from communities disproportionately impacted by the enforcement of past prohibition, minority- and women-owned businesses, distressed farmers, and service-disabled veterans,” according to the state’s Office of Cannabis Management (OCM). The OCM plans to issue as many as 1,500 licenses for cultivation, retail, processing and microbusinesses. The vast majority – between 500 and 1,000 –… Read more.

Missouri regulators award 48 cannabis microbusiness licenses

October 4, 2023 · MJ Biz Daily

Missouri has awarded 48 cannabis microbusiness licenses to “marginalized or under-represented individuals.” Each of the state’s eight congressional districts were given two retail licenses and four wholesale facility licenses, according to a news release. The Division of Cannabis Regulation selected the winners through a lottery involving 1,600-plus applicants. Applicants denied licenses can request that their applications be reviewed or receive a full refund of their application fees. Another 48 licenses will be issued through another lottery in 2024 and 2025, the Missouri Department of Health… Read more.

Selling to Minors, Pre-Paid Debit Cards, Shipping to All States – Ilegal Cannabis Shops Are Booming Online

October 2, 2023 · Cannabis.net

In recent years, the rise of online cannabis dispensaries, particularly in states where cannabis is legal for medical and recreational use, has been remarkable. The New York Times looked at how this surge in online dispensaries has revolutionized the cannabis industry, providing numerous benefits. Nevertheless, the expanding legalization of cannabis in the United States has widened the marijuana market, raising concerns about potential accessibility to minors. Benefits of Online Cannabis Shops First and foremost, online dispensaries provide customers with the convenience of shopping from… Read more.

Oklahoma Cannabis Crackdown Continues With Dispensary Fines

October 1, 2023 · Green Market Report

Oklahoma is apparently continuing its crackdown on the industry, with marijuana authorities issuing fines to 161 dispensaries – ranging from the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars – for allegedly violating limits on patient purchases. Regulators also are seeking to revoke the permits of 39 of the shops. “Our agency recently filed petitions against 161 licensed dispensaries for sales over the legal limit. Of those 161 cases, 39 seek fines and revocation of licenses; 122 seek fines,” the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority said… Read more.

Ukrainian Immigrants Open Dispensary in West Virginia

September 29, 2023 · High Times

Ukrainian immigrants looking for a better future are turning to opportunities in medical cannabis in multiple states. The Herald-Dispatch reports that a pair of Ukrainian immigrants are owners of a new dispensary opening up in Huntington, West Virginia. While one of the operators emigrated to the U.S. decades ago, they are proudly supporting their home country as it battles Russian forces. Over 271,000 Ukrainian refugees have been admitted to the U.S. since Russia invaded Ukraine over a year ago, according to the Department of… Read more.

Amy Sedaris Christens New Union Square Travel Agency Cannabis Store

September 27, 2023 · CelebStoner

Union Square Travel Agency stands out among the first wave of equity and nonprofit retail licensees in New York. The third Manhattan adult-use cannabis dispensary opened at 62 E. 12 St. in February and now has expanded into larger digs around the corner at 835 Broadway. A line extended around that corner on Tuesday night drawn by the new location, and a chance to shop and see actress and comedian Amy Sedaris who hung out behind the counter for a lengthy meet… Read more.

Trulieve Kickback Allegations Highlight Systemic Problems in Arizona

September 26, 2023 · Green Market Report

Trips to the Bahamas. Rolex watches. Expensive cars. Exclusive concert tickets. Or literally just bags of cash. Those are all ways used by independent marijuana brands in Arizona to buy their way onto dispensary shelves, according to several industry insiders, responding to the news that multistate operator Trulieve Cannabis Corp. – which runs 21 dispensaries in the state – filed a lawsuit against former employees alleging a “commercial bribery” scheme. “Those are all the same concepts. It’s all just paying for shelf… Read more.

Illinois County Requiring Dispensaries to Warn That ‘Cannabis Use May Contribute to Mental Health Problems’

September 26, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

Cannabis dispensaries in McHenry County, Illinois are now required to display signs with a warning that “cannabis use may contribute to mental health problems” under “first-in-the-country” rules imposed by McHenry County State Attorney Patrick Kenneally, Axios reports. Businesses that don’t comply could face consumer fraud lawsuits from Kenneally.   Kenneally defended the new order in a Chicago Tribune op-ed in which he suggests a “growing body of research” that “cannabis can … initiate and worsen depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and suicidal ideation, especially in young people.”… Read more.

New York’s Chaotic Cannabis Launch Is a Cluster Bomb for Licensees

September 21, 2023 · Green Market Report

While the New York Office of Cannabis Management and the Cannabis Control Board are the direct targets of numerous lawsuits, licensees feel as if they are collateral damage. Retail operators that received licenses in the first round and managed to open fairly quickly are untouched. But the groups and individuals who got licenses later are now in cannabis purgatory. These unlucky licensees are stuck on the sidelines anxiously waiting on the courts to decide if they will get a pass… Read more.

Canadian cannabis retail evolving, consolidating 5 years after legalization

September 19, 2023 ·

Nearly five years after legalizing recreational marijuana at the federal level, Canada is approaching 4,000 regulated cannabis stores spread unevenly across the enormous country, according to data compiled by MJBizDaily. The latest quarterly store tally comes as Canada’s cannabis retail sector continues to transform. Some private-sector retailers are failing, such as major retail chain Fire & Flower, which entered creditor protection in June after years of operating at a loss. Other retail operators, meanwhile, are acquiring: Fika Cannabis successfully bid 36 million Canadian dollars ($26.7 million) for… Read more.