Pre Rolls

7 Pre-Roll Machines Designed for Profitable Production

March 28, 2024 · MG Magazine

Pre-rolled joints are among the most popular products in the cannabis market today, gaining ground year after year. According to Headset data, pre-rolls are the third largest category in cannabis retail, accounting for fifteen percent of dispensary sales in 2023. The convenience and cost have consumers elated, offering brands an easy way to introduce their bud to new audiences without the sticker shock. The variety in the pre-roll space has expanded to include a wide range of SKUs. From dogwalkers to infused tarantulas, there’s a… Read more.

Go Ahead and Swipe or Tap Your Card to Pay for Those Pre-Rolls and Gummies – First Citizens Bank Jumps into Marijuana Banking

February 29, 2024 ·

A noteworthy milestone has been reached by First Citizens Bank, the largest bank known to interact with the cannabis sector. First Citizens firm is one of the top 20 largest banks in the United States, with assets over $200 billion. The firm recently announced its foray into the cannabis market. This action is considered to be a major advancement for the cannabis sector, illustrating its ongoing trend of receiving finance and support from the general population. In a statement published on… Read more.

Blink-182’s Drummer Travis Barker Releases Mini Barkies Prerolls As Part of His New Cannabis Brand

January 23, 2024 · CelebStoner

Like many celebs, Travis Barker has made the transition from CBD to THC with his new start-up. The Blink-182 drummer is launching Barker Canna Co. just three years after he announced Barker Wellness. While the latter focused on CBD, his new venture includes everyone's favorite cannabinoid.  Barker tells Leafly: "My journey with cannabis started when I was really young, long before Blink-182. Initially, it was about having a good time, but over the decades my relationship with cannabis has evolved to be much more… Read more.

Women of Influence: Allison Krongard & Laura Eisman

November 13, 2023 · Cannabis Now

The co-founders of Her Highness, a luxurious line of couture cannabis products formulated to address women’s pain and pleasure points, Allison Krongard and Laura Eisman, sell THC pre-rolls, edibles, vapes and CBD concoctions. Her Highness also offers several covetable smoking accessories, including gold-plated grinders and lighters.  Both women have backgrounds in female-centered and innovative businesses. In 1998, Eisman founded, an e-commerce site that expanded to a physical store in Manhattan’s red-hot Meatpacking District before selling to a competitor in… Read more.

Pre-Rolled Blunt Trends: A Deep Dive into the Best Hemp Wrap Types

November 2, 2023 · Green Market Report

For fans of the blunt, nothing else will do. The slow-burning, flavorful nature of flower wrapped in a cigar leaf has been a staple of cannabis culture for decades and has a devoted following all over the country. With the pre-roll segment growing year-over-year at 12% in the U.S. and 38% in Canada, the blunt is a key part of what is the fastest-growing sector of the cannabis marketplace. But in the modern cannabis industry, combining cannabis and tobacco is against regulations… Read more.

Art Rolls: A New Standard for Rolling Papers

August 12, 2023 · Cannabis Now

Imagine if your everyday rolling papers and products were as artistic and influential as that tasty cannabisstrain you’re about to roll up and smoke. Art Rolls Inc. is a premium craft rolling paper company ready to express art and creativity through the power of cannabis. They’re embracing the art of rolling up a joint by curating captivating art designs into their exclusive line of rolling papers and accessory products. Art Roll’s grinders, rolling papers, trays and accessories are designed to combine… Read more.

VIP: Bryan Gerber, CEO of Hemper, Hara Supply

July 12, 2023 · Cannabis Now

Known in the industry as the “King of Cones,” Bryan Gerber is co-founder and CEO of the popular smoking accessory subscription box Hemper, and the rolling paper manufacturing company Hara Supply, which is on its way to becoming the world’s largest distributor of pre-rolled cones. With an entrepreneurial spirit, mind for innovation and love for cannabis, it’s no wonder Gerber finds himself at the head of two successful and growing brands. And Gerber’s making it clear he has no plans… Read more.

Pay Someone Else to Roll Your Joint, You Bet! – Cannabis Pre-Roll Sales Grow Faster Than Any Other Cannabis Product Categories

June 21, 2023 ·

Custom Cones USA has joined forces with Headset, a cannabis data company, to release a white paper investigating the popularity of products among their customers. Titled "The State of the Pre-Roll Industry," this comprehensive report delves into various aspects of pre-rolls, including sales growth, customer interest across generations, creation methods, packaging, and more. Harrison Bard, the CEO and co-founder of Custom Cones USA, expressed, "This white paper showcases the ongoing expansion of the pre-roll industry and its potential to become the… Read more.

Pre-Roll Or Edible? Low-Dose Or No? What Cannabis Consumers Are Buying Today

April 26, 2023 · Forbes

Cannabis sales growth in a state where it has been newly-legalized is like an upside down hockey stick, said Jeff Gonick, founder of the New York company Bogart which makes low-THC pre-rolls. Sales start out strong and shoot up to serve existing cannabis smokers “and the generally curious,” he said. After a time though, that first consumer base gets saturated, so the growth in more mature markets, like those in California, Washington, and Colorado, slow or even plateau. After the first rush… Read more.