WEEDCon Wonderland 2023

WEEDCon Expo Attempts Cannabis World Record

On Jan. 7th WEEDCon the premier cannabis event in California, will host its 9th WEEDCon at The Artist Tree cannabis consumption lounge in West Hollywood, CA. WEEDCon is the high end cannabis event in the United States and features cannabis brands, education speakers, investor sessions and the WEEDCon Cup. The Artist Tree Studio Lounge is a cutting edge cannabis dispensary downstairs and consumption lounge upstairs with an art studio above that.

The education event will include a speaker series by Sun Brand Products including medicinal benefits of CBD, Cancer medical benefits of Delta 9, Delta 8 and cannabinol, How to Sober Up Sponsored by Chronic Tacos and a DOT study looking at cannabis and Driving while intoxicated.

Sponsored by Dab Logic, PuffCo, PAX, Ganja Gold and Rove Brand, WEEDCon will feature music by Block Boy Redd, appetizers with Chef Moon Guidance, and Dab Bars with PuffCo and West Coast Cure. Guests will enjoy Happy Hour with Chronic Tacos and deserts by Herve and at 4:20 pm, WEEDCon time, there will be a World Record Attempt for Most People Consuming Cannabis At Once. Guiness World records has been contacted.

The event concludes with the WEEDCon Cup Awards giving recognition for excellence in cannabis products followed by Sun Brand Speaker Series: The medicinal benefits of CBD, Cancer medicinal benefits of Delta 9, Delta 8 and cannabinol and How to Sober Up Sponsored by Chronic Tacos with a DOT study indicating cannabis appears not to exacerbate impaired driving of intoxicated individuals.

A fundraiser for nonprofit Safety Harbor Kids, proceeds will go to education programs for orphans, foster and homeless children in Los Angeles. Visit www.weedconevents.com to attend.