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Bipartisan Majorities Want Congress To Pass Bill Protecting States’ Rights To Legalize Marijuana, Poll Of Voters In Three States Finds

March 27, 2024 · Marijuana Moment

A strong majority of voters—including more than 60 percent of Republicans—support congressional legislation to protect states’ rights to set their own marijuana laws, according to a new poll of three states. The survey, commissioned by the Coalition for Cannabis Policy, Education, and Regulation (CPEAR), focused on Missouri, Ohio and Wyoming. It asked voters 21 and older about their views on the Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States (STATES) Act. The bill, which is being led by Rep. Dave Joyce (R-OH)… Read more.

Wyoming joins states that ban hemp-derived THC

March 15, 2024 · MJ Biz Daily

Wyoming is the latest state to ban the sale of hemp-derived THC products. Gov. Mark Gordon recently signed into law Senate File 32, which mandates that “no person or licensee shall … add alter, insert or otherwise include any synthetic substance into hemp or hemp products produced, processed or sold in accordance with this chapter.” The new law also calls for state officials to conduct inspections of stores that sell hemp products and to use chemical analyses to test such goods to ensure… Read more.

Wyoming Bill Seeking to Ban Synthetic Intoxicating Hemp Products Moves to Legislature

A bill to ban intoxicating hemp products in Wyoming is moving to the Legislature after passing the Joint Judiciary Committee in a 6-8 vote on Monday, WyoFile reports. However, following the vote, at least two lawmakers, including the co-chair of the committee, said the proposal would need more work to get through both chambers. State Sen. Bill Landen (R) told WyoFile he doesn’t “have any doubt that this is a work in progress” but likes the fact that moving it out of committee is a… Read more.

Wyoming Lawmakers Make Second Attempt to Ban Intoxicating Hemp Products

November 9, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

Lawmakers in Wyoming are making a second attempt on legislation to ban intoxicating hemp products after the Joint Judiciary Committee in September scrapped their first attempt after pushback from hemp companies, according to a WyoFile report. State Rep. Art Washut (R) told WyoFile that “The first draft went too far in terms of causing a threat” to the state’s hemp farmers, and lawmakers “didn’t want to go there.” The new proposal would ban the addition of “synthetic substances” to hemp and would prohibit hemp… Read more.

Wyoming Advocates Adamant on Collecting Signatures for Ballot Initiatives

October 13, 2023 · High Times

Wyoming advocates are more motivated than ever to get a medical cannabis bill on the 2024 ballot, especially because of miscommunication in required signature counts from the Secretary of State’s office. Advocates reported that inaccurate information was provided by the Secretary of State Chuck Gray’s office regarding how many signatures were actually needed for their initiatives to qualify for the 2024 ballot. According to the Casper Star Tribune, advocates believed they did not collect enough signatures that were necessary to submit… Read more.

Wyoming Advocates Renew Push for Medical and Adult-Use Ballot Questions

October 12, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

Advocates in Wyoming are pushing forward with plans to put adult-use and medical cannabis legalization questions on 2024 election ballots, the Star-Tribune reports. The renewed bid by Compassionate Options Wyoming, Wyoming NORML, and the Wyoming Libertarian Party comes after a misunderstanding of guidance from the secretary of state’s office led them to believe that the proposed measures did not qualify, but they did.   Initially, the organizers believed they had thousands fewer signatures than needed, so they didn’t submit them to the secretary… Read more.

Wyoming Draft Bill Seeks to Outlaw Hemp-Derived THC Products

September 20, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

A draft bill in Wyoming aims to ban hemp-derived THC products and any other hemp products meant for human consumption, Cowboy State Daily reports. Under the proposal, “hemp with any detectable amount of natural or synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as well as any production of hemp for human consumption,” would be banned in the state.   Justin Loeffler, CEO and founder of the Wyoming Hemp Co., told Cowboy State Daily that while he understands why lawmakers are concerned about the products, he said the measure is… Read more.