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New Mexico cannabis operator reports more seizures by Border Patrol

May 3, 2024 · MJ Biz Daily

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents seized more than $90,000 worth of marijuana products from state-licensed cannabis operators in New Mexico during two separate stops this week. Kai Kirk, managing partner of Las Cruces-based Head Space Distribution, reported the latest encounters between U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and New Mexico marijuana companies to MJBizDaily. Those stops continue a trend that began in February and has resulted in regulated operators losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in product. Andrea Brown, a spokesperson for… Read more.

New Mexico Governor Presses Biden Official About Spike In Federal Marijuana Seizures From Licensed Businesses

April 19, 2024 · Marijuana Moment

The governor of New Mexico spoke with the head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) this week and expressed concern about a recent surge of Border Patrol seizures of marijuana from state-licensed businesses, Marijuana Moment has learned exclusively. But the top Biden official simply reiterated that federal cannabis laws haven’t changed, indicating that the seizures will continue. The office of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) shared details about the conversation with Marijuana Moment, adding that her administration is “working… Read more.

Feds Seizing Legal Cannabis Products In New Mexico

April 11, 2024 · Ganjapreneur

Federal Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents have in recent weeks seized more than $300,000 worth of cannabis products from state-licensed cannabis operators in New Mexico, KRQE reports. The seizures have been carried out during routine CBP checkpoints located in the state’s southern region near the U.S.-Mexico border. “Normally they don’t have dogs,” said Top Crop Cannabis Co.’s Operations Manager Nick Spoor in the report. “Usually it’s just a, ‘Are you a U.S. citizen, yes’ and then they wave you through.” But… Read more.

Federal Officials Are Suddenly Seizing Marijuana From State-Licensed Businesses, Leaving Industry Perplexed

April 9, 2024 · Marijuana Moment

Federal officials have been seizing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of marijuana from state-licensed cannabis businesses in New Mexico in recent weeks—detaining industry workers in what appears to be a localized escalation of national prohibition enforcement even as the federal government has largely refrained from interfering with the implementation of state legalization laws in recent years. New Mexico marijuana businesses report that the more than dozen U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) seizures, particularly at interior checkpoints around the… Read more.

8th Grade Sober – Legalizing Weed Does Not Lead to an Increase in Middle School Cannabis Use Says New Study

March 20, 2024 · Cannabis.net

An enduring argument against the legalization of cannabis suggests that legalizing access might prompt a rise in cannabis use among youth. However, as states nationwide forge ahead with reform efforts, ongoing research sheds light on the validity of this claim. Fresh from a recent study revealing the prevalence of Delta-8 THC usage among high school seniors—a hemp-derived cannabinoid readily available beyond the legal cannabis sector and in states both with and without cannabis programs—some may ponder the extent of teen cannabis… Read more.

Ultra Health, largest marijuana player in New Mexico, closing Santa Fe shop

February 9, 2024 · MJ Biz Daily

New Mexico’s largest medical and adult-use marijuana operator, Ultra Health, will close one of its two Santa Fe stores at the end of February. The Cerrillos Road store was more expensive to operate than Ultra’s other stores, President and CEO Duke Rodriguez told the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper. “That location was the most expensive monthly rent at $8,000 in our entire system and the lowest revenue producer in our entire system,” he added. Ultra Health will continue running its… Read more.

New Mexico Cannabis Bill Aims to Curtail Unregulated Market

January 17, 2024 · Ganjapreneur

As New Mexico marks the two-year anniversary of legalizing recreational cannabis, state lawmakers are actively revisiting the regulations governing its sale and use. Spearheaded by Senator Katy Duhigg (D-Albuquerque), the legislative body is set to introduce a comprehensive bill that aims to refine and enhance existing cannabis laws, according to a report from local news outlet KRQE. A key focus of the bill is the burgeoning illegal cannabis market within New Mexico. Senator Duhigg highlighted the challenges posed by illegal cannabis, particularly with products entering… Read more.

New Mexico Regulators Revoke Two Cannabis Cultivator Licenses

January 3, 2024 · Ganjapreneur

The Cannabis Control Division (CCD) of the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department on Tuesday revoked the licenses of two adult-use cannabis cultivators, the agency said in a press release. The operators in question — Bliss Farm and Native American Agricultural Development Company (NAADC), both located in Torrance County — were said to have exceeded the legal plant count limits and failed to properly utilize the state’s mandatory track-and-trace system. Regulators noted at both locations signs of a recent harvest without… Read more.

14 Enchanting Things to Do in New Mexico

December 6, 2023 · High Times

Discover why they call New Mexico “The Land of Enchantment” with these activities that are geared more for smoker-friendly tourists seeking a magical adventure. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed legislation to legalize adult-use cannabis in New Mexico in 2021. Even though adult-use cannabis is legal in New Mexico, there are still laws in place regulating cannabis from seed to consumption. Speaking of cannabis, the High Times Cannabis Cup New Mexico: People’s Choice Edition 2023 is scheduled to take place Dec. 9 at the Rio… Read more.

Ranks of women, minority cannabis execs rebound to pre-pandemic levels

October 25, 2023 · MJ Biz Daily

The percentage of women and members of minority groups holding executive positions in the cannabis industry has returned to pre-pandemic levels after a significant drop during the past three years, according to a new report from MJBizDaily. In 2019, MJBizDaily estimated that more than 36% of marijuana executives were women and 28% were from minority communities. Whether by choice or not, people from both groups exited cannabis leadership positions in 2020 after the COVID-19 pandemic upended the world economy. By 2021, women were estimated… Read more.

New Mexico Cannabis Industry Rife With Rulebreaking

October 13, 2023 · Green Market Report

New Mexico’s cannabis industry has been a bit too freewheeling, insiders and regulators told state lawmakers in the Land of Enchantment this week during a legislative hearing. That’s led to literally thousands of citations for business rule violations in recent months. This year alone, the Cannabis Control Division has conducted 572 business site inspections and found 2,700 violations, agency director Todd Stevens told state lawmakers. Issues ranged from “minor” problems such as not having proper documentation to more serious violations, such as… Read more.

New Mexico Adult-Use Marijuana Sales Cross Half-Billion-Dollar Mark As Latest Monthly Sales Narrowly Miss Record

October 4, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

New Mexico’s legal marijuana retailers sold more than $47 million of combined adult-use and medical marijuana products in September, according to new data from the New Mexico Regulation & Licensing Department (RLD). While that marks a slight decline from the state’s $48 million monthly sales record set in August, the state has now reached the benchmark of half a billion dollars of recreational marijuana products being purchased since sales launched in April of last year. Since then, sales of adult-use marijuana… Read more.

New Jersey Cannabis Industry in ‘Doom Loop,’ Trade Group Says

August 26, 2023 · Green Market Report

Red tape, illicit market competition, and a lack of enforcement by regulators have all created a “doom loop” for licensed cannabis companies in New Jersey, one of the state’s leading trade organizations claimed in a recent report. According to the New Jersey Cannabis Trade Association, the state has been too slow to act on processing new business permits and dragged its feet on combatting the illicit market, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported, which has the trade group warning that business conditions need to… Read more.

New Mexico AG Investigating Alleged Wage Theft and Human Trafficking at Cannabis Facility

August 12, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

The New Mexico Attorney General’s office is investigating a cannabis facility for alleged wage theft and human or labor trafficking, KOB 4 reports. While the AG’s office has confirmed the investigation, no arrests have been made. According to the report, there were several signs written in both English and Mandarin at the facility and several Chinese people were transported to Albuquerque for medical care.   One of the workers, through a translator, told KOB 4 that the raid was a “mistake.”   “They did have lots… Read more.

New Mexico Regulators Seek Injunction Against Cannabis Business Accused of Diverting Product

August 3, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

The New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department on Tuesday filed a petition seeking a preliminary injunction against Sawmill Sweet Leaf, LLC, alleging the company has been diverting cannabis out of state and manufacturing cannabis concentrate without a permit.   In a statement, Linda Trujillo, superintendent of the Regulation and Licensing Department, said “A key component of compliance actions is the ability to suspend licenses immediately if they pose an instant threat to the health, safety and lives of consumers.”  Regulators are accusing Sawmill Sweet… Read more.

New Mexico Regulators Revoke Cannabis License for Selling Products from California

July 19, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

An Albuquerque, New Mexico cannabis retailer last week had their license revoked for selling cannabis products from California. On July 13, the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department ordered Paradise Distro LLC to terminate sales immediately.   It is the first time state regulators have revoked a cannabis business license in the state.   In a statement, Regulation and Licensing Department Superintendent Linda Trujillo said the “revocation should serve as a warning to those selling or receiving out-of-state cannabis products.” According to the Licensing Department, Cannabis… Read more.

New Mexico Revokes Retail Permit for Dispensary Selling California Cannabis

July 16, 2023 · Green Market Report

New Mexico authorities revoked the business permit of Albuquerque cannabis dispensary Paradise Distro for selling marijuana shipped in from California, in violation of both state and federal law. Paradise Distro was found to be selling cannabis products with California-made markings, displaying edibles and concentrates that weren’t present on shipping manifests, and inaccurately reporting almost $65,000 in sales, according to a press release from the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department. Following an evidentiary hearing on April 27 – which no one from… Read more.

New Mexico’s medical cannabis program by the numbers

June 19, 2023 · KRQE News

A recent report sheds some light on how many people are taking part in New Mexico’s medical cannabis program, which helps patients with a wide range of conditions. The latest numbers, from May 2023, show there are more than 100,000 patients enrolled in the state’s medical cannabis program. So, what are the key conditions they’re treating with cannabis? By far, the most common qualifying condition in New Mexico is Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Over 55,000 individuals list PTSD as their primary qualifying condition. Severe… Read more.

Report: New Mexico cannabis industry employs more than 4,000 workers

June 13, 2023 · KRQE

There’s no denying that cannabis is a booming industry in New Mexico. But a new report from the state’s Department of Workforce Solutions reveals the impact on the job market. As of the end of 2022, more than 4,600 workers had joined the cannabis wave in New Mexico, the report notes. Most of those (88.3%) worked in dispensaries. Dispensaries made up the vast majority of cannabis-related businesses in the state. There are over 100 retail dispensers to every 10 cannabis manufacturers and… Read more.

New Mexico Rolls Out ‘Yes & Know’ Cannabis Public Education Campaign

June 10, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

New Mexico is rolling out its first media campaign to educate the public about responsible cannabis use, the Associated Press reports. The “Yes & Know” campaign is centered around the phrase “Yes – cannabis is legal. Know – the rules,” and will be featured on billboards, TV, radio, print, and digital advertisements throughout this month. The ad buy is worth $400,000.  Linda Trujillo, who heads the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department, which oversees the cannabis division, told the AP that state officials “recognize… Read more.

Couple behind Mountaintop Extracts shifted the cannabis space in New Mexico. They aren’t done yet.

May 31, 2023 · Albuquerque Journal

Eric Merryman’s mother was diagnosed with stage 4 fallopian tube cancer several years ago. So he searched for non-traditional medicine that would help her through her battle. Through a little research, he discovered the benefits of cannabis and decided he would attain a license to grow his own — in part because he didn’t trust the plant material out in the market — to make the medicine for his mom. Eventually, Merryman’s interest in cannabis — along with that of… Read more.

New Mexico Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Using Alcohol Roadside Sobriety Tests to Test Cannabis Impairment

May 17, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

The New Mexico Supreme Court on Tuesday heard arguments about whether roadside impairment testing for alcohol can be used to check for cannabis impairment, the Santa Fe New Mexican reports. The defendant, Nina Luna, was convicted of driving under the influence and speeding in 2018 after a state police officer pulled her over in Albuquerque and determined she was driving while impaired by cannabis.  Following the traffic stop, the officer described in his report that Luna’s eyes were red and watery and she had… Read more.

Schwazze expands New Mexico cannabis footprint through $38 million acquisition

April 27, 2023 · MJ Biz Daily

Colorado-based cannabis multistate operator Schwazze is deepening its presence in New Mexico with the planned acquisition of certain assets belonging to Sucellus. The acquisition of not-for-profit Everest Apothecary is valued at approximately $38 million, according to a news release. The transaction involves 14 dispensaries, a cultivation facility and a manufacturing plant. Schwazze will pay a combination of cash, a four-year seller note and company common stock. The deal, subject to approval by state regulators, is expected to close in the second quarter… Read more.

Schwazze Snaps Up Everest Apothecary in New Mexico for $38 Million

April 25, 2023 · Green Market Report

Schwazze will now own 32 dispensaries between Everest Apothecary and R. Greenleaf. Denver-based Medicine Man Technologies Inc., which operates as Schwazze (OTCQX: SHWZ) (NEO: SHWZ), has signed definitive documents to acquire a batch of cannabis assets in New Mexico. The acquisition will allow Schwazze to manage Everest Apothecary, a non-profit corporation operating in the state. The proposed transaction includes 14 retail dispensaries, a cultivation facility, and a manufacturing plant. Upon completion of the acquisition, Schwazze will have a total of 32 dispensaries in New… Read more.

New Mexico, Population 2.1 Million, Tops $300 Million in Recreational Cannabis Sales in Year One?

April 11, 2023 · Cannabis.net

The governor is celebrating the one-year anniversary of New Mexico's adult-use marijuana market. She highlights the state's impressive sales figures of over $300 million since April last year and the numerous job opportunities the cannabis industry has generated. On Monday, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) reported that sales of recreational marijuana have remained consistent over the past year, with the monthly record for purchases being set in March at $32.3 million. Aside from the $300.1 million in sales generated by the adult-use… Read more.

New Mexico Governor Signs Marijuana Expungements Processing Bill To Build On Legalization Law

April 7, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

The governor of New Mexico has approved a bill to fulfill a key goal of the state’s marijuana legalization law by facilitating automatic expungements for prior cannabis convictions. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) signed the legislation from Reps. Andrea Romero (D) and Javier Martínez (D) late last week. While the legislature did include automatic expungements and resentencing provisions in the state’s 2021 legalization law, the courts have experienced technical issues with processing certain cases. The now-signed bill seeks to resolve those problems… Read more.

New Mexico Governor Touts $300 Million In Adult-Use Marijuana Sales In The First Year Since Market Launched

April 4, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

The governor of New Mexico is marking the one-year anniversary of the state’s adult-use marijuana market, touting its more than $300 million in sales since last April as well as the thousands of jobs the cannabis industry has created. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) said on Monday that sales have been steady throughout the past year, with March’s haul setting the monthly record at $32.3 million in recreational marijuana purchases. In addition to the $300.1 million year-end sales total for… Read more.

What recreational cannabis has done for New Mexico

April 2, 2023 · KOAT

The one-year anniversary of recreational cannabis has people feeling good. Officials say it's boosting the economy, and local dispensaries say expectations have been shattered. Both agree the ceiling for this industry in New Mexico has been raised. "New Mexico has been getting high for a year now, and it's been bringing in some great revenue. More than we anticipated,” said Scott Prisco. Revenue of $400 million, to be more specific. The Regulation and Licensing Department says it's an investment. “That… Read more.

Less than 6 hours from Denver, this trippy town should be on everyone’s bucket list

March 6, 2023 · Denver Post

Santa Fe calls itself “The City Different” in New Mexico’s Land of Enchantment, but could it change you into a different person while visiting? Less than six hours by car from Denver, Santa Fe is close enough for a weekend away or for spring break without a long flight. Yet this small city is like a world away from the Front Range in terms of the vibe and activities. From art to a transformational retreat, there are many mind-altering —… Read more.

New Mexico Bill Would Create Two New Funds for Cannabis Tax Revenues

March 2, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

A bill in New Mexico would create two new programs funded by cannabis excise tax revenues, including a community reinvestment grant fund and a substance use disorder prevention and treatment fund, KRQE reports. Currently, all cannabis excise tax revenues are sent into the state’s general fund.  Under the measure, a third of the taxes collected from adult-use sales would be used for those programs. State Rep. Andrea Romero (D), one of the bill’s sponsors, noted that the current version of the bill does not specify that the money would… Read more.

Lawmakers Across The Country File More Psychedelics Reform, Drug Decriminalization And Safe Consumption Site Bills

February 25, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

The first two months of 2023 have shown expansive interest in bold drug policy reform in state legislatures across the country—most recently, with the introduction of numerous new bills touching on everything from psychedelics legalization to authorizing safe drug consumption sites. Lawmakers in several states will conduct hearings on such reform proposals over the next week. The marijuana legalization movement continues to spread and evolve, but it’s become quickly apparent this session that legislators are eager to more holistically move… Read more.