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Maryland Officials Tout Nation’s ‘First’ Marijuana Social Equity Licensing Lottery For All Business Categories

April 4, 2024 · Marijuana Moment

Maryland officials have announced the winners of a first-of-its-kind marijuana licensing lottery for social equity applicants across all license categories, approving 174 growers, processors and dispensaries. The Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA) held the lottery last month. As the state approaches the one-year anniversary of the first adult-use marijuana sales, regulators took to social media on Tuesday to tout the fact that they’ve now completed “the first application round in the nation that is designated exclusively for social equity applicants across… Read more.

Maryland Lawmakers Send Psychedelics Task Force Bill To Governor’s Desk, Teeing Up Study On ‘Equitable And Affordable Access’

April 3, 2024 · Marijuana Moment

A Maryland bill to establish a psychedelics task force to study legal access to substances like psilocybin and DMT is heading to the governor’s desk. The House of Delegates unanimously passed the Senate-approved legislation in a 137-0 vote on Tuesday. A House companion version has also received initial approval in the Senate, but it’s still pending a third and final reading before it can be sent to Gov. Wes Moore’s (D) desk. This comes just one week after committees in both chambers… Read more.

Maryland Police Chief Says Rule Against Cannabis Use Is Bad for Recruiting

January 18, 2024 · Ganjapreneur

Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones said that a state rule requiring law enforcement recruits to have abstained from cannabis use for at least three years before they can be hired hurts the state’s police recruitment opportunities, according to a News4 report. Chief Jones, who is also the head of the Fraternal Order of Police and a Montgomery County Council Member, asked the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission in a letter last year to revise the regulations. Montgomery County Assistant Chief Administrative… Read more.

After Adult Use Market Launch, Maryland Cannabis Sales Near $700M in 2023

January 8, 2024 · Ganjapreneur

After launching its adult-use market last year, Maryland cannabis retailers and dispensaries together have sold nearly $700M in products, according to a report from CBS Baltimore. According to the report, medical cannabis, which was already a thriving sector, saw an increase of over $200 million in just about five months. On the other hand, adult use sales rose to $270 million since stores opened. In a statement to CBS, President of SunMed Growers Jake Van Wingerden highlighted the dramatic impact that adult… Read more.

Johns Hopkins University To Spend $10 Million Studying Medical Cannabis

January 2, 2024 · High Times

A new multi-million dollar study at Johns Hopkins University aims to analyze how patients nationwide respond to medical cannabis treatments.  Johns Hopkins University, which championed one of the largest and most widely referenced studies on medical applications of psilocybin mushrooms, announced the launch of a medical cannabis study in the winter edition of their Brainwise newsletter.  According to the newsletter, the study will take a nationally representative sample of about 10,000 medical cannabis patients in an attempt to “fill information gap”… Read more.

Johns Hopkins Researchers To Follow ‘Nationally Representative Cohort’ Of 10,000 Marijuana Patients In Federally Funded Study

December 28, 2023 · Marijuana Moment

A new study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University will track 10,000 medical marijuana patients over a year or more in an effort to better understand the efficacy and impacts of cannabis therapy. Funded with a five-year $10 million grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the research team will work with federal researchers and the nonprofit Realm of Caring, among others, to collect data around dosing, delivery methods, the chemical composition of products, possible medication interactions and… Read more.

Maryland Collects More Than $12 Million In Legal Marijuana Taxes During First Quarter Of Legal Sales

December 21, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

Maryland brought in more than $12 million in marijuana tax revenue during the first three months of legal cannabis sales to adults, which kicked off on July 1. The figures, released this week by the state comptroller’s office, detail revenues from the third quarter of the fiscal year, which spanned from July through September. Sales of recreational marijuana during that period totaled about $158.5 million, according to the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA). More than a third of the tax revenue—35 percent, or about… Read more.

Fetterman Says Pennsylvania Is Getting ‘Lapped’ On Marijuana Legalization By Nearby States Because GOP Opposes ‘Common Sense’ Policy

November 29, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) says marijuana legalization is “inevitable.” But yet another one of his home state’s neighbors enacts the reform, he concedes that the path in Pennsylvania has proved more challenging amid GOP resistance to the “common sense” policy that’s backed by the majority of voters. The senator—who has long championed cannabis legalization and made it a key issue when he served as Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor—spoke about the prospects of reform at the state and federal level in an… Read more.

Maryland Supreme Court Declines to Review Injunction Against State’s Anti-Intoxicating Hemp Products Law

November 29, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

The Maryland Supreme Court last week declined to review a lower court’s injunction against the enforcement of a state law to ban intoxicating hemp products, the Daily Record reports. The decision allows the injunction to remain in place and will allow the sale of the products, such as delta-8 THC and delta-10 THC, to continue.   The lawsuit against the rules was filed in July by the Maryland Hemp Coalition and several hemp farmers and businesses and in October Washington County Circuit Court Judge Brett R. Wilson… Read more.

Arizona, Maryland, California, Massachusetts – Why Big Cannabis MSOs Are Closing Up Shop ASAP in Major States!

November 28, 2023 · Cannabis.net

In the midst of years marked by rapid expansion and recent swift exits, some of the nation's leading cannabis multistate operators (MSOs) have continued to streamline their operations this year, as revealed in the latest update on the activities of several major MSOs in the country. Over the past five months, two of the largest MSOs in the country, Trulieve Cannabis based in Florida and Cresco Labs based in Chicago, have withdrawn from state-legal cannabis markets. This strategic move reflects their ongoing… Read more.

Marijuana lab-testing analysis finds routine THC inflation, data manipulation

November 28, 2023 · MJ Biz Daily

The THC potency of marijuana flower sold in legal stores in four states is routinely and systematically inflated, sometimes by as much as 25% or more, according to an independent analysis of licensed cannabis testing-laboratory data obtained by MJBizDaily. But perhaps even more troublingly, the analysis – conducted by Yasha Kahn of MCR Labs, a state-licensed cannabis testing laboratory in Massachusetts – also found evidence of data manipulation in lab testing for yeast and mold. The analysis suggests tainted products that… Read more.

Maryland Opens First Round of Adult-Use Cannabis Business Licensing

November 17, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

The first round of adult-use cannabis licensing is open in Maryland. The first round of licenses is set aside for social equity applicants, defined by -state law as companies with “at least 65% ownership held by one or more individuals who have been verified as social equity applicants.” The state has already verified social equity applicants eligible under the law.   Additionally, social equity applicants lived or went to public school in an area disproportionately impacted by the criminalization of cannabis or attended… Read more.

Maryland Regulators Are Now Accepting Marijuana License Applications From Social Equity Businesses

November 13, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

Maryland has officially opened the first round of applications for new adult-use marijuana dispensary, cultivation and processing licenses—reserved exclusively for social equity businesses. The Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA) will ultimately be accepting a total of 179 marijuana licensees following the 30-day application period that started on Monday. That includes 75 dispensary, 16 grower and 32 processor licenses. This will more than double the number of retailers in the state, where currently only existing medical marijuana dispensaries that converted to dual licenses… Read more.

Assessing Maryland’s Adult-Use Retail Market by the Numbers

October 17, 2023 · MG Magazine

Dull moments don’t exist in Maryland. Residents of the Old Bay State find excitement through innovation in music, business, technology, sports, politics, and beyond. Marylanders constantly seek evolution, which has influenced how the state approaches the cannabis industry. Eight years into the development of Maryland’s robust medicinal market, nearly 70 percent of eligible residents voted to legalize recreational use among adults over the age of twenty-one. On July 1, 2023, the desire expressed in those ballots materialized in the launch… Read more.

McCormick Sues Cannabis Company Over Parody Sticker

October 17, 2023 · High Times

Annapolis, Maryland-based cannabis company Crabcakes & Cannabis®, pulled a popular parody sticker after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from McCormick & Company, Incorporated, the makers of Old Bay® seasoning, who said their sticker was too similar to their Old Bay logo.  Crabcakes & Cannabis took the opportunity to challenge the implications of a Supreme Court decision last June that is impacting all types of small businesses. The issue brings up the question that if parodies aren’t allowed, are we taking trademark… Read more.

Court Order Allows Maryland Shops To Resume Sales of Intoxicating Hemp Products

October 17, 2023 · High Times

A Maryland judge has temporarily suspended portions of the state’s marijuana legalization statute prohibiting the sale of hemp-derived products with intoxicating cannabinoids. The judge’s order allows hemp and CBD shops to resume selling the products while a lawsuit challenging the state’s cannabis legalization law continues. The legal action was filed in July by a group of business owners and the Maryland Hemp Coalition challenging provisions of the state’s marijuana legalization law that only allow businesses approved by state cannabis regulators to… Read more.

Maryland Judge Sides With Hemp, Blocks New Law

October 16, 2023 · Green Market Report

A Maryland judge denied a temporary restraining order against hemp producers saying that the hemp products were legal according to the 2018 Farm Bill. The Maryland Hemp Coalition filed the case against the state’s 2023 Cannabis Reform Act. The Cannabis Reform Act (CRA) lumped in all cannabis products including those derived from hemp with no regard towards the amount of THC in the product or how it was derived. The 2018 Farm Bill specifically stated that hemp products containing less… Read more.

Maryland Judge Imposes Injunction Against Ban On Intoxicating Hemp Products

October 15, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

A judge in Maryland on Thursday imposed a preliminary injunction against the enforcement of a state law that prohibited the sale of intoxicating hemp products, the Washington Post reports. The lawsuit against the rules was filed in July by the Maryland Hemp Coalition and several hemp farmers and businesses.   Under the law, only businesses that had medical or adult-use cannabis licenses in the state were permitted to sell intoxicating hemp products and the lawsuit argued that those restrictions violate the Maryland Constitution’s equal protection and anti-monopoly… Read more.

Maryland-based cannabis retailer buoys business with spa and holistic pharmacy

October 10, 2023 · MJ Biz Daily

Executives often undertake business diversification as a hedge against their core business or the economy going sour. But in 2014, when Curio Wellness co-founder and Chief Brand Officer Wendy Bronfein and her partners conceived the idea for a Timonium, Maryland-based medical cannabis dispensary combined with a wellness store and a spa, the challenges facing MMJ entrepreneurs weren’t just economic but cultural. Diversification built in Bronfein and her partners built diversification into the business model not only to provide backup revenue… Read more.

Maryland’s Adult-Use Cannabis Rollout Heralded as Model Success

September 15, 2023 · Cannabis Now

Unlike the myriad of challenges operators in New York face, new applicants in Maryland are stepping into a distinctively encouraging environment as the state gears up to expand its already-successful adult-use market. The state is set to open its first application round for adult-use marijuana licenses on Nov. 13, which is earmarked exclusively for social equity businesses. The upcoming 30-day application window will usher in opportunities for 179 new marijuana licensees, including: 75 dispensaries 16 growers 32 processors The new licenses will… Read more.

Debt Financing Is on the Rise

September 13, 2023 · MG Magazine

With cannabis stock prices stalling and sliding over the past few years, companies increasingly have turned to debt financing as a means of raising funds. Last year, debt made up more than 90 percent of capital raised by American cultivation and retail companies and 55.7 percent of capital raised in the United States industry overall, according to data collected by strategic advisory firm Viridian Capital Advisors. In October 2022, multistate operator (MSO) TerrAscend Corp. secured a $45.5-million loan from real estate… Read more.

Anti-Pot Group Drops a Dime on Legalization Agreement – SAM Rats Out Wells Fargo’s Marijuana Tax Contract with Maryland

September 11, 2023 · Cannabis.net

A group opposed to the legalization of marijuana is targeting a financial agreement between Wells Fargo and the state of Maryland. This arrangement enables state officials to collect and manage tax revenue from cannabis businesses operating legally within the state. The advocacy group is denouncing this arrangement as "a deliberate move to shield banks engaged in federal law violations" and is endeavoring to inform federal authorities about it. In response, the state maintains that it is "in adherence to relevant laws and… Read more.

Prohibitionist Group Narcs On Wells Fargo And Maryland Officials Over Accounting Of Marijuana Tax Revenue

September 6, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

An anti-marijuana advocacy group is taking aim at a banking arrangement between Wells Fargo and the state of Maryland that allows officials to receive and process tax revenue generated by state-legal cannabis businesses, calling the scheme “an active effort to protect the banks who are breaking federal law” and making an attempt to alert federal officials about it. The state, for its part, has said it “complies with applicable laws and regulations.” Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), which opposes marijuana… Read more.

Maryland Launches Marijuana Social Equity Business Portal To Check Eligibility Ahead Of License Application Window

September 5, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

Maryland officials are unveiling a new portal that will allow people to check their eligibility for a social equity marijuana business license before regulators begin to accept applications later this year. The Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA) announced on Friday that the Social Equity Verification Portal will open on September 8. It’s one of the latest ways regulators are working to promote policies built into the state’s legalization law that support communities disproportionately impacted by marijuana criminalization. “Our goal with establishing… Read more.

Maryland Is ‘Craftily’ Coding Marijuana Tax Revenue In Obscure Terms To ‘Protect’ Wells Fargo, State Official Says

August 24, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

A Maryland tax official says the state has found an unusual workaround with Wells Fargo in order to avoid clearly identifying marijuana tax revenue on financial forms, yet another example of the creative workarounds being used by cannabis businesses and regulators amid ongoing federal prohibition. “This was a heavy lift and something we had to do,” Rob Scheerer, director of the Maryland Office of the Comptroller’s Revenue Administration Division, reportedly said at a Maryland Association of Counties conference last week.… Read more.

Maryland Hemp Companies Sue State Officials After Cannabis Regulations Force Them Out of Business

July 25, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

The Maryland Hemp Coalition, several hemp farmers, and other business owners on Monday filed a lawsuit against state officials and agencies over a new licensing process they claim is discriminatory and being monopolized, WBFF reports. The lawsuit names Gov. Wes Moore (D), the Maryland Cannabis Administration, and the Maryland Alcohol, Tobacco, and Cannabis Commission.  The lawsuit challenges provisions in the state’s adult-use cannabis law that cap levels of THC in hemp-derived products that could be sold without an adult-use cannabis license along with details surrounding… Read more.

Top Maryland Marijuana Regulator Explains How The State So Quickly Implemented Sales After Voters Approved Legalization

July 19, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

A top Maryland marijuana regulator says the state’s proactive approach to legalizing cannabis has allowed it to implement a system that effectively balances three key priorities: safety, access and equity. When the state’s legalization law took effect at the beginning of the month, nearly 100 existing medical marijuana dispensaries were already approved to start serving adult consumers. And a testament to the success of the rollout is the fact that Maryland retailers sold over $10 million worth of legal cannabis in the… Read more.

Former Curaleaf Exec to Head iAnthus Amid RICO Suit, Alleged Mismanagement

July 17, 2023 · Green Market Report

Amid a pending lawsuit and serious allegations of funds misappropriation, Canadian producer iAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc. (CSE: IAN) (OTCPK: ITHUF) has appointed Richard Proud as its new chief executive officer and director on the board of directors. The announcement comes in the wake of accusations by a Maryland-based cannabis dispensary, and in a RICO lawsuit filed last month, LMS Wellness Benefit LLC. alleges that iAnthus diverted at least $4.5 million of its funds into iAnthus’s other business interests. According to court documents, a… Read more.

States give marijuana data to Biden administration for rescheduling review

July 13, 2023 · MJ Biz Daily

At least five states with medical marijuana programs have shared key data – including the products patients are using and how they are affected – with U.S. health regulators as part of the Biden administration’s review of whether to remove marijuana from the federal government’s list of the most dangerous drugs, MJBizDaily has learned. The state data sent to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) offers federal researchers a wider and deeper look… Read more.

Can Police Search Your Car if They Smell Weed? – Maryland Says No in A Move to Protect Individuals’ Rights

July 12, 2023 · Cannabis.net

Maryland is making significant progress in cannabis reform and preparation for implementing adult-use marijuana legalisation. As the state gears up for the forthcoming changes, a bill preventing police from using the odour or possession of cannabis alone as the basis for a search has been allowed to become law by the governor. This move marks a crucial step in protecting individuals' rights and addressing concerns regarding unwarranted searches solely based on the presence of cannabis. Along with this development, Maryland has… Read more.

Week in Review: NBA, Players Agree to Terms Involving Cannabis

July 9, 2023 ·

In this week’s cannabis news round-up, NBA and the NBPA reach a ground-breaking agreement on cannabis policies; Maryland reports more than $10 million in cannabis sales during the state’s opening weekend of adult use market; New York secures $150 million for cannabis social equity investment fund and the only licensed hemp farm in the British Isles closes after UK government dispute. NBA and Players Union Reach Ground-breaking Agreement on Cannabis Policies This week, the NBA and National Basketball Players Association… Read more.

Maryland Adult-Use Cannabis Sales Now In Effect

July 5, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

About eight months after Maryland voters passed the state’s cannabis legalization initiative, adult-use sales launched in the state on Saturday, July 1. According to a Forbes report, the flip from medical to adult-use sales has increased the number of consumers available to the Maryland cannabis industry from about 168,000 patients to more than 4 million eligible consumers. The launch was marked by lines of eager customers stretching out the door at some retailers. In a statement released over the weekend, Maryland Attorney General Anthony… Read more.

Maryland Marijuana Legalization Law Officially Takes Effect As Adult-Use Sales Launch

July 3, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

Maryland’s marijuana legalization law officially took effect on Saturday, with simple possession and personal cultivation becoming legal as the majority of existing medical cannabis dispensaries opened their doors to adult consumers for the first recreational sales. Meanwhile, a separate law also took effect on Saturday that prevents police from using the odor or possession of marijuana alone as the basis of a search. Yet another law going into force makes it so the lawful and responsible use of cannabis by parents and guardians cannot be construed… Read more.

Money in the pot: Local cannabis businesses gear up for anticipated rush

June 30, 2023 · Frederick News Post

Since last year, cannabis businesses in Frederick County have been hunkering down and preparing for a flood of people they expect will come through their doors on Saturday. July 1 marks the first day that cannabis will be legal recreationally for those 21 and older. Medical use is already legal in the state and roughly 163,000 people use it for medical purposes, according to The Associated Press. Maryland voters passed adult use in a referendum in October, expanding the marijuana… Read more.

‘It’s going to be hot’: Maryland cannabis firms stockpile and staff up for big demand starting July 1

June 24, 2023 · Yahoo!News

Along a flat road in rural Cecil County, where the sky is big and the towns are small, stands a long, nondescript building. Inside is one of the most important cultivation and processing operations for Maryland’s new cash crop — cannabis. SunMed Growers and its 150 employees are harvesting, testing and packaging as many products as they can in preparation for July 1. That’s when any individual 21 or older will be able to buy vapes, gummies, pre-rolled joints, edibles… Read more.

Metrc renews cannabis track-and-trace contract with Ohio

June 24, 2023 · MJ Biz Daily

Cannabis software company Metrc renewed its contract with the state of Ohio to provide seed-to-sale tracking services for the state’s medical marijuana program. Financial terms were not disclosed. The Florida-based software maker was first contracted by the Ohio Department of Commerce in August 2017 to help the state develop and administer a track-and-trace infrastructure. Ohio launched its medical marijuana program in January 2019. Efforts are underway to expand the Midwest market to adult-use sales. In late May, a bipartisan group of Ohio legislators reintroduced a recreational… Read more.

A new era: Impending legalization of recreational cannabis in Maryland to grow market to more than 4.5 million adults

June 24, 2023 · Yahoo!News

A green fog won’t build above Maryland’s streets on July 1. The sidewalks won’t be littered with people gripping a joint or a bong, nor will everyone be enveloped in pungent smoke. For many, it will just be a Saturday. But the date will mark a historical and pivotal occasion. Cannabis, long ostracized from public society and formally categorized alongside drugs such as heroin, will be legal in Maryland for the first time in modern history. As a new era… Read more.

Get A Good Night’s Snooze: This Company Secures First-Ever US Patent For Marijuana Sleep Product

June 21, 2023 · Benzinga

Curio Wellness, a cGMP-certified, vertically integrated cannabis company, has been granted the first-ever US patent for its cannabis sleep product, Good Night by Curio. The patent, designated as Utility Patent 11,654,130, was awarded to Curio Wellness on May 23, 2023, and will remain in force until January 2042, per a press release. Good Night, the cannabis sleep aid line available in Maryland has been leading the market since its introduction in 2021. The product, in the form of ratio tablets, is designed to… Read more.

Maryland Suspends a Cookies Dispensary License After Video Shows Cannabis Smoke Shot from ‘Gun Apparatus’ into Peoples’ Mouths

June 17, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

The Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA) has temporarily shut down a Cookies dispensary following several violations, including a video that “appeared to show large plumes of medical cannabis smoke being blown from a large gun apparatus into the mouths of persons outside the dispensary,” according to the suspension notice outlined. The action came less than a week after Cookies held the dispensary’s grand opening on May 27.  Inspectors also cited Cookies for advertising online in a way that “targets or is attractive to minors,… Read more.

Maryland Opens Applications For Marijuana Business Grants As Regulators Issue New Industry Guidance

June 5, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

Maryland officials are now accepting applications for grants to help existing medical marijuana businesses convert into dual licensees that can serve the adult-use market when legalization takes effect next month. Also, as regulators publish new guidance for the industry, the Department of Commerce (DOC) announced that, starting on August 1, it will additionally be taking applications for grants and loans to support market participation from social equity licensees by providing startup capital and covering operational costs. The Cannabis Business Assistance… Read more.

Maryland Just Legalized Weed, Here Is Everything You Need to Know About the Recreational Cannabis Rollout

May 9, 2023 · Cannabis.net

Governor Wes Moore of Maryland signed a bill, Senate Bill 516, which will regulate the commerce of adult-use cannabis. This paves the way for licensed sales of recreational marijuana to start in the state on July 1 of this year. State legislators approved the bill in April following lengthy negotiations that covered topics like social equity and taxation. During the signing ceremony for the legislation, Moore expressed that the new law would guarantee the fair distribution of opportunities to introduce… Read more.

Maryland Gov. Signs Cannabis Legalization Bill

May 5, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore (D) on Wednesday signed the bill to legalize cannabis in the state, Maryland Matters reports. After signing the legislation Moore said it will “ensure that the rollout of recreational cannabis in our state drives opportunity in an equitable way.”  Will Tilburg, acting director of the newly created Maryland Cannabis Administration, said the agency is “working quickly to implement the legislation and develop Maryland as a model for equity and safety in cannabis regulation.” Moore’s final approval of the legislation came… Read more.

Governor Moore signs cannabis reform, reproductive rights bills into law

May 4, 2023 · WMAR 2

Governor Wes Moore thanked the leaders of the legislature before today’s bill signing. Both the House Speaker and the Senate President sponsored a bill to give Marylanders the chance to vote on putting reproductive rights in the state constitution. “Anyone seeking or providing abortion care will always be able to come to Maryland safely to get the care that they need or treat those who need it," said Speaker Adrienne Jones. “I want to say to all the women who… Read more.

Baltimore County Council prepares framework for recreational cannabis this July

May 4, 2023 · WMAR 2

Voters widely approved it last November, and in two months, legal cannabis will become a reality in the state of Maryland. Governor Wes Moore signed the state's framework into law Wednesday, and now Baltimore County is looking to bring its own laws up to speed. Councilman Julian Jones, chair of the Baltimore County Council, introduced that update at the council's meeting this past Monday. The measure would apply county rules for medical dispensaries to recreational ones. "For me, it was just… Read more.

Maryland adult-use marijuana sales on track for July 1 after lawmakers OK rules

April 11, 2023 · MJ Biz Daily

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore is expected to sign into law before a key Monday deadline legislation that sets regulations for adult-use marijuana sales and cultivation, just in time for the first legal sales to begin July 1. Maryland residents voted overwhelmingly last November to legalize adult-use cannabis. But the industry-funded ballot initiative left vital details – including licensing, taxation and whether the state’s existing medical cannabis businesses would get first crack at what could be a $2.1 billion market by 2027 – to state lawmakers. After months of debate –… Read more.

Cannabis Legalization Update: Minnesota, Michigan, Montana, Maryland, Connecticut & Florida

April 6, 2023 · Benzinga

Minnesota Marijuana Legalization Bill Clears Another Senate Hurdle Minnesota is close to legalizing marijuana after a Senate committee approved a bill by Sen. Lindsey Port (D). The bill has only two more committees to pass before it can be taken to the full chamber. The House companion bill, sponsored by Rep. Zack Stephenson (D) has already passed through 14 committees, reported Marijuana Moment. Want Some Great Weed In Michigan? Join the ultimate marijuana showdown at Michigan's 4th Annual Cannabis Cup. The competition is back and bigger than ever. With… Read more.

Maryland Senators Approve Marijuana Sales Bill As State Prepares For Legalization This Summer

March 28, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

A Maryland Senate committee has amended and approved a marijuana sales bill to get the state ready for the implementation of a voter-approved legalization referendum, sending it to the floor—where a vote is expected this week. At a meeting of the Senate Finance Committee, members passed the legislation from Sens. Brian Feldman (D) and Antonio Hayes (D) in a 7-2 vote. Senate President Bill Ferguson (D) said last week that there were a number of issues that lawmakers needed to address before advancing… Read more.

First-of-its-kind medical marijuana lounge opens in Maryland

This past Saturday, March 3, Maryland's first-ever cannabis lounge opened for business in Burtonsville. Advertised as a safe space to consume cannabis and pass the time, the Ceylon House, located at 4009 Sandy Spring Road, was created in concept by owners Venushki “Venus” Hemachandra and Shreemal Perera. Inspired by the tea houses in Sri Lanka, officials claim on the website that Ceylon House is an inclusive space for cannabis enthusiasts.  Open daily from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m., anyone 21 and… Read more.

Maryland House Advances Bill To Regulate Marijuana Sales As State Prepares For Voter-Approved Legalization

March 8, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

The Maryland House of Delegates has advanced an amended bill to create regulations allowing for adult-use marijuana commerce following voter approval of legalization last year. The legislation, sponsored by Del. C.T. Wilson (D), passed on a second reading on the floor on Wednesday, just days after clearing committee. The House will need to give final third reading approval to the measure before it potentially moves to the Senate, where a companion version is scheduled for consideration in committee on Thursday. The House… Read more.

Lawmakers Across The Country File More Psychedelics Reform, Drug Decriminalization And Safe Consumption Site Bills

February 25, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

The first two months of 2023 have shown expansive interest in bold drug policy reform in state legislatures across the country—most recently, with the introduction of numerous new bills touching on everything from psychedelics legalization to authorizing safe drug consumption sites. Lawmakers in several states will conduct hearings on such reform proposals over the next week. The marijuana legalization movement continues to spread and evolve, but it’s become quickly apparent this session that legislators are eager to more holistically move… Read more.