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Mom Tries to Send Cannabis Vape Pens to Her Military-Enlisted Son Stationed in Japan – Jail Time and International Drama Ensue!

January 23, 2024 · Cannabis.net

Kasandra Stephens entered a guilty plea in a Japanese court for sending cannabis oil to her son, a U.S. airman stationed in Okinawa, and for possessing marijuana during her visit to Japan. Stephens acknowledged mailing a couple of packages to her son's PO Box after his wife requested "pens" to share with a Japanese colleague, presumably referring to vape pens. In the process, she sent a package containing 2.88 grams of cannabis oil, which arrived at Tokyo International Airport in… Read more.

Japan Slowly Ripping the Cannabis Band-Aid Off – Cannabis Medicines Now Okay, Smoke Weed for Fun and Go to Jail for 7 Years

December 10, 2023 · Cannabis.net

On December 6, a majority vote in the Upper House approved a revision to the Cannabis Control Law. This revision lifts the ban on pharmaceuticals derived from the marijuana plant while simultaneously introducing a new criminal offense related to marijuana use. Previously, the cannabis law prohibited the administration or consumption of medicines derived from marijuana plants. The revised law eliminates this restriction on pharmaceuticals and reclassifies marijuana under the "narcotics" category in the Narcotics Control Law. This modification paves the way for the legal… Read more.

Japan’s Lower House Passes Bill to Legalize Cannabis-Derived Pharmaceuticals

November 18, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

Japan’s lower house of the National Diet on Tuesday passed a measure to legalize cannabis-derived pharmaceuticals, the Japan Times reports. The bill would also close a loophole in the country’s 1948 Cannabis Control Law, which bans possession, trade, and cultivation of cannabis and related products but does not contain a specific reference to use.  Under the bill, cannabis would be added as a banned substance under the Narcotics and Psychotropics Control Law, and violations of the law would be punishable by up… Read more.

Japanese Hemp Cultivators Working To Revitalize Hemp Industry

November 1, 2023 · High Times

According to a recent report from The Japan News, the region with the most hemp cultivation in Japan is the Tochigi Prefecture, located north of Tokyo. Farmers in the area initially cultivated a variety of hemp called Tochigishiro in 1982, which they still grow today. The number of hemp farmers has dwindled, with 6,000 growers in the Tochigi Prefecture at its peak, down to just 12 today. Many of these remaining growers are in their 60s and 70s. One 44 year old cultivator, Yoshinori… Read more.