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Delaware Becomes 22nd State to Legalize Recreational Cannabis, Is Minnesota about to Become Lucky Number 23?

May 1, 2023 · Cannabis.net

Delaware Becomes 22nd State, Is Minnesota Lucky Number 23? With Minnesota likely the next state to join the ever-expanding list of states that have legalized recreational marijuana, the Midwest has assumed centre stage in the ongoing debate in the United States about whether or not to legalize cannabis. The main issue on everyone's mind following Delaware's recent decision to legalize marijuana, which makes it the 22nd state to do so, is if Minnesota will make history by being fortunate number… Read more.

Marijuana is legal in Delaware. What does it mean for you?

April 24, 2023 · Yahoo!News

Delaware became the 22nd state to legalize recreational marijuana Sunday after Gov. John Carney allowed two bills to become law without his signature. It marks an end to a lengthy fight by Democrats to legalize the drug and create an industry with the potential to bring in tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue. But what does that mean for Delawareans looking to purchase legal weed or get a license to sell it? We've answered some of the big… Read more.

Delaware Poised to Legalize Marijuana Following Governor’s Announcement

April 22, 2023 · Green Market Report

Delaware is about to become the 22nd state to have fully legalized recreational marijuana, after Gov. John Carney announced Friday that he won’t veto legalization bills as he has in the past, potentially avoiding an embarrassing veto override by the legislature. “I want to be clear that my views on this issue have not changed,” Carney said in a press release. “And I understand there are those who share my views who will be disappointed in my decision not to veto… Read more.

Detroit Dispensary As Cannabis Casino, Delaware Legalization, Florida’s Hemp Issues And More

April 16, 2023 · Benzinga

Florida House Committee OKs Hemp Product Restriction Bill Following the approval of a bill related to regulating for hemp-derived products, entrepreneurs are concerned that the bill could put them out of business. The proposed bill, HB 1475, sponsored by Republican Will Robinson Jr. of Manatee County, aims to limit the amount of THC in retail hemp products. This move is in response to the growing popularity of Delta-8, a legal product that has led to proposed hemp regulations in over 20 states in the past two years.… Read more.

The Clock Is Now Ticking For Delaware’s Governor To Decide On Marijuana Legalization As Bills Are Officially Transmitted To His Desk

April 14, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

A pair of bills to legalize and regulate marijuana in Delaware have officially been sent to the governor’s desk, meaning he will need to act on them before the end of the month. While the legislature passed both measures with sizable support last month, advocates remain concerned that Gov. John Carney (D) may again veto the reform as he did last session. He’s avoided commenting on his intentions for the legislation so far this round other than to say he remains concerned about the impact… Read more.

Delaware Legislature Passes Cannabis Legalization Bills

March 30, 2023 · Ganjapreneur

The Delaware Senate on Tuesday approved bills to legalize cannabis use and possession by adults and create a system to license dispensaries, the Associated Press reports. The approval sets up a potential showdown with Democratic Gov. John Carney, who last summer vetoed a measure to legalize cannabis possession by adults. The possession bill passed 16-4, which would survive a Carney veto. Last session, the House was unable to override Carney’s veto, with a 20-20 vote. The bill to set up a cannabis marketplace in… Read more.

Delaware Senators Send House-Passed Marijuana Sales Bill To The Floor, Alongside Legalization Measure

March 16, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

A second Delaware Senate committee approved a House-passed bill on Thursday to create a regulated adult-use marijuana market, sending it to the floor where a complementary measure to legalize possession is also set for action. The proposals are being sponsored by Rep. Ed Osienski (D), and they both advanced through a separate Senate committee on Wednesday after being approved in the full House. Now the Senate Finance Committee has also cleared the regulations-focused bill, which needed a second stop because… Read more.

Delaware Senators Approve House-Passed Marijuana Legalization Bills In Committee

March 15, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

A Delaware Senate committee has approved a pair of House-passed bills to legalize marijuana and create regulations for adult-use sales. Both pieces pieces of legislation from Rep. Ed Osienski (D) cleared the Senate Health & Social Services Committee on Wednesday. Sen. Trey Paradee (D), who is carrying the bill in the Senate, told members of the panel that the state’s existing law that merely decriminalizes low-level cannabis possession is inadequate. “The arrests have continued and, as a result, lives have been turned… Read more.

Hawaii, Delaware adult-use marijuana legalization outlook rosy after Oklahoma failure

March 11, 2023 · MJ Biz Daily

After witnessing a blowout loss in Oklahoma on Tuesday, advocates of adult-use marijuana legalization are turning their attention to brighter prospects in Hawaii and Delaware. Legalization bills are marching through legislatures in both states, with support from the governor in Hawaii and a veto-proof legislative majority in Delaware, where lawmakers in the state House on Thursday advanced an adult-use legalization bill for the first time. However, observers cautioned final passage isn’t assured in either state. The two relatively small states… Read more.