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Colombian Senators Approve Marijuana Legalization Bill, Setting Stage For Final Vote

June 7, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

A bill to legalize marijuana in Colombia was approved in its second-to-last vote in the Senate on Tuesday, bringing the country one step closer to ending prohibition. However, advocates are increasingly concerned that unrelated governmental controversies could derail the effort this year as deadlines for action quickly approach. After advancing through a series of votes and clearing the full Chamber of Representatives last month, the Senate First Committee took up the proposal from Rep. Juan Carlos Losada Vargas and passed it in… Read more.

The Future of Cannabis is Latin and South America – Here Is How It Will Help Their Economies

May 2, 2023 · Cannabis.net

Cannabis has been controversial for many years, but recently it has emerged as a potential solution for the struggling economies of Latin America. The region has been hit hard by various economic and political challenges, and cannabis may offer a way to boost the economies of these countries. Colombia Colombia is poised to legalize recreational cannabis, and the Latin American cannabis industry eagerly anticipates the development in 2023. Despite enduring decades of drug violence, the country has seen overwhelming support… Read more.

The World is Fighting to Get Their Hands on Colombia’s Creepy Cannabis Strain – Even Venezuela Is Caught in the Middle!

April 10, 2023 · Cannabis.net

The confiscation of cannabis shipments on Venezuela's coastline and border with Colombia highlights the nation's significance as a crucial conduit for a specific strain of Colombian cannabis flooding the markets of Latin America. Colombian National Police confiscated 2.5 tons of cannabis at the beginning of March, hidden in a truck loaded with plastic furniture and kitchen utensils. The seizure occurred in the municipality of Maicao, located in the border department of La Guajira, on the boundary between Colombia and Venezuela. According to… Read more.