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Swimming Pigs, White Sand Beaches, and Legal Weed – Bahamas Introduces Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana

September 4, 2023 · Cannabis.net

Bahamian officials have introduced a comprehensive legislative package to legalize marijuana for medical, religious, and research purposes, with a concurrent move to decriminalize personal possession of small amounts of cannabis and expunge previous convictions for simple possession. These proposed bills aim to establish a regulated and secure cannabis industry in the Bahamas. Attorney General Ryan Pinder and Health and Wellness Minister Michael Darville unveiled these reforms during a recent press briefing, expressing their goal of presenting the bills in Parliament by… Read more.

The Bahamas Government Unveils Bill to Legalize Cannabis for Medical and Religious Use

August 31, 2023 ·

Legislation to legalize cannabis for medical and religious purposes and decriminalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis have been unveiled in The Bahamas, the Jamaica Gleaner reports. Under the law, individuals caught with less than an ounce of cannabis not used for religious or medical purposes would be subject to a $250 fine but would not be criminally charged. Under the proposal, licenses for cultivation, retail, transport, and religious use would only be awarded to companies that are entirely Bahamian-owned, while licenses for… Read more.

Bahamas Government Unveils Proposal To Legalize Marijuana For Medical, Religious And Scientific Use

August 26, 2023 · marijuanamoment.net

Top officials in the Bahamas have announced a legislative package that would legalize marijuana for medical, religious and research purposes. Personal possession of small amounts of cannabis would also be decriminalized, and past convictions for simple possession would be expunged. Together, the suite of bills would establish a local framework for marijuana production and, according to the government, “ensure a well-regulated, safe and controlled cannabis industry.” Attorney General Ryan Pinder and Health and Wellness Minister Michael Darville announced the proposed… Read more.

Cannabis Reforms Worldwide: A Global Overview Of Recent Changes

April 11, 2023 · Benzinga

South Africa to Introduce New Cannabis Laws – What You Need to Know The South African Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services has opened the proposed amendments to the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill for public comments. Interested stakeholders have been invited to write submissions on the proposed amendments by Friday, April 28, reported Business Tech. The measure is one of the 51 bills that are currently advancing to Parliament for consideration. If passed, the legislation will allow for the cultivation… Read more.