Steven Jung: The Operator

June 26, 2023 · Cannabis Now

Steven Jung kickstarted his journey in operations leadership as a captain in the US Army serving in various strategic and tactical roles. Since then, he has built an impressive portfolio of operational expertise, from high-growth startups in Silicon Valley to financial start-ups to Twitter. He joined the cannabis industry in 2017 as President and COO at Weedmaps, a pioneering cannabis technology company, before joining PAX in 2021 as chief operating officer. Jung tells us about the intersect of cannabis and… Read more.

Efforts to Make Legal Cannabis Industry Equitable Are Falling Flat

More than a dozen states have created programs to give minorities who were disproportionately affected by the war on drugs a chance to participate in their legalized cannabis industries.  So far, those efforts haven’t worked.  Black and Latino entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on the new market have been tripped up by steep application fees, lawsuits and state programs that have favored entrenched players. Even when minority businesses do obtain a prized license to sell or grow marijuana, they face a paralyzing problem: little or no access… Read more.

Meet Sara Stewart, Cannabis Consumption Lounge Pioneer

October 13, 2022 · Forbes

Only 34 years old, Sara Stewart has had a fascinating professional life. After working in in the hospitality and event space for about 15 years, the LA-based Stewart has become, in only a few years, a foremost expert on cannabis consumption lounges. Having been a cannabis consumer for most of her adult life, Stewart made her foray into this sector by managing and operating two of the first cannabis consumption lounges in the U.S. However, it hasn’t been easy as… Read more.