The Best (and Worst) Ways to Store Your Weed

October 20, 2022 · Thrillist

Whether you’re smoking boof, rolling up, or ripping a bong, without proper storage, you’re wasting your weed. You’re wasting money, too. Exposure to oxygen, sunlight, and heat are all factors that will degrade the flavor and freshness of your flower. It’s not your fault, though—a mix of underground information, misleading myths, and cannabis’ enduring stigma make it tricky to get to the bottom of the best ways to store weed. Let’s start by clarifying some of those don’ts before getting… Read more.

Dangle Supply Is the Ultimate Outdoor Brand for Stoners

October 13, 2022 · Thrillist

Like many Pacific Northwest youngsters, cannabis was a key to teenage rebellion for the pseudo-anonymous Dangle Supply co-founder, C. Frazer. Trips to the hardware store meant hunting for tubing he’d use to connect two-liter soda bottles that would become a homemade gravity bong. Frazer also was a modest green thumb, growing a few plants underneath an abandoned school in his Eugene, Oregon neighborhood with some friends—not to sell or to have great weed, more so to see if they could.… Read more.