WEEDCon Sets Cannabis World Record –

”Most People Consuming Cannabis At Once”

On Jan. 7th WEEDCon the premier cannabis event in California, hosted its 10th WEEDCon event at The Artist Tree cannabis consumption lounge in West Hollywood, CA. 

As guests arrived they were treated to appetizers by Chronic Tacos and Chef Guidance Moon and washed them down with drinks by CalyFX serving up their naturally flavored Strawberry Lemonade. For desert was Herve Edibles delicious gourmet macarons. Guests also enjoyed more than $2500 worth of door prizes given out and then came 4:20 and the WEEDCon World Record attempt for Most People Consuming Cannabis At Once.

For the World record, the doors were closed and all individuals had to be counted officially and verify that they had cannabis to consume. After the 10 second count down to 4:20pm, all 57 people lit up, dabbed, ate or drank some cannabis setting the world record.

Sponsored by Dab Logic, PuffCo, PAX, Ganja Gold and Rove Brand, WEEDCon also featured Dab Bars with PuffCo and West Coast Cure. After more music, food, drinks, Herve Edibles macarons, dabs and dragons, it was time for the WEEDCon Cup awards recognizing excellence in cannabis products.

After the awards were given to the winners, the Sun Brand Speaker Series continued with How to Sober Up Sponsored by Chronic Tacos and a DOT study indicating cannabis appears not to exacerbate impaired driving. 

The event was also a fundraiser for nonprofit Safety Harbor Kids providing education programs for orphans, foster and homeless children in Los Angeles. 

WEEDCon Hollywood Cup Awards

The WEEDCon Cup awards recognizing excellence in cannabis products were presented at the WEEDCon Dispensary Lounge Party on January 7th, 2023.

WEEDCon Cups awarded included Best Flower to Jack Herer for their Royal Reserve. Best Diamond Infused Preroll went to Cali Banger for their Fruit Loops diamond infused preroll. Also in the preroll category Ape Premium Cannabis Corp took first place for their Dolce Melon hybrid preroll and their Paradise Cream indica preroll. Stuf Cannabis won first place for Best Blunt for their infused blunt, Crumpets and Jam. Stuf Cannabis also won First Place for Best Preroll Pack for their Three Blunts Runtz. Triple Seven took First Place for Best Infused Preroll Pack for their Amber, Blue Dream Gelato infused prerolls.

In the Extract category, Trichome Productions won First Place for Best Live Resin Sauce for their Ric Flair. Also in the Extract category, Ape Premium Cannabis Corp won First Place for Best Diamonds for their live resin Sugar Diamonds. Dime Industries won First Place for Best Sugar for their Lemon Gelato and First Place for Best Crumble for their Sugar Melon Crumble. In the Best Vape category Dime Industries won First Place for their Watermelon OG indica 1000mg vape tank.

ls all this cannabis making you thirsty? Check out the First Place winner for Best Drink Mix from CalyFX their Peach Booster Concentrate or their First Place winner for Best Product – CalyFX broad spectrum hemp extract Strawberry Lemonade with 15mg of CBG. CBG is one of the strongest anti-inflammatories known to man and also has the ability to penetrate the protective biofilm that surrounds diseased cells thus being able to deliver cures right to the cell.

The next WEEDCon Cup awards are scheduled for Feb. 24th at the WEEDCon Carnivale celebration. Email [email protected] for an application.