Father’s Day Guide for Growing Weed at Home

June 2, 2024 · Cannabis Now

With cannabis becoming legalized in so many states, cannabis lovers everywhere are pulling their plants out of hiding. If the father in your life has a green thumb or might simply be curious about how to grow weed at home, then consider gifting him a home grow kit and accompanying cannabis goodies this Father’s Day.

Our 2024 Father’s Day Gift Guide focuses on the entire cannabis home grow experience. From home grow kits, to stylish threads and sunnies, to post-harvest goods like a potency test and personal vault, this home grow cannabis guide has it all. What we love most about this gift, is that growing weed at home gets Dad involved in a new, fun hobby. And with a growing plant you can eventually enjoy together, this really is the gift that keeps on giving.

iGrowCan By Royal Queen Seeds

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, we’re confident you can find success with this home grow cannabis kit from Royal Queen Seeds (RQS). Priced at only $30, the iGrowCan is a low-commitment gift that makes growing weed accessible to all. This can-shaped vessel contains everything you need to turn a seed into a mature flower-bearing plant in just 10 weeks. Plants will grow happily in the metal can throughout the whole cycle, and you can place it anywhere in your home. Each can contains two seeds, a germination plug, and all of the growing media and nutrients you’ll need. An easy-to-follow instruction manual is included, so no need to worry about spending hours on YouTube.

Royal Queen Seeds’ line of auto-flowering genetics are designed specifically for home growers. Inside the can, they’ll reach a maximum height of 1-2 feet. Read through the descriptions and select whichever cultivars you think will strike Dad’s fancy. If he’s a boxing fan, stoke him out with the Tyson 2.0 Seeds, which are designed for home growers with all kinds of cannabis experience—”from heavyweight connoisseurs to holistic users and everyone in between,” as the website states. This special collab between Mike Tyson and RQS is derived from powerful genetic lines and inspired by Tyson’s strong love for cannabis.

Annaboto Home Growing Machine

Fathers Day Cannabis Gifts

The Annaboto machine takes growing cannabis to a whole new level. It sounds like a robot, and yes, it pretty much is. If Dad’s into technology and gadgets and cannabis, the Annaboto is a winner. The machine combines hydroponics, AI and robotics so you can effortlessly grow the exact cannabis strain you want. All you have to do is add water and push a button! So if he’s a push and play kind of guy, the Annaboto delivers.

Not only is it easy to use, but its attractive design allows the machine to seamlessly blend in with your décor while also showing off the beautiful plant, like you would with any other plant in your home. Priced at $1,475, it’s no small purchase. However, they offer a 90-day risk free guarantee, so if you don’t like it, you can send it back—no questions asked. They also offer rental options and rent to buy options in an effort to bring the ability to grow high-quality cannabis at home to everyone.  

Tical x Method Seven Sunglasses

Fathers Day Cannabis Gifts

Now that Dad is all set up, it’s time to monitor his new baby’s growth and progress. Consider getting him these shades, born out of a collab between Method Seven and Tical. Matte black with a subtle yellow honeycomb pattern, these high-end sunglasses are made with Italian frames and feature Method Seven’s Life Lens technology. These aren’t just made for the grow though, so Dad can check on his plant, go outside or wherever without having to switch shades. The lens are also 30% polarized and come with 6+ Lens Coatings Including Hydrophobic & Anti-reflection. In other words, his eyes will stay protected, and he’ll be able to see all the details in his plant, and in life, as he watches her grow. Priced at $140, these are a thoughtful and useful gift that any cannabis home-growing Did will love this Father’s Day.  

Zig-Zag Velour Tracksuit

Fathers Day Cannabis Gifts

While Dad’s admiring his beautiful home-grown cannabis plant, make sure he’s keeping it comfy without compromising on fashion with this limited-edition retro orange tracksuit from Zig-Zag.  Once sold out, this item will never be reproduced. Just like Dad, it’s one of a kind. The pull-over hoodie and pant set features roomy pockets and proudly displays Zig-Zag’s iconic “Le Zouave” branding on the chest and back. The Roller’s Club script runs down the left pant, and the Zig-Zag established date is on the right side of the pants. If Dad likes to be cozy, swap the bathrobe and PJ pants for this stylish upgrade.

Helix x Highsman One-Hitter by Vessel

Let’s not forget, growing cannabis at home does take time. While you’re waiting for the buds to come, puff on this limited-edition Helix x Highsman one-hitter. If the father in your life is a football fan and cannabis lover, you really can’t go wrong getting him something from former NFL running back Ricky Williams’ Highsman cannabis lifestyle brand. The Helix x Highsman collab is a testament to both Vessel and Highsman’s joint commitment of inspiring optimism and greatness, encouraging people to stand out in their own way.

Delivering performance, style and “endless greatness,” each Helix one-hitter comes wrapped in a limited-edition black and gold Highsman branded sleeve. It will go perfectly with that orange tracksuit. Made of pure brass, the Helix x Highsman one-hitter from Vessel does not disappoint in functionality or looks. The patented double helix design offers the ideal combination of filtering and cooling, so you get a debris-free experience while also increasing airflow. It’s easy and smooth, and priced at $65.

tCheck 3 + Flower Testing Expansion Kit

Fathers Day Cannabis Gifts

Once Dad’s cannabis plant is ready for harvesting, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He may be curious to see just how potent she is. This home grow gifting list wouldn’t be complete without a cannabis potency tester. The tCheck 3 potency testing package is accurate, fast and easy to use. The package comes with everything needed for testing any cannabis product, and there are enough supplies to perform 20 tests. Dad will have so much fun measuring his buds once they’re ready for harvest! By taking the guesswork out, Dad can confidently make tinctures, concentrates and edibles.

Priced at $420, the tCheck 3 cannabis potency tester will go a long way. It pays for itself in just 10 batches, and you can reuse the patented tray over and over again. Easily stock up on affordable re-fill accessories once you reach 20 tests.

Flower Mill Grinder

Fathers Day Cannabis Gifts

Make sure Dad has what he needs to actually smoke the goods. Flower Mill’s patented, award-winning design has made a big splash in the industry, attracting cannabis smokers from around the world. While traditional grinders use sharp teeth to cut and shred your herb, Flower Mill grinders crumble the flower where it naturally wants to break apart. This results in a much more even product that’s fluffier and easier to work with, too. You can also put the whole nug into the milling chamber, saving you prep time. Flower Mill offers a range of mills at different price point. We recommend splurging for Dad with the Next Gen Premium 2.0” Stainless Mill, priced at $75. The thicker materials offer more durability and feel good in your hands, thanks to enhanced ergonomics. This one’s all about the details.

STIIIZY Rolling Tray

STIIIZY rolling tray

Now that the herb is prepped and ready, it’s time to roll it up. At just $16, this metal rolling tray from STIIIZY is convenient and simple but durable. The metal surface is easy to keep clean and retains its shape and look over time. It gets the job done, and we love the sleek black and white design. Whether the dad in your life enjoys smoking blunts packing a bowl, dry herb pen, or bong, he needs a spot to keep his cannabis organized, and you won’t have to worry about finding weed in places it’s not supposed to be.

Rappa Fire Blunt Cones

Fathers Day Cannabis Gifts

Now that Dad’s tested and grinded his homegrown cannabis, it’s time to roll it (perhaps while wearing his Roller’s Club tracksuit…we can picture it perfectly.) Made by stoners for stoners, Rappa Fire Blunt Cones are sourced from the fertile soils of the Dominican Republic’s Appalachian region. Crafted from the finest tobacco leaves, each blunt cone is a piece of art, elevating every puff. Priced $11.99 per package, Rappa Fire Blunt Cones are additive-free and meticulously handcrafted. After weeks and weeks of waiting to enjoy his herb, make sure Dad doesn’t skimp on the finishing touches.

Go Plus V2 From TROVA

Fathers Day Cannabis Gifts

Although Dad’s growing weed at home, that doesn’t mean he won’t want to take some herb out of the house. After harvesting his own cannabis plant, we’re expecting the freshest, stinkiest smelling weed. So, make sure he’s got it locked up tight with his own personal biometric vault from TROVA. Priced at $269, the GO PLUS V2 is a portable safe that’s smell-proof and pocket-sized for ultimate discreetness. Equipped with smart technology, you can easily track your safe with the “find my feature” if it goes missing. This is a useful gift not only for Dad’s stash, but also watches, cash and other valuables. (Full Story)

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