Renowned Magnolia Bakery Ventures into Cannabis Edibles with Signature Flavors

November 3, 2023 · High Times

The Magnolia Bakery, perhaps one of the most famous bakeries in the world, is now entering the cannabis edibles market. You may know Magnolia Bakery from scenes in Sex and The City, Saturday Night Live, or Broad City. Their cakes (and world-famous cupcakes), are to die for. And now, thanks to their collaboration with incredibles, an award-winning edibles brand, you can get high off their scrumptious confections. In the Sex and the City episodes, pies are thrown, although any sane person would only toss such creations into their mouths. 

The bakery, which has 22 locations across the Middle East and Asia alone, according to Gotham, announced its debut in this new segment with THC-infused chocolate bars, drawing inspiration from its much-loved banana pudding and red velvet cupcakes. These lovely treats will be available in Illinois, Nevada, and Massachusetts, as of November 1. 

The limited-edition bars “celebrate the brand’s most iconic, fan-favorite flavors in a new light,” the bakery told CNN. Unfortunately, they cannot be shipped nationwide. 

This initiative marks Magnolia Bakery’s first foray into the realm of cannabis products. The New York City-based iconic baker is transforming its desserts into something more euphoric, beginning with its signature banana pudding, reimagined as a THC-laced chocolate bar. They are a household name, at least in New York City, where stoners can rejoice (and hope that soon the infused chocolate will be available in New York, as well). 

Currently, in New York, Magnolia’ hometown, any retailer that sells THC products is required to obtain a license from the state’s Office of Cannabis Management. Which, as one can imagine, is not fun or easy. As a result, over 400 conditional licenses for adult-use retail dispensaries are currently pending. As High Times reports, The Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) is not issuing any new licenses at the moment. There are only 23 cannabis businesses that are actively operating across the state.

There are, however, far more cannabis stores that are up and running in New York. Anyone who spends time in the city has noticed that there’s a dispensary on every corner, leading to confusion when one reads that there are only 23 marijuana businesses in the entire state. The vast majority of active weed shops in New York City currently operate in a legal gray area. Despite their popularity among the city’s citizens, they are at constant risk of being raided or shut down. So, New Yorkeres, it’s not impossible that these delectable treats may show up at your favorite corner shop. 

In collaboration with Green Thumb Industries, creators of the ‘Incredibles’ edibles line, Magnolia has developed two unique edible varieties. Both contain THC, the beloved cannabinoid responsible for its psychoactive effects. The “Swirled Famous Banana Pudding” bar blends vanilla pudding flavors, crispy vanilla cookies, and freeze-dried bananas. Each bar is segmented into 10 pieces, with every piece containing 10mg of THC. 

The second option, and get ready to droll, is called the “Red Velvet Piece Ahhh Cake” bar, and captures the spirit of Magnolia Bakery’s famous luscious, deep red velvet cake, intertwined with creamy cheese frosting and luxurious chocolate. Each segment of the 10-piece bar is infused with both 10mg of THC and 10mg of CBD. 

Although, buyers beware: One can easily get lost into the scrumptious flavors, so plan your dosage, whatever is right for you, ahead of time. Those able to handle 100mg of THC at once will likely find it difficult not to demolish the entire infused chocolate bar in one sitting. Having tested both bars, this writer can confirm that they just might be the most delicious edibles on the market. 

“We’ve seen plenty of feedback over the years from our fans who have enjoyed banana pudding or red velvet cake as their munchies of choice,” said Sarah Gramling, Magnolia’s vice president of public relations and partnerships, Gotham reports. “That’s sort of where the idea initially generated from.” 

They cost between $18 to $30 depending on the flavor and the state. Perhaps one day cannabis will be legal on a federal level, and both brands and consumers can enjoy the simplistic pleasure of being able to order chocolate or plants with a simple few clicks of a button, rather than having to constantly cross-check in which states a product is available. 

It certainly ‘this the season to enjoy infused-treats (as if edibles lovers don’t go ahead and enjoy them everyday). But if one is looking for even more scrumptious THC candy and cake, you must check out our guide to this year’s best fall-inspired edibles. Our list includes Cloud Creamery’s new caramel apple crumble flavor of their infused ice cream, Verdelux Apple Cider Bon Bombs, and Kanha’s limited time mystery flavor edible. This year, they debuted a new limited flavor—a s’mores flavored gummy. Yes, that’s right, you can have the chocolate gooeyness and your gummy, too. (Full Story)

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