CBoD: Sports Great Jackson’s Promise Nutraceuticals Partners with Massage Heights

October 7, 2023 · CelebStoner

In 2021, former MLB and NFL star Bo Jackson founded the CBD company Promise Nutraceuticals. Their only product is Promise Drops, a 6,000 mg CBD tincture. (It was formerly called Hero Brand.)

At the time, Jackson said:

“Promise Nutraceuticals is not about numbers on a balance sheet. We are a cause-driven company… dedicated to improving lives and helping others.”

Two years later Promise has partnered with Texas-based Massage Heights, which has 115 locations nationwide. While Jackson didn’t mention Massage Heights in the press release, he did state:

“My relentless pursuit to discover all-natural, non-surgical alternative solutions to manage and resolve pain inspired me to launch Promise Nutraceuticals. We have built this brand on a culture that is invested in rigorous product quality, safety and efficacy that consumers around the world can trust.”

Sports leagues and former athletes are high on CBD. Major League Baseball has a sponsorship deal with Charloitte’s Web and two teams – the Cubs and Royals – have signed up CBD sponsors in the last year.

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Jackson is among the few professional athletes to excel at both baseball and football. Despite winning the Heisman Trophy in 1985, he decided to play baseball first and signed with the Royals. From 1986-1994, Jackson hit 141 home runs and batted .250 with three different teams. He signed with the NFL’s Raiders in 1987 as a running back, playing four seasons while also suiting up for the Royals. A hip injury sidelined his NFL career in 1991. (Full Story)

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