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August 8, 2023 · Cannabis Now

Today, August 8, marks National CBD Day, a day where CBD enthusiasts can take an extra moment to appreciate this special cannabinoid that’s gained so much popularity over the past five or so years. With CBD’s wide range of applications, you can get creative with how you choose to celebrate its existence. As a beauty and skincare expert, I personally am showing up for this “holiday” by spending a little extra time on my self-care routine, which incorporates some of my favorite CBD products.  

For many people, there’s less of a distinction between hemp, cannabis or CBD when it’s not being ingested or smoked. When used topically, each form of this miraculous plant can fall into a different category of healing, wellness or facial skincare aging. In honor of National CBD Day, we’ll be focusing on how this cannabinoid can benefit your skin.  

Without getting too technical, when we itemize “full-spectrum” or the “entourage effect” that utilizes all the CBD types (CBG, CBGa, CBN, CBC), the CBG element seems to be what’s getting skin science’s attention for greater stem cell rejuvenation, kickstarting collagen production and increased skin (re)cycling and sloughing. Not to mention the anti-inflammatory, rosacea redness and acned antibacterial benefits, which in turn provides what we buy skincare for: lifting, plumping and tightening effects with less marked skin or hyperpigmentation. In other words, calm, clear and glowing skin.

As a beauty and grooming editor and contributor for several outlets, I must test a lot of five-star, premium skincare brands. Am I professing we ditch our Estêe Lauder, Revlon or L’Oréal favorite skincare collections? Not even. What I’m finding, and doing, is layers—ensuring that potent CBD serums are the first thing to touch my face before my skin regimen. And after all the cleansing, toning and emulsions and before moisturizers, hydrators and oils, then I’ll use CBD oils as a final sealer, sometimes waiting ten minutes to two hours. As slippery as your face may feel for a few minutes, all will miraculously sink in nicely.

Here are several brands impacting the beauty space by adding a luxury retail edge that incorporates plant-based elixirs, rare botanical extracts and rich emollients to their already healing CBD skincare formulas.

My Favorite CBD Skincare Brands

PHOTO Courtesy of Arvor

I’m loving Barker Wellness, a vegan wellness brand founded by Travis Barker. A few favorites from the all-natural skincare line include the Face Serum featuring Bisabolol, which “stimulates the skin’s natural healing process and prevents collagen breakdown” ($80). With a long list of healers, the brand’s Daily Moisturizer also uses Bakuchiol as a gentle, natural retinol for wrinkles and hyperpigmentation ($60). Both items use CBD and CBG (150mg each).

Arvor Skin has one of the first body creams I’ve used in this realm. Packing a whopping 2000mg of CBD, a 3.4oz jar of Kosmetik CBD Body Lotion is a real healer on achy calves ($85). Glowy Drops CBD Facial Oil uses dark berry antioxidants to heal, even out and energize ($39).

There’s great philosophy, presentation and potency behind Muri Lelu, a female-founded brand claiming that full flower hemp is their skincare secret. Their Bloomrise Sativa Serum and Mauvaise Herbe Indica Oil scream glam results ($135 each).

Gnome Wellness is a respected OG of the healing world. Try the Timeless Repair Restorative Face Serum, which is powered by Gnome’s proprietary CBD compound with lab-designed layering that maximizes effects and balances the potency of each ingredient. The Overnight Renew Face Serum uses the same technology and functions as a gentle but powerful retinol alternative to help with dark spots and hyperpigementation ($55 each). If you’re someone with sensitive skin, this is a great alternative for reaping the benefits of retinol.

With nano-CBD technology, Pure Dharma Glow CBD Activated Oil Serum ($77) and Radiance CBD Activated Face Crème ($55) infuses a powerful cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants. Providing inside-out beauty with CBD/hemp tinctures and topicals, I’ve used and refilled every piece of this trusted Humboldt County line.

Pure Dharma CBD Skincare
PHOTO Courtesy of Pure Dharma

Both boutique and Bloomingdale’s ready, 707 Flora skincare checks all the boxes of its major retail counterparts. Core Cleanser ($34), Youth Boost Serum ($72) and Daily Moisturizer ($48) provide noticeably good skin. 707 Flora’s CBD products are all full-spectrum, meaning the the hemp extract is derived from the whole hemp plant, so there are never any isolates, carrier oils or synthetics—something to consider when choosing a CBD skincare brand.

Babor is serious cosmeceutical skincare. Cleanformance is from 98% naturally derived ingredients with a huge free-from list. Babor’s Phyto CBD 24h Cream ($65) and Phyto CBD Serum ($70) are German-engineered for purity. It’s quite amazing.

While the US sales are almost available, Typology Paris’s CBD Skincare Duo ($82) offers global availability. The 0.5-ounce bottle of Botanical Blend Oil has a huge amount of CBD (650mg), and the weekly Mask-Salve for Sensitive Skin with 240mg CBD is super healing. 

Renewal Face & Body Oil from Tonic Vibes is considered a multi-correctional packed with phytonutrients ($10-$35), while Outer Space Body Butter is blended with 500mg CBD and 250mg CBG ($10-30). I’ve used it to spot treat facial imperfections.

Dr. Kerklaan is a definite pioneer of anti-inflammation skincare and CBD wellness. Natural CBD Skin Cream heals and hydrates ($40-65). One of my favorite products is their Natural CBD Relief Cream (or spray), which provides generous amounts of eucalyptus and peppermint to cool legs, joints and calves ($40-68).

Vertly provides farm to bottle purity in small batchesTheir Glowing Face Serum contains 24 nutrient-rich botanicals and 500mg of hemp ($50-99). Soothing Floral Face Mist’s similar formula also adds Rose Hydrosol (petal extract) to prep or refresh skin.

I could go on and on, as more brands than ever are incorporating the magic of CBD into their skincare lineups. I’m always on the hunt for the next best elixir, but it’s hard to believe it can get better than this. Thank you, Mother Nature. (Full Story)

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