5 Cannabis Podcasts for Every Enthusiast

August 18, 2023 · Cannabis Now

In many ways, podcasts are an ideal form of entertainment for cannabis enthusiasts. You can listen to shows about how America got to the moon, full-length broadcasts of entirely fictitious baseball games, or a series where guests spend hours dissecting their favorite bands.

Once you’ve found your chosen show, one need only smoke up, settle in, and press play to be transported to a seemingly infinite sea of audio possibilities.

As part of this content deluge, a few notable podcasts focused on the topic of cannabis itself have also risen to prominence. Touching on everything from cultivation techniques to stock market trends, podcasts focused on the world of weed are becoming an entire genre unto themselves.

To help you skip past the difficult task of deciding what to listen to the next time your ears are up for an adventure, we’ve narrowed the field down to five of the top cannabis podcasts that are sure to appeal to the stoner sect. Featuring everyone from famous athletes to expert growers to hilarious comedians, consider the below your cheat sheet to discovering the best the world of cannabis podcasts has to offer.

The Plant Lady

Host: Jackie Bryant

Strain: Engaging chats about important industry issues, often with celebrity guests.

Nationally recognized for her work as a cannabis reporter, Jackie Bryant’s “The Plant Lady” is a bi-monthly podcast that’s “all about the green.” Whether she’s discussing health science with former NFL player Ricky Williams, offering listeners a tour of Northern California’s famed Emerald Triangle, or going deep with previously incarcerated cannabis prisoners, Bryant’s interview style, charisma, vast knowledge of her beat, and willingness to ask tough questions makes her podcast a regular standout.

Weed + Grub

Hosts: Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson

Strain: Feels like you’re hanging out with a few of favorite, funniest stoner pals.

When your birth name is Mary Jane Gibson, perhaps you’re simply destined to one day co-host a cannabis podcast. In this case, Gibson shares those duties with her buddy Mike Glazer. While Glazer is recognized for his career in comedy, Gibson is an accomplished cannabis journalist. Together, they form a hilarious tag-team with unbeatable chemistry and a limitless supply of punchlines. Whether they’re chatting with famous guests or just going long on the best snacks to eat while stoned, the hosts of “Weed + Grub” never fail to deliver on the funny. You may want to have munchies at the ready before pressing play.

Grow Bud Yourself!

Host: Danny Danko

Strain: Educational podcast offering practical guidance on cannabis cultivation.

As the name of this podcast might suggest, “Grow Bud Yourself” is a cannabis-growing podcast aimed at helping listeners learn the ropes. Overseeing this challenge is none other than Danny Danko, former senior editor of High Times Magazine. Exceedingly qualified for the task, Danko is a seasoned cannabis enthusiast and grower who uses his series to highlight new techniques, chat with special guests, and occasionally touch on developments in the industry as well. Easy to follow and always informative, “Grow Bud Yourself” is here to help you get your green thumb in gear.

Let’s Be Blunt

Host: Montel Jordan

Strain: Famed host offers a contemporary look at cannabis through the lenses of wellness and activism.

Billed as a “cannabis lifestyle and interview show,” the appeal of “Let’s Be Blunt” lies with its host: Montel Jordan. Beloved for his long tenure as a daytime television host, Jordan became one of the highest-profile advocates for medical cannabis in the country after discovering its value as a treatment for symptoms caused by his MS. On his podcast, Jordan eagerly explores the intersection of cannabis, activism, health, and wellness with a wide variety of guests. With a deep archive of back episodes available as well, listeners can dive into a wealth of previously discussed topics within the wider world of weed whenever they desire.


Hosts: Amy Driscoll and Alex Harris

Strain: True crime meets sports adventure meets Panama Red in this spellbinding limited-edition series.

Based on reports published in the Miami Herald, “Smoked” is a captivating, six-episode series about the life and escapades of Randy Lanier. In the 1980s, the public knew Lanier as a South Florida racing prodigy who would rise to stardom at the Indy 500. But as “Smoked” details, the driver was simultaneously living a secret double life as one of “the biggest pot smuggling kingpins in American history.” How big? How’s a $300 million pot trafficking operation sound? Now free after serving 27 years in prison, Lanier shares his sensation tale of crime, cars, and cannabis in a podcast you’ll have to hear to believe.

Want more? Other weed-themed podcasts to consider spinning include comedian Doug Benson’s Getting Doug with High, the THC-infused history lessons of Great Moments in Weed History and Blunt Blowin’ Mama, where host Shonitria seeks to normalize parents who smoke weed and amplify the voices of BIWOC in the cannabis industry by through honest, open, enlightening conversations. (Full Story)

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