LA’s Celebrity Cannabis Party Scene Is a Vibe

July 30, 2023 · Cannabis Now

Living in California, everybody wanna visit for women, weed and weather

From all around the world for the women, weed and weather

Kendrick Lamar’s 2012 collab with Dr. Dre, “The Recipe,” perfectly describes the vibe when it comes to Los Angeles, coolest city in the Golden State, mecca for the world’s best cannabis.

In recent years, Los Angeles has transformed itself to become SoCal’s go-to hub for all things cannabis culture, as more and more celebrities are getting into the weed game. Whether it’s a grandiose grow op, state-of-the-art dispensaries, consumption lounges or cannabis-themed podcasts, cannabis is the universal love language of the City of Angels. These five celebrity cannabis parties that I’ve recently attended make me want to live here indefinitely.

B-Real’s The Dr. Greenthumb Show Podcast

You can’t have a conversation about the biggest aficionados in the hip-hop scene without mentioning B-Real. The lead vocalist and frontman of legendary Los Angeles band Cypress Hill—who recently received a well-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame—B-Real is an LA native and credited as one the pioneers of the stoner rap movement. And he’s the true definition of a cannabis connoisseur.

After creating massive hits and shutting down stages all around the world, B-Real started a podcast with his best friends, “The Dr. Greenthumb Show,” which is live-streamed Monday through Friday, 2 pm to 4 pm PST on YouTube, Discord and Twitch. He also has a long-running series, “The Smokebox,” where he hotboxes one of the custom low-riders from his collection.

I was first connected to him when I was a guest on his Dr. Greenthumb Show. I was blown away at the environment he had created—this isn’t an interview; it’s a smoke session with his homies and a way to connect directly with his devoted fanbase. At least a thousand people tune into each show—and let’s not get started with how lit the chat is.

I was honored to have him as a guest on my own show, “Shirley’s Temple.” My one goal was to get him as high as possible—until I realized this was nearly impossible. B-Real hit the joint, hit the bong, hit the dab and drank the THC-infused cocktail so effortlessly; it made me realize that there truly are levels to cannabis consumption. This is just another day in the life of B-Real.

Wiz Khalifa & Friends: Live Stream Gaming Event

When I was growing up, Wiz Khalifa was the prime artist to play every time we were blazing. His 2010 album Kush & Orange Juice goes down in history as one of the greatest mixtapes of all time. I’ve come full circle and am now friends with the Taylor Gang, which means exclusive invites to their events.

Every year, Wiz & Friends holds a live-stream gaming event with his e-sports team, the Pittsburgh Knights. This year, they rented a beautiful house in the Hollywood Hills, with catering by Raising Cane’s and gift bags from Pro Club. Wiz sat on the couch and had the time of his life playing video games with his best friends, all the while staying as lit as possible.

The highlight for me was watching him hit his personal Taylor Gang x Stündenglass gravity bong more than 15 times. Of course, Khalifa Kush was in the building, too.

Soulja Boy’s Green Paradise Appearance

For me, the best part of my job as a journalist is the long-lasting friendships and connections I’ve created. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Soulja Boy several times over the years and each time is as memorable as the last. I’ve also had the chance to see him roll up on those times and he’s one of the artists who truly views cannabis as something that improves his overall wellbeing.

My most recent encounter with Soulja Boy was when I was hosting the one-year anniversary party of Green Paradise dispensary located on Wilshire Blvd., one of the few black-owned dispensaries in the city.

Soulja saw me as soon as I walked up the stairs and came over to say hi, which means more to me than you know. The true highlight for me was the fact that we could exchange our cultivars: I gifted him my Shirley’s Temple strain from THC Design, and he gifted me his Soulja Exotics strain that he grows in collaboration with Grizzly Peak, an indoor cultivation company based in Oakland, CA. For Big Draco to stamp his name on some weed, you know it must be some fire tree.

Allen Iverson Entering The Cannabis Industry

What happens when one of the greatest NBA players of all time joins the cannabis industry? We celebrate. Allen Iverson, aka “The Answer,” played 17 seasons in the NBA and is best known for taking the Philadelphia 76ers to the finals. Known as one of the most prolific scorers of his time, it was only right he brought that same energy into the cannabis industry.

I had the pleasure of attending the invite-only Viola x Allen Iverson launch party, which took place at Goya Studios in Hollywood. The event was so packed that I could hardly get in through the crowd. In fact, my videographer was stuck outside while I forced my way through the crowds. This is just one example of festivities in Los Angeles: if you don’t have a connection, you’re not getting in.

If you don’t know, Viola is a Black-owned cannabis brand created by former NBA player Al Harrington, named after Harrington’s grandmother who suffered from glaucoma until he convinced her to try cannabis to relieve her pain. Harrington’s ’96 strain is named directly from his 1996 rookie year when he was drafted to the NBA and changed the trajectory of the game indefinitely. An Indica dominant, ’96 is a cross between Secret Kush Mints & Grape Stomper. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Harrington for a while and tried Viola early on. I immediately fell in love with the quality and potency of their flower.

Side note, I ran into Chanel West Coast at the event and helped her make some buckets.

4/20 Cannabis Supper Club & THC Design’s THC-Infused Dinner

Whenever 4/20 rolls around, best believe the city of Los Angeles is all hands on deck to offer the best festivities created specifically with stoners in mind. I attended THC Design’s 4/20 dinner in partnership with Cannabis Supper Club, sold as “an elevated personal approach for a higher culinary experience.”

“One of my favorite parts is building community and culture, showing people that cannabis can be elevated, but also having a good time and enjoying good food and good company,” Marc Liebel, owner of Cannabis Supper Club told me.

Female-owned THC Design is one of my favorite flower brands and the people at the company are so kind, genuine and supportive of my career (shout out José, Tracy and Alexis). They also gave me my own strain called Shirley’s Temple, named after my show.

One perk of knowing THC Design is that I was invited to an exclusive cannabis-infused dinner on April 20, which took place inside a hidden speakeasy called the Paramour, located inside their downtown Los Angeles facility. I was one of only 25 people at this magnificent seven-course dinner, where the food was prepared by three all-star chefs who are also Chopped 420 champions.

Chef Chris Binnito, Chef Wendy Zeng and Chef Victor Aguilera each concocted one appetizer and one entree, with each dish made specifically to pair with THC Design’s new strains: Guava Gas, Garlic Cocktail, Orezo and Cake N’ Bake. The presentation itself was immaculate. Before the food arrived, we were given a “champagne toast”—a glass full of Guava Gas smoke for us to inhale and enjoy. It’s this level of detail that does for me. (Full Story)

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