These Are the Most Weed-Friendly Vacation Destinations in the World for Cannabis Lovers, Study Shows

June 24, 2023 · Yahoo!Life

While cannabis used to be entirely illegal in much of the world, today things are changing. Many U.S. states have legalized weed altogether, and other countries are following suit (or are even ahead of us). But with laws constantly changing, planning a vacation as a cannabis aficionado can be stressful. After all, nobody wants to be locked up abroad.

Cannabis distribution platform Weedar is looking to make things a little easier with a new guide for U.S. travelers on the most cannabis-friendly countries to vacation. They evaluated each country based on four factors:

  • Is cannabis legal there?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What penalties might you face for small possession?
  • How many people use cannabis in the area?

U.S. citizens won’t have to travel too far, as the list’s top-ranked countries are our northern and southern neighbors. That’s right, Canada came away with the top spot, while Mexico ranks second. Canada’s fully legalized marketplace is a major reason for the ranking, plus its typical retail price of about $6.90 per gram.

The destinations on the list span every continent in the world (sans Antarctica), offering a little something for everyone. It’s important to note, however, that some of the other countries have only partially legalized or simply decriminalized cannabis. As always, you should understand and obey all local laws when you travel abroad, both for your own sake and to respect the culture of the place you’re visiting.

Check out the full ranking below and head over to Weedar’s site to learn more about each country’s laws and prices:

  1. Canada
  2. Mexico
  3. Australia
  4. Italy
  5. Netherlands
  6. Chile
  7. Argentina
  8. Spain
  9. Portugal
  10. Costa Rica
  11. Belize
  12. Thailand
  13. Peru
  14. Austria
  15. South Africa

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