LeafLink Partners with Logistics Shop to Optimize California Cannabis Supply Chain

June 5, 2023 · Green Market Report

The partnership comes months after the company raised $100 million in Series D financing.

New-York based LeafLink, a major cannabis wholesale platform, is partnering with Leafgistics, a cannabis logistics company, to coordinate and streamline the storage and movement of cannabis products across the California market.

The company said it has also invested an undisclosed sum in Leafgistics. The investment marks a notable step for LeafLink as it looks to harden its system for cannabis commerce, it said, and advance the industry through strategic partnerships.

“Through our partnership with Leafgistics, we are elevating our services to the next level, providing California cannabis companies with industry-leading transportation, fulfillment, and distribution services,” LeafLink CEO Artie Minson said in a Monday statement.

“As LeafLink enters a new phase of growth, partners like Leafgistics play a vital role in expanding our commerce ecosystem and better serving the cannabis sector.”

Leafgistics stated that it has integrated smoothly into LeafLink’s system, enhancing the delivery of products sold on its wholesale platform.

In the release, the company said that the partnership offers LeafLink’s vast network of over 1,200 buyers and sellers in California access to Leafgistics’ suite of logistics services — from secure transport and distribution to inventory management and timely order fulfillment.

With fulfillment centers located in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Santa Rosa, Leafgistics said its services also include retail-ready labeling, packing, and fast delivery within metropolitan areas.

“Operators deserve a logistics provider that is attuned to their specific needs,” Leafgistics Co-CEO Steven Maman said. “Leafgistics is a pioneer in cannabis logistics, paying meticulous attention to the details that can make or break cannabis distribution, from maintaining optimal product temperatures to ensuring regulatory compliance.”

Earlier this year LeafLink raised $100 million in Series D financing led by CPMG, L2 Ventures, and Nosara Capital, alongside participation from existing investors. In addition to the fundraise news, CEO and co-founder Ryan Smith stepped down as CEO and transitioned into the role of executive chairman, while President and Chief Operating Officer Artie Minson was named the new CEO. (Full Story)

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