Arts District Cannabis Reopens in Los Angeles

June 28, 2023 · Cannabis Now

Located in the heart of Los Angeles’ Arts District, the impossibly popular Coast to Coast Cannabis dispensary will open its doors at 542 Alameda Street, on July 1, as the newly relaunched Arts District Cannabis. 

The rebranded dispensary will officially reopen its doors hoping to bridge the gap between cannabis and art, using its platform to feature local, rising artists and creatives.

The space was originally the Cirrus Gallery, which art dealer and publisher Jean Robert Milant opened in 1970. The gallery showcased a longstanding commitment to California-based artists for more than three decades. 

In 2015, Bryan Schwartz, master grower and President of 3C Farms and Arts District Cannabis, acquired the building and has continued to provide that same ethos and commitment to highlighting local creatives and talent with his company Coast to Coast Cannabis Dispensary.

Of course, what would an event in the City of Angels be without a dope rapper involved? Legendary Bay Area rapper Too Short will make a special appearance in-store at 1 pm. Best known for his viral smash hit “Blow the Whistle”—which to this day, it’s hard to hear the song without singing the lyrics verbatim—the Oakland native exploded onto the scene in the late 1980s, with lyrics inspired by real-life experiences in the city’s notorious mean streets. 

The multi-platinum recording artist has cemented himself as a mainstay in the hip-hop space, but he’s also a huge advocate for cannabis. His studio is located just minutes from Arts District Cannabis and he continues to insist that the only strain he smokes is Illuminati OG by 3C Farms.

Arts District Cannabis’ Mission 

Dedicating themselves to specifically supporting up-and-coming talent, Arts District Cannabis products feature artwork by local artists whose art can also be seen inside the impressive interior of the dispensary.

“I’m thrilled about the rebranding from Coast to Coast to Art District Cannabis,” Diane Kessler, dispensary manager, says. “Coast to Coast and 3C have established themselves as iconic names in the cannabis industry and I firmly believe that Arts District Cannabis will continue its legacy with great success. As an artist, I understand the profound connection between cannabis and the creative process. The Arts District holds a unique significance and I feel incredibly privileged to be part of such an amazing community.”

The Legacy of 3C Farms 

3C Farms is regarded as one of California’s most sought-after flower brands, utilizing genetics from an original cut of OG from the late 1990s. From its origins as being grown inside the basements of houses in Woodland Hills, CA, to now inside the longest-standing dispensaries in the Arts District and Canoga Park, 3C Farms is exclusively grown indoors using hydroponic systems and methods. The result is flowers that are potent in cannabinoids, rich in terpenes and highly effective.

“As 3C Farms, we’ve been at this location in the Arts District for many years,” Schwartz says. “We feel the Arts District has a unique identity and wanted to respect the area, acknowledge the vibe and embrace it. Arts District Cannabis will invite and surround itself with old and new artists of all realms and give them a platform in cannabis to share their art.”

Arts District Cannabis’ mission is to be the artistic haven where creativity and cannabis converge, striving to provide a transformative and immersive experience for all who walk through their doors. Through a curated selection of premium cannabis products, knowledgeable staff and a welcoming atmosphere, the dispensary aims to enhance and inspire the customers’ artistic journeys. 

Arts District Cannabis will be giving 50% off everything in-store on Saturday, July 1, between 10 am and 4 pm—don’t miss out. For more information, visit (Full Story)

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