Luxury concept cannabis store set to open in East Village

May 9, 2023 · PIX11

You’ve seen cannabis dispensaries open in New York City over the past year, but you’ve never seen one quite like the one set to open in Manhattan’s East Village.

Gotham is located on 3rd Street near the Bowery. The first things that catch your eyes on the shelves are not pipes and bongs. Instead, you will find everything from pillows, books, pottery, candles and even clothing.

But make no mistake, you will find cannabis products there too. Joanne Wilson, the founder of Gotham, billed her business as New York City’s first cannabis concept store. Wilson said they are trying to create a lifestyle around cannabis.

The arts are going to be a big part of the concept experience. Gotham will showcase art, music and performance on a rotating basis.

Gotham feels high end, but it also works to be a social-minded store by partnering with advocacy group STRIVE.

Gotham opens to the public on Thursday. (Full Story)

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