Dr. Phil’s ‘Moms on Mushrooms’ episode shows psilocybin is becoming more mainstream: report

May 14, 2023 · Raw Story

A Dr. Phil episode that features mothers touting the benefits of magic mushrooms shows that psilocybin is becoming more mainstream, SFGate reports.

“Moms on Mushrooms”: A Growing Trend?, which aired May 4, shows two mothers who claim the use of magic mushrooms has benefited their mental health and made them parents.

“I’m not as reactive,” Tracey Tee said.

“I think before I speak. I don’t get as upset. … It just softens everything and allows me to be more present, more present with my family.”

Psilocybin mushrooms are considered a psychedelic drug that contain a compound that at high doses can trigger hallucinations.

The mothers featured on the show said they take weekly “microdoses” that don’t produce a high.

SFGate’s Lester Black writes that “Thousands of people have reported that taking these mushroom microdoses improves mood and creativity, although microdosing has yet to be confirmed in rigorous clinical trials.”

Dr. Phil, whose real name is Phil McGraw, asked the women how they control their doses noting that there are 100 known magic mushroom varieties.

One of the women said she uses mushrooms that are tested at Oakland Hyphae, a psilocybin lab that determines the potency of the drug.

“I have a lab report so I know exactly how much psilocybin I am taking,” Ashley Ryan said.

“As mushrooms are becoming legal and decriminalized in various parts of the U.S., we are going to be able to see these lab reports more frequently and know exactly what it is that we are putting into our bodies.” (Full Story)

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