Your Guide to Every Weed Dispensary in Chicago

April 14, 2023 · Thrillist

With 21 weed shops in the city plus another 53 in the surrounding suburbs (the state has over 100 facilities), there’s a lot of bud to sort through in the Land of Lincoln. Naturally, we’ve put together a handy guide to every recreational dispensary in the city, where you can snag the natural cure to what ails you—from stress mitigation to simple boredom relief. Order ahead or simply walk in to browse the wares: Just make sure to keep an eye on buying limits and other important details as they evolve. Happy trails, Chicago.

Grasshopper Club

Logan Square
Talk about prime real estate. Located just off Logan Square (the actual square) within wafting distance of Lula Café, Billy Sunday, and The Owl, Chicago’s newest dispensary has strong South Side roots. As Chicago’s first independent Black-owned dispensary, Grasshopper Club’s menu is split into helpful sections of staff favorites, top-shelf flower, microdose options, and more. You’re bound to find something to love.
Nearby natural high: Brunch at Lula Café followed by a visit to pick up some flower at Grasshopper Club? Sunday Funday just took on a whole new meaning.

Ivy Hall

If Violet Hour were to ever open a dispensary, it might not be far off from Ivy Hall, the swanky new spot that opened just up the street from the iconic cocktail bar. With velvet-cushioned lounge chairs and other upscale amenities creating a posh vibe a step above the typical cookie-cutter dispensary, Ivy Hall manages to pull off the upscale aesthetic with nary a whiff of pretension. Speaking of whiffs, get a whiff of its 680-product-strong catalog of stoner delights, from gummies and bongs to pre-rolls and orange pound cake shake.
Nearby natural high: The 606 trail is less than two blocks from Ivy Hall, so blaze up and strap on those jogging shoes. Or maybe wait until after.

Green Rose

River North
One of Chicago’s first social equity licenses was recently granted to this funky, bud-wallpapered shop backed by a powerhouse team that includes a former police commander. The majority Black and Latino-owned business boasts a massive 744-product catalog with knowledgeable budtenders to help guide you through the madness.
Nearby natural high: Including Portillo’s and Al’s Beef, the options for classic Chicago stoner food around the dispensary are nearly endless. For a more upscale vibe, head to Chicago’s oldest steakhouse, Gene & Georgetti, for a cool, old-school atmosphere that simply can’t be replicated.


Jefferson Park
Cannabist (formerly Columbia Care) recently added 1,700 square feet to its Jefferson Park outpost to keep up with growing demand. Located near the Jefferson Park Blue Line, take a second to admire the store’s sleek black and white minimalist aesthetic before digging into the 563-item roster of recreational delights like mints, gelatos, CBD drops, and pre-rolls. Cannabist also has a suburban location in Villa Park, plus spots in 10 additional states.
Nearby natural high: Gale Street Inn, with its stately design and revered burger, has your back when it comes to post-perusing chow options.

Zen Leaf

West Loop, Pilsen, and Rogers Park
This stylishly designed imprint of the publicly traded weed conglomerate Verano Holdings has popped up in an unexpected location in Greektown, providing a welcoming environment where both longtime stoners and curious newbies feel right at ease. And with a gargantuan menu of 949 items to choose from, there’s clearly something for everyone. Hit up one of the “cannabis advisors” for details at this casually cool downtown spot (or one of the seven suburban locations). Zen Leaf also recently gobbled up a couple local shops: Herbal Care Center in Pilsen and Greengate in Rogers Park are now Zen Leaf locations.
Nearby natural high: Is it a coincidence that the West Loop location is sandwiched between the steaming pita-pocketed delights of Greek Islands and Mr. Greek? We have our suspicions.


River North
This laid-back River North neighborhood outpost is one of four statewide Verilife locations from Chicago-based parent company PharmaCann (with additional locations in Arlington Heights, Rosemont, and Romeoville). Let the friendly and knowledgeable staff guide you through this tidy shop’s 416-product-strong inventory of edibles, vapes, body oil, and more.
Nearby natural high: Close out your shopping experience on a classy note with an al fresco feast and some panoramic riverfront views at RPM Seafood.


Lakeview and River North
Sunnyside is the retail arm of Cresco Labs, the largest marijuana operator in Illinois and now the biggest weed company in the US. Two of its 10 Illinois locations call Chicago home, including the original Lakeview location, with its orange and white walls perched just steps from Wrigley Field. In 2020, the company beat the competition as the first dispensary to bring weed to River North with its second Sunnyside in the downtown district. Peddling one of the largest selections on the market fueled by premium grow facilities, consider this one-stop shopping for all things cannabis.
Nearby natural high: I mean, Wrigley FieldMetroUncommon Ground? No matter how you’re feeling, quality entertainment lies at your fingertips.

Dispensary 33

Andersonville and West Loop
Chicago’s first cannabis operator is also one of the city’s most beloved. The sharp Andersonville outpost showcases welcoming touches like a soothing nature motif complemented by tasteful sketch art. And its love for the good green is clearly evident, as they’ve gained legions of loyal fans since opening as a medical facility back in 2015. Ah, remember those days? Light one up and reminisce. Getting in on the action closer to downtown, Dispensary 33 also mans a second spot in the buzzy West Loop.
Nearby natural high: If Hopleaf’s always-appealing beer garden doesn’t strike your fancy as you make your way out of the original Andersonville location, see what’s going down over at the always-eventful Chicago Magic Lounge.

Ascend Cannabis Dispensaries

Logan Square, River North, and Midway
This NYC-based business has been on an acquisition tear in recent years, buying out both the Logan Square and River North locations of the once-beloved MOCA Cannabis in late 2020. The company followed that up by purchasing Midway Dispensary last year, bringing its Chicago-area fleet up to four stores (three in the city and one in Chicago Ridge). If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em—and by join ’em, we mean dive into the store’s diverse array of popcorns, fruit juices, pain relief balms, and so much more.
Nearby natural high: Between killer nearby bars like Cole’s and Welcome Back Lounge, a night of cannabis-fueled fun is a sure bet after stopping by the original Logan Square spot.

Maribis of Chicago

Brighton Park
Not nearly as many flights take off from Midway as from O’Hare, but traffic still flows to this gem located less than three miles from the airport and equipped with everything you need to get busted trying to board the plane. Maribis is known to regularly post deals and specials on Leafly, and the company also operates additional locations in Westchester and Springfield, so make sure to stop by after your next class field trip.
Nearby natural high: After picking up your stash, round out the experience with a visit to Leon’s Barbecue, located just next door.

Mission South Chicago

South Chicago
If you’re chilling on the Southeast Side and have a penchant for marijuana, you’re probably already well acquainted with Mission South Chicago. Located just over the border from Indiana, the shop brings in plenty of out-of-staters as well as devoted locals stocking up on everything from tablets and tonics to water pipes and lotions in a clean, judgment-free space that claims to have some of the lowest prices in Cook County. Mission operates six dispensaries throughout three states, with a second Illinois location in nearby Calumet City.
Nearby natural high: There’s no shortage of South Side spots worthy of a lengthy layover.


Norwood Park
Tucked away in residential, family-friendly Norwood Park, this straightforward dispensary is the perfect place to nerd out on the details of your flower strain’s cannabinoid and terpenes profiles or cop potent extracts in syringe form. Consume also operates a second Chicagoland location (one of four in the state) in the far west suburb of Oakbrook Terrace.
Nearby natural high: Consume just so happens to sit down the road from Chicago’s iconic old-school hot dog purveyor Superdawg. Pick up some weed, grab a Chicago dog, and disappear into the Caldwell Woods Forest Preserve across the street. There are worse ways to spend a Sunday (or any other day).

Windy City Cannabis

Goose Island
This well located dispensary holds court on Chicago’s Weed Street—because, of course it does. Fortuitous monikers aside, the centrally located shop is one of six Illinois Windy City Cannabis operations, which were all acquired by publicly traded cannabis big Curaleaf in 2021. For easy access, shop online and enroll in CanPay for contactless transactions during your assigned pick-up window.
Nearby natural high: Area attractions include Joe’s on Weed, a strip club, a Nordstrom’s Rack, a Whole Foods, and an Apple store, so that pretty much covers all your bases.

Nature’s Care Company

West Loop
This cozy hideaway features quite a bounty for a store of its size, stocking a stout selection of 475 items ranging from chocolate-dipped pretzels and GMO vapes to—believe it or not—a pretty sweet purple leather rolling tray in case you want to add a more royal flair to your next smoke sesh. Another also the original) location of Nature’s Care can be found in Rolling Meadows.
Nearby natural high: Should the munchies arise, rest assured this shop is within walking distance of Lone Wolf and Little Goat Diner, as well as the rest of the West Loop’s Restaurant Row heavy-hitters.


Clybourn Corridor
Formerly known as NuMed, this laid-back spot even offers gift cards perfect for that hard-to-shop-for stoner friend. Rewards members get 3% back on every purchase, and NuEra also runs four downstate locations (including two in Champaign-Urbana for you U of I grads in town for the game) in addition to a shop in Aurora.
Nearby natural high: This no-frills dispensary lurks not far from a number of beloved area haunts like The Hideout and Ada Street. (Full Story)

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