Here’s a look at the anticipated House of Cannabis opening in SoHo this week

April 6, 2023 · AMNY

The highly-anticipated House of Cannabis (THC NYC) is set to open in SoHo this Friday, April 7.

Located at 427 Broadway, the 30,000-square-foot building houses ten transformative, immersive experiences for guests to explore. Though it does not actually sell cannabis on-site, THC NYC is the first-ever permanent installation that celebrates “high culture” as well as the impact of cannabis on social reform, fashion, music, art, and cultivation.

The journey begins on the fourth floor by taking a look through High Culture. First, guests will step into Disorientation, a green abyss that engulfs audiences into a multi-media experience that celebrates the history of cannabis. Next, you’ll walk into the Euphorium, which highlights the connection between music and cannabis. Visitors are invited to put on a pair of headphones, lay on a giant record and spin slowly while listening to a variety of genres, including hip hop, rap, jazz, country, reggae and rock, featuring hits imagined and inspired by the artists’ relationship with cannabis.

Next on this floor, you’ll find the Forum, which examines the stories of millions of people who were impacted by marijuana law enforcement. Made in partnership with the Drug Policy Alliance, visitors will be able to take an intimate look at largely unknown ways that even a minor marijuana conviction affects peoples’ lives. Then, to round out the floor, guests will take a stroll through The Joint, a rotational gallery that features artists and makers at the nexus of cannabis culture. The premiere exhibit is The Art of Sneakers, which highlights the connection between sneaker culture and cannabis culture.

The third floor focuses on the cannabis plant itself and starts off with a look at New York City’s first urban grow, which is comprised of three light and temperature-controlled chambers featuring live plants. Guests are able to see the life cycle of the marijuana plant from mothers and clones, to the propagation and the grand finale, the flowering or budding phase. Next, guests will move into the Microverse, where they will step inside the cannabis atom where they view the other-worldly universe that exists inside of this magical molecule.

Next up is the Olfactory, which shows the effects of terpenes (natural products that are produced predominantly in plants) on a cannabis high. Visitors are able to smell six unique terpene aromatics, allowing you to smell the sensations of lust, laughter, energy, sleep, creativity, and calm, while enjoying a custom light installation from world-renowned artist Jason Krugman. Then, guests will head over to Seed To Soul, which immerses visitors in the poetry of famed rapper Currency.

When guests head down to the second floor, you’ll find The Spot, a gathering place within THC NYC where you can reflect on everything you’ve seen so far. The space is designed to emulate an urban forest with a giant tree installation with extensive roots serving as seats and tables for rolling classes, talks and entertainment.

After chilling in the Spot, guests can venture into the Hypnodrome. Created by visual artist Benjamin Gordon, the Hypnodrome serves as a guided meditation where guests can kick back, relax, and move through a transcendent state where the gradual accession to being high is replicated through creative filmmaking.

Meanwhile, on the ground floor, you’ll find the THCNYC shop, which sells THC NYC merchandise, plus a café and a corner store that sell an assortment of cannabis-inspired lifestyle products, and live glass-blowing demonstrations. This part of the experience you don’t even need a ticket for and allows New Yorkers to come in off the street and shop around. THC NYC also has a fifth-floor event space for private events.

Tickets start at $39 for general admission, $30 for seniors, military and veterans, at $25 for students. Visitors must be 18 years or older to attend, and those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

The exhibition spaces will be open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit (Full Story)

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