Green Market Report Women’s Leadership Awards: Rachel Edwards

April 19, 2023 · Green Market Report

Rachel Edwards heads research and development for Statehouse Holdings.

Best Cultivation: Rachel Edwards, Statehouse Holdings

Statehouse Holdings (CSE: STHZ), a leading player in the California cannabis industry, has made great strides under the guidance of its research and development manager, Rachel Edwards.

Edwards, who began her academic journey in the biology program at college, discovered her passion for horticulture and decided to switch her major.

“When I toured the greenhouses with that department head, I was like, this is absolutely what I want to do,” she told Green Market Report.

After working as a research assistant at Clemson University and a propagation specialist for medical growers in Maryland, Edwards further honed her skills by managing a 32-acre greenhouse in Colorado for Altman Plants.

She then joined Statehouse, where she found her niche in the developing cannabis research field.

Edwards’ studies have forced her to acknowledge and respect the path others have paved so far, studying plants since the beginning of time, and her enthusiasm for developing research in the field is clear.

“This is foundational type research that producers and people who need plant medicine will rely on for the next hundreds of years,” she said.

The R&D chief attributes much of her success to her mentors, Allison Justice and Travis Higginbotham, as well as the numerous relationships she has built within the industry.

Emphasizing the importance of networking, Edwards said, “It’s not about what you know, it’s more about who you know. You can connect with different people in the industry.”

She added, “Don’t be afraid to show your passion, you know? Connect with other people who are also passionate and it’ll take you really far.”

Despite occasionally experiencing imposter syndrome, Edwards said she always remains grateful for the opportunity to work in her dream job with cannabis research.

“It’s definitely sometimes I like can’t even believe it,” she confessed.

Her dedication and expertise have been instrumental in driving Statehouse’s research efforts forward.

In addition to her work at Statehouse, Edwards has remained tapped in, sharing her knowledge and passion with audiences online.

She has been an advocate for the importance of scientific research in the cannabis space and the need for continued advancements, including “clean genetics and unique offerings.”

With Edwards helping lead the charge in one of the oldest legal marijuana markets in the world, Statehouse continues to make progress in the industry, driving innovation and contributing to a better understanding of the plant’s potential benefits.

A native of South Carolina, Edwards also reflected on the changing attitudes toward cannabis in many Southern markets. She believes the region is slowly embracing its benefits, especially with the legalization of CBD.

“I think the South is embracing it and just slowly but surely, and it’s really gonna help a lot of people,” she said. (Full Story)

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