Celebrate 420: How to prep for the cannabis holiday in Las Vegas

April 7, 2023 · Las Vegas Sun

Every cannabis consumer’s favorite holiday is quickly approaching, and we’re prepping early at Planet 13. From products to activities and snacks to deals, use this guide to prepare for this year’s highly anticipated 420.

Products to try

420 is a great opportunity to try new products and brands, taking advantage of the deals offered on flower, dabs, edibles and more. Create a tasting menu: Start the day with cannabis-infused coffee or orange juice, consume a preroll in the afternoon, enjoy an edible for dessert, and relax with a bong in the evening. Snack! Watch movies! Lounge in the backyard! Enjoy yourself—it’s 420.

• Dreamland Chocolates

Dreamland chocolates are aptly named—they’re the edibles that dreams are made of. Expect high-quality cannabis in smooth chocolate bars that come in fun and whimsical flavors, such as cookies n’ cream and salted toffee.

• Trendi concentrates

Trendi is a Nevada-based concentrate company that has quickly become a favorite among consumers. Its meticulous focus on quality and high-potency products has developed a dedicated fan base, with its disposable vapes and vape cartridges being one of their most popular items. Also check out their live resin badder.

Plan your activities

There are a ton of different events scheduled for 420, including parties at dispensaries and in-store activations. If you’re not feeling a party vibe this year, invite friends to your house. Cook out, watch movies, listen to music and enjoy the day together.

Satisfy your snack craving

Whatever snacks you think you need for 420, increase them by 25%. You can even consider snacks infused with cannabis concentrates. At Planet 13, there’s an on-site restaurant and sundries store, making it an ideal one-stop stop on 420. Grab takeout from Trece, which has a robust menu including burritos, pizzas and burgers, and stop by Stitched and Stuff for snacks and beverages.

Order delivery or curbside pick-up

What’s better than delivery from your favorite restaurant? Delivery from your favorite dispensary. Delivery is the easiest and fastest way to get exactly what you need without leaving the comfort of your space.

Order before 420

If you want to avoid lines, in-store events, or the threat of your favorite products selling out, get your stash a couple days or weeks in advance.

Clean your pieces

Prior to starting the festivities, make sure your pieces are squeaky clean and ready for use. Any glass piece, including pipes, bongs and dab rigs can be soaked in rubbing alcohol for a couple hours and then rinsed thoroughly with warm water. Tar buildup will wash right out.

Enjoy Safely

420 should be fun. Don’t ruin it by celebrating too hard. Take rideshares to travel, order delivery to your house. Consume responsibly and don’t overingest. (Full Story)

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