10 Best-Rated Dispensaries in Las Vegas

April 27, 2023 · MG Magazine

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign at dusk.

With continued market expansion, gaining traction as a dispensary isn’t getting any easier. For operators trying to succeed in major cities with legal adult-use markets for interested tourists, standing out requires an even more pointed effort.

Cannabis has been legal for adults in Nevada since 2016. Couple that with a highly-developed, city-wide understanding of how to cater to the nearly 40 million annual tourists looking to have a good time, and you’ve got yourself a prime model for coming out on top in the cannabis marketing game.

But outside of billboards or a recommendation from someone like a taxi driver or member of the hotel staff, the average tourist is likely going to turn to their phone to read a few reviews and determine which dispensary they’ll visit. To build our list, we searched through review platforms like Google, Leafly, Weedmaps, and Yelp to identify the top-rated dispensaries, accounting for the total score, number of reviews, and strong marks on multiple review sites. Regardless of your opinion about how each dispensary’s reviews are earned and collected, as hall of fame NFL coach Bill Parcels once said, “You are what your record says you are.”

We’ve rounded up 10 of the most popular Vegas-based dispensaries that appear to excel at connecting in ways that motivate consumers to write about their positive experiences, providing a variety of winning tips and examples for any dispensary owner to consider implementing.

Beyond Hello

Owned by multistate operator Jushi Holdings

  • Google: 4.5 (1,000 reviews)
  • Leafly: 4.8 (277 reviews)
  • Yelp: 4 (315 reviews)

Other than the standard adult-use dispensary offerings like online ordering, daily deals, and branded merchandise, Beyond Hello stands out among its Las Vegas competition by taking its name seriously.

The Strip-adjacent dispensary has leaned heavily into the tourism aspect of cannabis in Sin City, centering the brand on providing recommendations for restaurants, hotels, landmarks, and cannabis-friendly locations that extend the budtender-customer interactions beyond … well, you know.

In a region oversaturated with cannabis brands and dispensaries, Beyond Hello succeeds in a customer loyalty in a way that feels effortless and exclusive because its mastered how to connect with its target audience: a revolving door of tourists looking to have a fun weekend who are likely to remember the dispensary that went above and beyond the next time they’re in town.


Multistate operator

  • Google: 4.8 (1,300 reviews)
  • Leafly: 4.9 (662 reviews)
  • Weedmaps: 4.9 (4,181 reviews)
  • Yelp: 4 (257 reviews)

As one of the most recognized names in the industry, Cookies doesn’t have to work too hard to get noticed on the Las Vegas Strip. In fact, many cannabis enthusiasts from around the country visit the city with the intention of checking out one of Berner’s installations.

Cookies Las Vegas has won an array of awards from organizations like Leafly and Business Insider for succeeding in living up to its global reputation. But beyond the ever-recognizable blue name, the location works hard for its honors, and is lauded for its ease of navigation, high-quality products, and excellent customer service.

Euphoria Wellness

Independent retailer

  • Weedmaps: 4.9 (2,509 reviews)
  • Yelp: 4 (255 reviews)

Euphoria Wellness has a certain amount of local legacy to lend to its success. The company was the first licensed dispensary to open in Las Vegas, and considering its continued popularity, it worked to establish customer loyalty when its doors first opened.

As the first dispensary to open its doors for Las Vegas’s adult-use market, Euphoria Wellness has seen the value in providing a wide variety of products, including the house brand Summa Cannabis. The dispensary is known by reviewers for its friendly atmosphere, convenient location, and reasonable prices.

The location and unassuming design seem to be a testament to the power of keeping it simple and focusing on nurturing existing customers rather than trying to adapt constantly to the latest trends.

The Grove

Nevada chain retailer

  • Leafly: 4.9 (946 reviews)
  • Weedmaps: 4.8 (3,135 reviews)

The Grove Las Vegas relies on the convenience of its location as a major selling point. Claiming to be “only minutes from the airport,” it’s easy for the dispensary to market itself as the first and last stop for consumers traveling in and out of the city.

Some cannabis consumers might not have come to town just for the weed, but that doesn’t mean picking some up isn’t on their agenda at all. If your consumers tend to be on-the-go and looking for a streamlined experience, take a note from The Grove and make sure that’s easy for them to achieve.


Independent retailer

  • Google: 4.8 (7,000 reviews)
  • Leafly: 4.9 (1,256 reviews)
  • Weedmaps: 4.8 (2,910 reviews)

Jardín is a frequent top contender for Las Vegas winning dispensary roundups, and all owners need to do is take a quick look at their marketing prowess to understand why.

With a sleek, ultra-user-friendly website and poppin’ social media pages full of engaging content, Jardín knows how to connect with people online—a tactic that is increasingly important to master in the age of online browsing and ordering.

Jardín’s marketing and PR team works to keep the brand relevant in the cannabis conversation with regular features in major online publications for the brand’s celebrity appealCPG collaborations, and dedication to social equity.


Independent retailer

  • Google: 4.6 (3,300 reviews)
  • Yelp: 4 (263 reviews)

Another crowd favorite for Las Vegas dispensary destinations, Oasis seems to succeed on the basis of personability. Cannabis is an increasingly popular market, and in a hot spot like Sin City, it’s especially difficult for operators to stand out and make a lasting consumer connection.

However, Oasis seems to be up for the challenge, marketing their offerings to those who are most likely to keep coming back regularly: Las Vegas locals. Their “Local Love” program offers consistent deals to those in the 89102, such as 15 percent off each visit, 20 percent off on Sundays, and 25 percent off for veterans plus free delivery.

Planet 13

Multistate operator

  • Google: 4.6 (7,200 reviews)

From Amsterdam to Humboldt County, the concept of cannabis tourism is far from developed, but Planet 13 Las Vegas seems to be intent on setting the stage.

The dispensary seeks to redefine the way cannabis is explored and purchased, offering an array of immersive experiences that extend far beyond popping in to purchase a quick and easy eighth.

The marketing spectacle—including LED lotus flowers guests can control, an 18-foot outdoor water feature, rotating 3D projections, interactive laser art, and an aerial orb show—invite consumers to be wowed while buying weed, and successfully merge traditional Las Vegas showmanship with a classic dispensary floor.


Independent retailer

  • Google: 4.9 (28,000 reviews)
  • Weedmaps: 4.9 (19,601 reviews)

Pisos Las Vegas excels at flexibility, claiming a “straightforward” mission of bringing choice cannabis products to consumers and patients alike. The company’s offerings do seem fairly standard—like curbside delivery, online orders, and daily deals—but the brand language is one that remains open to possibility.

Rather than specializing in a select number of products, Pisos’s menu is constantly rotating in an effort to provide consumers and patients with whatever they need.

For a consumer demographic that enjoys trying new things or likes to request special orders of novel items, this fresh product approach is welcoming, adaptable, and unquestionably amenable.


Owned by multistate operator Curaleaf

  • Google: 4.9 (9,000 reviews)
  • Yelp: 4 (509 reviews)

While many consumers—especially tourists in town for a couple of nights—are looking for incredible, inimitable dispensary experiences, others are just on the hunt for good weed at a great cost. Reef offers the latter, keeping it simple by standing on a brand identity that promises the best products at the best prices in town.

The Reef dispensaries, which focus on the medicinal consumer, are also dedicated to community outreach and charitable donations. And that focus on community love seems to begin at home. Reef boasts of a healthy and safe work environment that pays “living-wage” salaries and strong benefits packages that likely attract reliable employees who are happy to be there representing the brand.


Owned by multistate operator Green Thumb Industries 

  • Leafly: 4.8 (486 reviews)
  • Weedmaps: 4.8(5,010 reviews)
  • Yelp: 4 (335 reviews)

With multiple locations throughout Nevada—and a stake in Cookies on the Strip—RISE (previously known as “Essence”) Dispensary places a major emphasis on the medical patient demographic with a good variety of products, educational content for therapeutic application, and a registered nurse on site.

It’s difficult to determine what came first: loyal medical patients flocking naturally to the locations or RISE going out of its way to welcome the demographic. In either case, the secret to their success seems to lie largely in their medical cannabis consciousness, which the greater adult-use market tends to forget about. (Full Story)

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