Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Cannabis Launches Liquid Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls

March 13, 2023 · Benzinga

Death Row Cannabis, an extension of Death Row Records, launched its newest product – whole flower liquid diamond infused pre-rolls. Whether you’re a Snoop Dogg fan or a cannabis enthusiast, you know that Snoop is synonymous with rolling up the best Cali weed so you can imagine the rigorous R&D that went into creating the best pre-roll in the market under the Death Row name.

Death Row Cannabis, led by Tiffany ChinAK and Travis “Shaggy” Marshall underwent round after round of R&D testing with various infusion methods, landing on the final product: terpene-rich, liquid diamond infused pre-rolls, packed with whole flower with no trace of fillers or trim. Liquid diamonds are a derivative of live resin concentrate created from fresh, frozen plants to preserve terpene profiles, smell, and taste. AK and Shaggy also chose not to add kief to the outside of their pre-rolls like you might typically see on most infused pre-roll products. Their main reasons being, the cigar glue or other adhesives used to hold the kief onto the pre-roll always led to a harsher, unpleasant smoking experience. So in order to preserve the taste and terpenes of the flower and liquid diamonds during consumption, they opted out of including kief.

“We truly feel that we hit the mark with our pre-rolls – made with whole flower and liquid diamonds, they all hit hard!” stated AK, head of operations of Deathrow Cannabis. “Our multipacks of 7, .5g’s are my favorite. They’re potent, smooth, taste great, and they’re amazing on the go or when you only have time for a quick snap!”

The 2 gram joints will be available in Bubblegum OG while the multipack jars of 7 half-gram pre-rolls will be available in OG, Bubblegum OG, Cotton Candy OG, and GG4. Death Row Cannabis’ multipacks will equal an eighth of whole flower and will retail for just $40. Death Row Cannabis’ liquid diamond infused pre-rolls will hit dispensaries on March 10th, 2023 at all TRP held dispensaries throughout California including Dr. Greenthumbs.

2 gram liquid diamond infused pre-roll:

  • 1.5 grams of Bubblegum OG
  • 0.5 gram liquid diamonds
  • Glass tip

Multipack featuring 7 liquid diamond infused pre-rolls:

  • 7, half-gram infused pre rolls, equally an eighth of whole flower
  • Strains: OGBubblegum OG, Cotton Candy OG, and GG4,
  • Paper crutch

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