Marijuana shortage leads to soaring prices in Missouri

March 22, 2023 · KCTV

Things are getting high in Missouri for cannabis users in more than one way!

Less than two months into recreational pot being legal, there’s already a marijuana shortage and that’s leading to soaring prices.

It starts with cultivators not being able to keep up with demand, moves down the line to manufacturers paying more for what’s grown, and ultimately leads to higher checkout totals at dispensaries.

Missouri initially predicted around $50-60 million would be spent on cannabis. Now, we’re looking at $100 million being spent. We have eight bordering states, only one of which has legalized recreational use. So, demand coming in from outside of the state was not factored in and supply is suffering. Upwards of 40% all dollars spent in the KC area have been from Wyandotte and Johnson counties in Kansas.

So, how much will prices increase by? You can expect at least a 50-60% hike on most products. For example, a blunt pack that used to cost you $35 could cost you closer to $50 or $60.

The CEO and co-founder of one of the biggest marijuana manufacturers in the Midwest, Franklin Stash House, said it’s time to ramp up production and support the demand that exists here in the Midwest.

“So, that demand has flooded in from all the Midwest,” Michael Wilson said. “You compound that with NFL Draft and World Cup coming our way, and it’s time to prepare for Kansas City to really be the center for cannabis in the Midwest. And, I think that’s really what you’re seeing right now.”

It takes about four months for the plants to flower and bud, so Wilson said the soonest anyone could see some relief from the price hikes is July. (Full Story)

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