Marijuana Developments Around The World: Fines, Legalization And Medical Advances

March 16, 2023 · Benzinga

As the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami is coming on April 11-12, where prominent CEOs, investors, advocates, leaders, and politicians will come together, let’s examine the most recent changes in global regulations related to the cannabis industry.

A Czech Journalist Fined For Publishing Cannabis Magazine, But People Need To Be Educated About Weed

The Czech Court of Appeals has determined that the publication of a cannabis magazine is considered unlawful under the charge of “spreading of toxicomania,” per Prague Morning.

The court in Ostrava stated that the magazine provided guidance on unlawfully acquiring cannabis as well as cultivating, treating and consuming the plant. “It is a Bolshevik relic and a relic of totalitarianism. It allows for a loose interpretation of what constitutes incitement to substance abuse,” said Robert Veverka, the editor-in-chief and only publisher of Legalizace magazine.

He has been fined over 250,000 CZK and is effectively prohibited from publishing the magazine again due to the court’s decision. “I will try to take this further to the highest courts to protect not only myself but any other media outlet that chooses to write about cannabis,” he said.

Germany has scheduled a public hearing to discuss a proposed measure for adult-use cannabis legalization.

The Bundestag Health Committee will host the hearing focusing on a bill introduced by the left-wing faction to decriminalize cannabis, as well as a motion by the CDU/CSU group that aims to improve patient care with medicinal cannabis, per International CBC.

A separate measure proposed by German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach recently received favorable feedback from the European Commission which also seeks to legalize cannabis for adult use and establish regulated recreational sales across the nation.

African Nation Rejects Cannabis Developments

While neighboring countries in Africa are embracing the economic benefits and potential of cannabis, Botswana remains committed to the war on drugs, according to Tebogo Duma, the president of the Botswana Cannabis Progress Alliance.

Although marijuana is strictly prohibited in Botswana, Duma acknowledges that locals still use it in their daily lives. Meanwhile, South Africa has become the largest destination for investment in medicinal cannabis in Africa, exporting to the EU and Israel, per Cannabis Culture.

However, Botswana has been resistant to allowing the cultivation of hemp and cannabis, with only one cultivator, granted a license by the country’s high court to farm hemp as recently as June of last year.

Cannabis In Thailand: Not All Political Parties Agree

The future of Thailand’s cannabis industry is uncertain due to conflicting views among political parties in the lead-up to the general election.

The decriminalization of cannabis went into full effect in mid-2022, but several parties, including Pheu Thai, Democrat and Move Forward are looking to reverse this decision. Pheu Thai’s deputy leader plans to restrict cannabis use for medical and research purposes, while the Democrats support medical marijuana but not unrestricted trade. Move Forward’s leader, on the other hand, believes that cannabis should be listed as a narcotic.

The general election is tentatively set for May 7 and the outcome could determine the fate of Thailand’s cannabis industry, per Thai PBS World. (Full Story)

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