Leafly Shifts Focus From Cannabis News To Product And Marketplace-Driven Content

March 29, 2023 · Benzinga

LFLY-4.46%+ Free Alerts, a leading online cannabis marketplace and resource for marijuana users, is shifting its focus from journalism about the industry to offering consumer-oriented content, which will include product information.

WeedWeek and newsletter Cultivated were the first to report the news.

Consumer Education Is The Way

Leafly aims to shift its content strategy towards being more focused on products and marketplaces, with the goal of providing consumers with valuable information to help them make better purchasing decisions, a company spokesperson told MJBizDaily.

Former Leafly news editor Ben Adlin expressed curiosity about the company’s new direction as a platform for cannabis product information, likening it to Yelp for cannabis.

Bruce Barcott (Leafly’s senior editor for seven years) announced his departure from the company on Twitter. “Well, friends, my glorious 7-yr run Leafly has come to a close. In 2015 there were 2 legal states; now there are 19. Arrests are down, and relief and joy are up. I’m bustin’ proud of the work we achieved. The departure is amicable, and the future is bright. HMU on LI, Gmail, and all channels.” 

The company decided to shift its focus following a headcount reduction of approximately 40 positions – or 21% of the company’s workforce – through a combination of layoffs and attrition, which coincided with the announcement of its full-year and fourth-quarter financial results.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Leafly’s shares (LFLY) were being traded at 0.3667 cents on the Nasdaq.

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