Largest Cannabis Chocolate Bar Ever Made? Cannabis Edibles Producer’s Treat To Celebrate 4/20

March 18, 2023 · Benzinga

Zen Cannabis is poised to unveil “The Big Zen — touted as the most extensive, potent, dominantly-dosed and expensive cannabis chocolate bar ever made.

The Oklahoma-based company plans to unveil the 420-pound treat on April 20 (or as it’s known colloquially as 4/20). The “Big Zen” took twelve 40-gallon vats of milk chocolate and over 100 pounds of cannabis flower to make.

The nine by four-foot chocolate bar packs a potency of 4.2 million milligrams of THC.

In the Zen ‘Cannafactory,’ the “Big Zen” operation will take 360 hours and consist of twelve people whipping the megabar up six hours a day.

The team could not be more fired up about this record-breaking, landmark feat, the cannabis edibles company said in a press release.

“It’s not every day you make history and we’re doing it here in Oklahoma City,” Special Projects Manager Evan Senn said. “We’ve put a secret twist on our signature Zen chocolate bar recipe and supersized it to create ‘The Big Zen’ bar. We’re talking 9 by 4 feet!”

The brand’s mission is to bring high-quality THC and CBD products to consumers while supporting local economies.

From chocolate bars to beverages, Zen Cannabis products range from $6.00 to $60.00, with the brand infusing the states of Oklahoma, California, Missouri and Massachusetts, found in select dispensaries.

In 2021, MariMed Inc. 

MRMD grabbed headlines when it baked the largest-ever pot brownie. It measured three feet wide by three feet long and was 15 inches tall. It reportedly contained 20,000 milligrams of THC. (Full Story)

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