Cannabis Around The World: Drug-Driving In Australia, UK Studies CBD, South African Weed Farmers & More

March 10, 2023 · Benzinga

Drug-Driving Law Reform In Australia

Cannabis advocates in Victoria are pushing for a policy change through an amendment to the Road Safety Act (1986) under which driving with THC in one’s system will no longer be an offense as long as it has been prescribed, reported Vice.

Even though it became the first state in Australia to legalize medical marijuana in 2016, those relying on regular use of medical marijuana (MMJ) risked being charged for driving with THC in their system.

The main issue is that THC remains detectable in a person’s blood or saliva even after the psychoactive effects wear off.

To remedy the situation, cannabis activists seek to establish a test that would quickly determine if those driving are impaired rather than just testing positive for THC in their system.

“People who have been prescribed a medicine and can drive safely should be allowed to,” Legalise Cannabis Victoria MP David Ettershank said in a statement. “Testing for the sheer presence of THC rather than impairment is … [a] failure based on stigma rather than evidence.”

New UK Trials To Investigate Cannabis-Based Medicine For Pain Relief

Two Phase II clinical trials for CBD medicine to be made available through the National Health Service (NHS) for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN) and endometriosis, conducted by researchers at the University of Edinburgh, have been granted with £1.55 million ($1.84 million) in funding, reported Cannabis Health News.

The move could allow the product to be funded through the NHS to treat those with the two conditions.

The products in question have been developed by UK pharmaceutical company MRX Medical, now acquired by Ananda Developments.

“UK regulators and prescribers have made it clear that evidence is required to unlock NHS funding and broaden support for cannabis-based medicines,” CEO Melissa Sturgess said, adding that “from our perspective, the best way to make medical cannabis accessible to more people is via the NHS.”

Argentina Plans To Export $50M In Medical Cannabis By 2025

Meanwhile, Argentina is determined to garner $500 million in local medical cannabis sales and an additional $50 million in exports by 2025.

According to a report issued by the Ministry of Productive Development, the government is working on establishing a domestic industry of regulated medical cannabis sales.

Gabriel Gimenez, one of the three directors of the Agencia Regulatoria de la Industria del Cáñamo y del Cannabis Medicinal, or Regulatory Agency for the Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis Industry (ARICCAME), told Reuters that “the industry has incredible potential.”

First Cannabis Lab Opens In Morocco

On Monday, Morocco set in motion the country’s first laboratory for the medical and industrial use of marijuana, reported Anadolu Agency.

The lab, located in the northwestern city of Chefchaouen, was granted a license to use cannabis in industry and medicine in October.

Cooperative Bio Cannat said in a statement that cannabis will be utilized in industrial, medical and paramedical industries.

“There will be agricultural experiments with some farmers in Chefchaouen in order to provide raw materials after having provided the seeds intended for this purpose,” per the statement.

Will South Africa Allow Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation For Informal Growers?

Black and Indigenous South Africans are fighting for the right to cultivate and harvest cannabis. It seems that they have been doing it for decades and intend to continue despite current strict licensing requirements, writes Cannabis Culture.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said last month that Black inhabitants of South Africa have to be gradually allowed to grow cannabis outdoors in the open without hindrances.

“You know it. They have been growing this stuff for centuries,” he said. “Its (money) has sent many children to school. And you know what stuff I am talking about.” (Full Story)

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