‘BLEW MY MIND’ Inside the trendy psychedelic drug Prince Harry took to help deal with Diana’s death – which causes most to vomit

March 12, 2023 · The Sun

SHAMAN Adriano Delgado Alvarado blows pure tobacco smoke into my face while chanting and shaking the shacapa plant over my scalp.

He is cleansing my body of evil spirits ready to take the potent psychedelic drug ayahuasca — championed by Prince Harry in his online interview with self-help guru Dr Gabor Maté.

Dr Maté endorses and promotes The Temple of the Way of Light healing centre in the Peruvian rainforest, where Shaman Adriano works.

Harry told how he took ayahuasca to help him deal with the trauma of his mum Princess Diana’s death.

The Sun on Sunday travelled to Peru to see first hand why the mind-bending herbal brew — ­illegal in the UK — has become the trendy drug of choice for the rich and famous.

They pay £4,200 for a minimum 12-day “life changing” stay.

We declined taking the drug, but Shaman Adriano took us through the intricate tribal ceremony.

He says the plant medicine — which tastes revolting — is a bridge from reality to the spirit world, with users feeling a range of sensations.

He said: “If you have the right amount it gives you strength, from the toes it climbs up your body. But afterwards, you feel weak, like a mouse.”

The shaman said most vomit violently within 30 to 40 minutes and said: “When you puke you produce a power. You are cleansing the body of toxins. You sweat, all over your body. You can have diarrhoea. People cry.”

Shaman Adriano says the whole process takes three to four hours and eventually the body achieves “tranquillity”.

He said: “Then you have visions of people coming towards you, speaking.”

And Shaman Adriano said of Prince Harry: “He has made ayahuasca famous around the world. Many more will come to Peru now to try this magic medicine. He was right to tell people about it.”

More than 50 staff cater for just 24 guests at the retreat, which is fully booked until June.

Visitors say the drug changed their lives, revealing insights into past experiences and traumas.

But not everyone is so fortunate. Jennifer Spencer, 29, killed herself in East Sussex in 2019 after suffering psychosis months after taking the drug in Peru.

The shaman warned: “Some people should not drink ayahuasca.” (Full Story)

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