Snoop Hoops Highlights Broadus Foods’ New Cereal Line

January 18, 2023 · Celeb Stoner

After a rocky start, Snoop Dogg and Master P’s Broadus Foods has partnered with Post Consumer Brands who will distribute Snoop Cereal – previously branded as Snoop Loopz.

The rappers made headlines last August with the announcement of their Black-owned food company. But it was Snoop Loopz – a cereal based on Kellogg’s popular Fruit Loops –  that got most of the attention.

When Kellogg’s threatened to sue, Broadus changed the name to Snoop Cereal.

At Post, Master P sampled the newly renamed Fruity Hoops using a gold spoon. “This is bigger than a cereal,” he hyped. “This is going to make a difference.”

Their cereal line features Fruity Hoops with Marshmallows, Frosted Drizzlers and Cinnamon Toasteez. On the website, they’re described as “delicious multi-grain cereal,” but ingredients are not provided. Fans are encouraged to join the Snoop Cereal K-9 Team.

Broadus Foods is a partnership between Snoop Dogg (Calvin Broadus Jr. and Master P (Percy Miller). “We strive to provide foods that are deliciously made with the highest quality,” they stated in August. “Broadus Foods was founded to continue Mama Snoop’s legacy of her generous love and passion for feeding families in our communities.”

Snoop Loopz plus Momma Snoop’s breakfast assortment

Broadus’ founders are “committed to inspire economic empowerment by adding diversity into the grocery stores industry and creating opportunities for minority-owned food products and brands.”

Broadus Foods is supporting charities like Doors of Hope

Snoop Dogg was among the first celebs to launch a cannabis brand (Leafs by Snoop). He’s promoted a number of products in advertisements, including Corona Light, TostidosWonderful Pistachios and Bic EZ-Reach Lighters. (Full Story)

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