Where to order cannabis/weed in Thailand

October 19, 2022 · The Thaiger

On the PlookGanja website, which is controlled by the FDA, the number of individuals who have registered to produce cannabis in Thailand has now reached 1,090,000 registered growers. Since the 9th of June, more than 330 cannabis dispensaries and cafés have opened throughout the country of Thailand. You may obtain cannabis either by placing an order for it online or by going to a dispensary in your area.

Who can purchase Cannabis in Thailand?

At the moment, anyone can purchase cannabis in Thailand as long as you are not pregnant, and are 20 years, or older. It is still against the law to sell extracts which contain more than 0.2% of THC. CBD, on the other hand, is subject to fewer regulations. CBD is the cannabinoid found in cannabis that does not cause users to go high.

Ordering Cannabis Online in Thailand

Please be safe when buying online as there have been reports of sellers not delivering goods, or delivering products of a different quality than claimed. Before making a purchase online you should take the following steps to ensure the seller is trustworthy.

  • Check their LINE account for a verified badge
  • Verify that they have a domain that ends with .co.th, or .th (not .in.th)
  • Look for mentions from reputable sources

To ensure secure purchase we recommend using OG Thai which offers cannabis online. You can contact their official LINE @ogthai, or view a few of their products below.

* OG Thai verifies all buyers before checkout to ensure they are 20+ years old. Full Story

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