Is CBD Legal in Sweden? CBDSverige Sits Down with to Talk CBD in Sweden

October 18, 2022 ·

What is the CBD scene like in Sweden and where is the best CBD oil in the country? sat down with to find out whe the CBD scene is like in Sweden. Is it legal? Is cannabis going to be legalized soon? Let’s find out what he Swedes are doing to get ready for the hemp and cannabis Green Rush!

What is the CBD/cannabis scene like in Sweden?

I can only speak for the CBD scene in Sweden, and it is a emerging market in many aspects. The curiosity is constantly on the rise from the consumer point of view, and we see many new online shops offering CBD products. Our job at CBD Sverige is to find the best products on the market, and help the consumers to explore those products.

How did you fist come up with the idea for CBD Sverige?

I was dealing with anxiety and as I didn’t want to use medication for it, I wanted to explore my options. I started to exercise and improved my diet which helped, but I still felt that I was missing that last piece of the puzzle. That’s when I explored CBD.

I had friends around me that noticed the difference in my behavior and well being, and we decided to dig deeper into the topic of CBD and that’s how CBD Sverige came to life.

How has Germany pushing for recreational legalization impacted you?

Not much to be fair, as Sweden is very old fashioned in the view of cannabis. I can’t see Sweden legalizing or even decriminalizing the use of cannabis any time soon. That does not bother our business however as we only write about THC free CBD.

What is one piece of advice you would give someone looking to get into the cannabis industry in Europe?

Research is key and Malta is moving in a face pace.

What makes CBD Sverige different from other CBD on the market?

CBD Sverige is an informational CBD website as well as a comparison site. So we do not sell any CBD products on our website. This does not make us unique however. What makes us different from other comparison sites in Sweden (and other Nordic countries) is that we base all our content on research and CBD studies. As we always use sources in the article, it is easy for the visitor to continue reading about each statement. 

Would Sweden have a distinct advantage in the CBD market in Europe?

Sweden is a very entrepreneur friendly country and many innovations come from our small country. Unfortunately, when it comes to CBD we are very limited.

When do you think we will see recreational cannabis legal and working in the EU?

Hopefully within two generations.

What mistake would you like a do over on since you started the company?

Launch more websites in different countries faster.

How can someone contact you?  Email, social media?

We are reachable via the email given on the website, Instagram and Facebook. We try to answer queries within 12 hours.  Go to and let us know! Full Story

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